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Post# 48597 11/06/03 Captain_Dragon_Farstar (Al)

"It wasn't God who made men equal. It was Samuel Colt.

That was then. This is now. We need another Equalizer. The Dark Side has lots of money, lots of power, and lots of people to use in their battle against the Forces of Light. Here's where we even the odds a bit.

Those who have followed the Captain's Log entries know that for a while now I have been blasting the moon, Mars, and some biological targets and reporting major success. The device I am using is not your standard off-the-shelf PowerWand. It is made using a resonant cavity. Remember that phrase, introduced to us by Yardworm back earlier in the year? Remember the water pipe of half
orgone and half emptiness that brought a rainbow to the water where he tossed it? Well, that caught my attention and I have been experimenting with that idea since then.

The end product of that process is a device of such awesome power that I hesitated to make it publically available. Most of us on the forum are of sound mind and pure intent. But who knows who else reads these posts, including and especially those of the Dark Side persuasion. I made four of them, sent out two by courier and one by mail to those of the forum that I knew best, and knew
would use them wisely and well. Just moments ago, the recipient of the one sent by mail informed me that the package arrived empty. So now the Dark Side has an awesome weapon at their disposal. They can disassemble and reverse-engineer it, and duplicate it to their hearts' content. The big surprise for them is the total lack of moving parts or sophistication. They may even laugh in disbelief and derision when they discover that a piece of empty pipe took out Dick Cheney, two NSA Directors, the Moon base, the machine intelligence on the moon base, the the covert black ops functions of the Very Large Array in New Mexico, the Menwith Hill facility in England, the Pine Gap facility in Australia and is
responsible for the physical unease of several members of the Bush Cabinet. Most of these stories are waiting their turn to be told on the Captain's Log thread.

This device now revealed to the Dark Side prompts me to declare that it is time to open up a Second Front in the war against government terrorism, surveillance and control. If Samuel Colt were here, he'd be saying 'What are you waiting for?' I'm waiting no longer; this is how it is done:

You will need a 9 inch length of 3/4 inch copper pipe. Solder a threaded male fitting on one end, one that will accept a PVC pipe cap to seal that end. Plug up the pipe just below the cap, right where it ends inside the fitting. You can use something soft and pliable for this, maybe Silly Putty. All you are doing is creating a chamber in which to deposit the items you are going to use to provide the frequencies you want to send. I make mine with a soldered plug, but since it isn't going to hold liquids then a tight seal is not necessary.

Now, at this point, you should have in your hands a 9 inch piece of pipe with a plastic cap on one end.

The trickiest part of the whole operation comes next. You will want to wrap this pipe with a series of nine {9} six-turn mobius coils. Start from the end farthest from the pipe cap, and wind toward the top. Provide a plug-in from Radio Shack to accept a power source. Wrap the whole thing in foil, household foil works just fine. Then, since it will be handled a lot in service, you can wrap a layer of duct tape over that to provide a more durable surface. There is even colored, designer duct tape available for the fashion conscious user. Then, wrap a series of {3} six-wrap coils on top of that. Tie the ends together. These are to pick up ambient energy. Secure them in the same way as the first series,
using foil and duct tape.

Ambient energy is the energy that bounces around you in the atmosphere all the time. From star systems, from radio and tv waves, from the friendly neighborhood HAARP antenna, and even from your own body. The energy is there. The powered series takes its power from the good ol' Don Croft Terminator, or similar 15hz device.

This is the device that I aimed at the moon when it was last full, a month ago. In fact, it didn't even have the second series of coils on it. It did have some cayenne pepper, the 90,000 heat unit variety. And it had cascara sagrada, an herb. Think Ex-Lax raised to a higherpower. That's cascara sagrada. A few minutes of beaming them from the comfort of my front porch, and the next day the plane flights began. We had small planes, jet planes and helicopters in series and in abundance starting immediately after I shot this thing at the moon and Mars. Before that, it had been a peaceful country homesite. There are days now when the sound of one aircraft doesn't fade before the next aircraft comes over. Many, or maybe most of them, are not really aircraft anyway. Cloaked ships, out trying to intimidate us. So, this thing has the power to get their attention. They should have kept quiet, because their response got my attention. Which ultimately led to the list of successful targets mentioned above.

O.K. You have the hardware in your hands. We're going to talk about philosophy and morality here for a few minutes. I suspect that Mr.Colt skipped that part.

This device, like the regular PowerWand and Succor Punch, amplifies the power of the mind. Radionics users will understand that this is also a radionic device. Action at a distance, that's radionics. And they will also tell you that using
any radionic device is not as simple as using a telephone. Results will vary with individuals. There are tangential factors like focus, intent, mind power, and others that affect outcomes. You can't just dial up some numbers on a radionic device and cure Aunt Susie's cancer. Part of you goes into that device. Your energy is amplified, tuned, and focused. If you're in Walla Walla and Aunt Susie is in Sheboygan, you have to make a mental connection just like you do with a Succor Punch. So it is with this device. You need that mental connection.

