Cbswork on Prill Beads

Post# 52177 12/10/03 Cbswork

"Prill beads...the residue slowly poisons the kidneys. I was given some over a year ago,cleaned them, drank a glass of water and an hour later doubled over in pain (kinda senstive that way.) Discovered a side-effect of prill - being poison. Then tracked them back to the man in Tahoe. Contract agent for the CIA.

They went straight into the trash.


Two years ago, our Kalifornia governer made it LAW that all water sold or delivered via any source, had to have fluoride in it. By state law. Get a distiller and end the madness.

We use a Pure Water Inc, AQUA CLEAR MD-4, made for hospitals. Used, it costs around 400 bucks. We got it at a hospital sale for fifty. Typically, we distill out about two pounds of fluride out of every 300 gallons of water. They are NOT putting in PPM, but grams per gallon in Los Angeles. Those white water marks or water spots on your car? That's fluorine, folks.

Bottled water is a sham and most of it is polluted. i know this because I can take any gallon of sparkletts or whatever, and sure enough, when distilled out, there is that nasty white fluorine in the distiller."
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