Cbswork and Stargates


Post# 22209 03/11/03 Cbswork

"I woke up today thinking that maybe one of the most secret aspects of this crystal/orgone/matrix, might be the one that has in it, the greatest outlook for hope. Many of us feel that these hhgs and tbs also allow for a stargate effect.

Now that the doc is around this morning..."

Post# 22242 03/11/03 Cbswork

"I believe the Iraq war is a diversion. The whole thing, looks like a three card monte being played out for the planet. Half of them now believe the doppelganger is the anti-christ (don't believe he is, either), cuz of the moves on iraq and the other half are convinced its about oil, which its not. Saddam is still on payroll. This is a drama be ing acted out. A drama that will get a lot of people killed."

Post# 22440 03/13/03 Cbswork

"You can really see the effects of what Stargates are purported to be. Dimensional shifts in the warp and woof of our alledged space-time fabric. On many threads here on the board, there are countless examples from all over the globe of people, myself included, who have witnessed stargate effects upon themselves and their environment.

Another thing, I've seen and felt these things fire up all on their own, throwing off amazing energy displays and tones, then all at once, go quiet again, back to regular duties, which in and of itself, is quite a treat for the senses that is so hypnotic, that you can't leave these things alone. Always handling them, making them, all the signs of an energy addiction and not just me...

Some dayz, it just gets to be like too much twilight zone and you just want some relief. The whole house, all of us. We're all seeing beings and other travelers hanging about and they tend to hang too long, too! It's like a magnet for anything coming through the dimensional rifting taking place and they all drop in. Not all of them are pleasant and you can see them hovering out miles away - can't get close, a wise move of over-gifting my area prevents that. Thank god.

Alot going on. Some of its spooky. Most of its good. The implant thing still sucks and seeing more shades than I ever wanted to in one life.

The part that is the most frustrating is operating in a blind, which I've been trying all my resources to resolve, hopefully for all our benefit. Yeah, the picture being painted is pretty ugly, but that's only one dimension of it.

But, one thing I have verified to my absolute satisfaction, is that we are, all of us, trapped in some kind of battlefield, which is taking place on a lot of levels, all at once. Our free will in a small action here, is translating outward to positive or negative repercussions on many levels, and in many densities of being. And Vice versa.

And from it all, a whole new program of existence is going to come. Either a new form of slavery created by the Matrix to keep us in bondage or victory. I see no middle ground here. Too many cosmic forces have too much on the line and for a long time waiting for this period of history to actually come to pass on the physical plane. There are consciousness' who've been in stasis for thousands of millenia, all waiting for just this time to walk upon the earth, one last time. Really.

But freewill is the wildcard the Beast/Machine fears most, cuz anything is possible when we exercise our Spirit and act. Seen alot of that too."

Post# 22443 03/13/03 Cbswork

"Here's what I think is happening, based on what I can see happening and then making my summations from that. Orgone creations/devices do create a kind of temporary frequency shifting of the web of life, we all function in, in and on this density. This is what we're seeing. Who or what controls the event and more importantly, what does the witnessed event do and why is it occurring?

What consciousness has the power to take the assembled power of all these creations? Is there a consciousness doing this? Or is it the readjusting as the negative hijacking is displaced by normal planetary freqs?

Is any of this within our power to direct, rather than just witness said phenomena?

I'm of the opinion that we've already gone past the much sought after 50% mark in orgone area saturation. What I've also noticed and others too, is a tripling of efforts by the Dark side. They're even more aware of what's at stake than many of us are.

And everyone is showing up at the party. Interdimensional beings, elemental beings of immense power and size (and great radiance and beauty), shades, psi-shadow spooks, repts, UFOs, black triangles, Feds, and regular human beings like us, all caught in the middle."

Post# 22551 03/14/03 Cbswork

"Yeah, see with orgone around, that which was hidden, becomes visible. Or at least is beginning to become visible. I don't know why that is, other than to speculate. It's all too new.

A shade is an etheric entity with no heart center. They appear as moving shadows in the room and can be Black magicians out and about, psi travelers out on the hunt for the NSA, demonic intelligences. A shade is usually human, and is alive somewhere on the planet. Lots of them about. Because they are using physical plane material to move about in, they can manifest to full body (if trained), can manifest objects like weapons, and take things, move them around and all that."

Post# 22558 03/14/03 Cbswork

"Because I am concerned - not worried - of any possible hijackings of our work, I've been coloring all my gifts with crystals well-known for their harmonious and healing qualities: topaz, garnets, amythysts, rose quartz, citrines, etc. I plant these right on the base of the xtals, as they are laid up in the soup. This makes sure - and I and others have verified it - the xtals energy patterns are frequncy-induced to the coloring of the mod xtal.

After the last solstice, I feel pretty sure - so far - that this failsafe addition to the creations is important. Now, everyone here has been doing that for ages, long before moi. Until the last few months, my only goal was quantity and working fast. Now, I take my time, lay them up with care and attention to detail, make sure everything is thus and so, and the result is a much better and radiant orgone device, with some nice healing vibes to it. I can see why all the orgone inventors have done this - taking time, right components, arranged the right way and all that.

I found that these dimensional visitors, if not of higher motive, cannot stand orgone devices with these colorings or Hootenizings as I usually refer to them. If they cannot stand it around the house, they won't be able to stand it out in the world, goes the reasoning here. But then, everybody else here already knew that.

If there's going to be any stargate for anything to come in on, I'm trying to make sure it has at least higher motivations for being here, through any possible gate or door."