I have used this for a month, and every target that I aimed it at radionically, the energy came from my heart chakra. Every time. Some of the Dark Side do not have heart chakras. This will not work for them. And as awesome as it seems to
us, I know from personal experience that they already have powerful radionic devices. They almost killed me with one of them in March of 2002. This device in their hands will not materially alter the balance of power. But, this device in your hands, will.

For those who already have PowerWands, they can be used in the same manner as the device I just described. It is already a radionic tool, proven in use by hundreds of people. And you can bet that the Opposition Forces already have some in their hands. What is different now is that the Widowmaker is cheaper to build and lighter to carry. And tuning it by using herbs and minerals is a new wrinkle in an old technology. You can do the same thing with the PowerWand that you already have. With this caveat....

If you are the least bit queasy or apprehensive about the outcome of using herbs and minerals in an attack mode, then my advice is to not do it at all.

There are upgrades to the effectiveness of this device. But for now, please note that this is a simpler version of more sophisticated device. All our tools are moving in the direction of simplicity now as we become one with the tools, and then become the tool. That's the ultimate upgrade.

I asked Devlin to compare the energy from the Widowmaker with the energy from my right index finger. He said that the Widowmaker is like a tank cannon. My finger is like a pistol.

I'm getting there!


Triniti Wands and Sally Water. 'Cause it's not just about towers any more.

Southern Arizona Protective Services
Arizona's Global Tyranny First-Response Team"

Post# 48624 11/06/03 Cbswork

"We had a total chem whiteout today...

After a few hours of this nonsense, I put the two wands outside and in half an hour, had a hole little over a half mile in size. Two hours later, it was about twenty-five miles across.

I'll try it on some other targets and see what happens.

Pretty nifty little tool, there."

Post# 49710 11/14/03 Captain_Dragon_Farstar (Al)

"I figured that it wouldn't be long before someone came up with a souped-up version of the Widowmaker. I am certainly pleased that it came from Texas, too!!

Was it a certain insight that led you to use 18 inches? Stroke of luck, or stroke of genius, the results are the same. Very significant number, 18. There's a Spiritual connection there, one that I consciously employed in the design of the device. 18 is the number of ISIS, who from the accounts I have gathered, is the Creator Goddess of the human race. She has two numbers that represent her, and 9 is the other one. Which is, of course, what you get when you add the digits of the number 18 together. The numbers refer to her in two different active modes, and my memory is a bit dim on this but I think that one of them is the number representing ISIS in the creative mode, including reproduction. The other is ISIS in the warrior or protective mode. But you get the idea.

The number three is the basic building block of the universe. It is the least number of dots that you can connect to make a geometric form. Everything else is multiples of and variations of, 3. There's a book about this, GOD'S SECRET FORMULA, by Peter Plichta. Slim Spurling mentions it in one of his videos. It is out of print, but I found a copy on the 'net. Worth it, if you can find it.

Now, 3 is a harmonic of 9 or 18, so there's an intended connection to ISIS in the construction of the Widowmaker. The pipe I used was 9 inches long, and the number of wraps of coils was also 9. There are 6 turns in each wrap. You see how that goes? Then the secondary wrap, which has no external power connection, is also done in sets of 3.

The power comes from the Don Croft Terminator box, which is 15hz frequency. 15 is the number of ISIS' brother and husband, OSIRIS. See how this all works together?

There are upgrades for this thing that I will make public in the near future. As it is right now, it is extremely powerful. Cbs used it, and so did you, to erase chemtrails. I'd not thought of that, mainly because chemtrails here are not an everyday problem. I guess they are on the Left Coast. I was pleased and delighted to read of his and your success in using them that way. It reinforced our understanding that the devices are getting simpler and more personally interactive. In time, we will discard the devices entirely and just be our own device. That day is coming, and soon.

I've recently been using my index finger as a "device", and aiming it at some targets just to see what effect it would have on them. Erased a couple of chemtrails with it today. Neutralized that spray as it came out of the plane. And one of our boys has something in his chest that makes the ZapChecker go off so we figure there's something planted in there. So a couple of nights ago I aimed my finger at the spot indicated and he could feel the implant respond to the energy. We kept this up for a while until we both got tickled and had to quit. But checking him afterward, I found that the ZapChecker reading was lower. So, we're onto something there.

The Widowmaker is tuneable for intent by adding homeopathic quantities of any herb or spice you might think of. I use Ex-Lax, or its herbal equivalent Cascara Sagrada. Cayenne pepper too, and garlic paste. Garlic paste goes right to the heart chakra. Coupled with the right intent, it could be used--judiciously--to aid in healing heart problems. Coupled with the right intent on someone who does not have a heart chakra, it could........

They are really not expensive or difficult to make, and small enough to be secreted. At the cost of a large HHG, one could spread a few of these around and clear a large area of smog and chemtrails. No one has done that yet, the device is too new. But I hear tell that Houston is right up near the top when it comes to crud in the air.

Keep playing with the thing, and let us know what you discover and learn as you go along.


Triniti Wands and Sally Water. 'Cause it's not just about towers any more.

Southern Arizona Protective Services
Arizona's Global Tyranny First-Response Team"

Post# 53445 12/25/03 Captain_Dragon_Farstar (Al)

"Thanks, or_, for bringing this up. It had gotten pushed to the back of my mind. So let me bring y'all up to date.

O.K. I don't remember exactly where I left off, but let's assume that you've made your Widowmaker and the empty barrel is all that's on the business end of it. Next thing to do is obtain a pipe connector and a seashell that will fit inside the pipe connector. Get a teeny herkimer crystal from RevTed. I'm talking 2-4 millimeter. He has them. You'll need a ruby about the same size. Lorae found some at a local jewelry store for four dollars. Then take a piece of gold foil and wrap the two gemstones in it and slip it into the seashell opening. Follow with a drop or two of Superglue, so that it doesn't fall out. Then carefully glue the seashell inside the pipe connector. When it is dry, then you can slide the connector onto the barrel of your Widowmaker. Feels just like putting a silencer on the end of a gun. Why should 007 have all the fun? :-)

The seashell construction follows the Fibonacci spiral and the energy that comes out of there is released in a swirling pattern. Those who can see energy tell me that it makes a pattern that will envelop your target in a spirally lasso grip that is hard to extract yourself from. I forget right now just what the two gemstones add to the energy mix, but it is very, very potent. The Fibonacci spiral makes a narrowly focused beam. Without it, what comes out of there looks more like a blowtorch. But don't 'mis-underestimate' [as George Bush would say] the power of that blowtorch. It is no more bound by time or space than is a Succor Punch. And you still have that chamber on the power cord end where you can put in stuff to tune it.

One of the most potent things I have found is that 300,000 heat unit pepper from our man in Minnesota. He sent me some more the other day. I don't know if he wants his name mentioned or not. He can come forward if he does. I have enough to share with some of you. E-mail me and I'll send you a capsule of it. All these tuning substances will work in a regular PowerWand, I might add. And you can use a bit of Sally Water if the Spirit moves you in that direction.


Does anyone here have that video of David Icke and Credo Mutwa? I'm not sure if it is in a book somewhere or not. I was reviewing the video a couple of days before Xmas and picked up a gem of information that slid right on past me the first time I watched it.

Credo is telling David about the reptilians. They have a name for them, and I will try to spell it. Chitahuili. Credo was telling David that the African people are well aware of these creatures. He said that to kill them, you have to use a stake made of Rhodesian Teakwood. And he showed David the one he carries. There is something about that wood that affects them like a stake through a vampire's heart. That started me thinking.....

Why not load up a sliver or two of that particular wood in your Widowmaker or PowerWand or some HHGs or Tbs made especially for locations where they hang out? The PowerWand or Widowmaker would be used for long distance work on certain troublesome people. The HHG or Tb would be used on-site to treat the local environment. I did find some pieces of wood on E-Bay for less than five dollars. Burmese wood is available also, but Credo specified Rhodesian. Those with radionic machines could find the proper frequency and beam it to selected targets. I have not tried this at all, or even consulted the Oracle to find out what She says. But the idea is so deliciously promising, I had to throw it out there.

There is no orgonite at work in the Widowmaker. It is strictly for attack, just like my .357. It's merely a matter of choosing the right tool for the job. Some threats pose an immediate threat and must be dealt with accordingly. Don took out some his own way. We here at S.A.P.S. put a few points on the scoreboard in our own way. Referring once again to the stomach analogy, it is like using some sort of medicine to knock out the bad bacteria in your stomach. When the disgestive situation has deteriorated that far, drastic action [Widowmaker] must be taken to save the patient. Then you go in and seed the gastric system with friendly bacteria. Best thing to do is not let it get that far into the trouble zone. Best thing we could have done is not let our national and global situation get that far gone either. But our life spans are short, our adversaries have much longer life spans. They get a continuity of effort that we don't have with our teeny little life span. So, from time to time, drastic action must be taken to rid the body politic of parasites. A .357 will do it, but it brings on complications you may not want to deal with. Best to use more subtle methods. And then we go in and re-seed the area with orgone to bring it back into balance.

Gastric disturbances arise when someone treats the digestive system badly. The body politic suffers when treated badly, too. The parasites that are removed from the digestive system OR the body politic must then be replaced by active, friendly bacteria in the digestive tract or active, friendly, biological orgone generators as office holders.

And that's what we need to focus on next. It's not enough to knock out the bad office holders. We need some people to replace them. Any volunteers?


Triniti Wands and Sally Water. 'Cause it's not just about towers any more.

Southern Arizona Protective Services
Arizona's Global Tyranny First-Response Team"