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"Feeling like waxing philosophical right now, as my sons are having breakfast and the Beatles (pre-66, before the drugs and controls, before Faul) are playing throughout the house...

"Run Ringo! Its a feindish thingy!"


A great many things are changing and are going to change. Because humanity is soul-locked in a battle spanning the Milky Way, and its not just humanity. All the kingdoms - mineral, planet, animal, devic - are working and struggling in this same battle.

Think about it...crystals and other mineral elements are the philospher's stone of radiant energy. The reaction, coallescence of conflicting states of matter, all occurs in the xtal.

It's more than global government. That's just the outward, visible sign of an inward struggle between freedom and the next step, or a return to slavery on a prison planet that has a long history of Kali Yuga, where ALL the inhabitants struggle for a day to day existence.


It makes perfect sense, the doc and our other inventors finding each other in the same place, and at the same time in history.

Balance always makes perfect sense.

They use ahrimic technology to enslave us. The internet is such a technology. For each advantage used covertly against Terra, a counter balance is provided to us so the fight, at the least and if enough people have the guts to stand tall against the man - is fair.

They have sats, gravlevs, and towers.

And we are getting what we need.

Do we have the will to do what it takes?

DO we have the wisdom to know the long-range, and long-term consequences of our actions, that surely will affect EVERY living thing on this planet.

Does anyone truly understand the magnitude of what we are doing? In toto?

When you tossed an hhg into a vortex, you directly affecte trillions of life forms and on dozens of realities and dimensions. That one single act.

And that's just the start of hundreds of questions that need to be faced, dealt with, and hopefully and always, from the center of your heart as the guidepost.


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"And, does anyone realize the ENOURMOUS MAGNITUDE of an extremely small and tiny group of people who are daily, hourly, and constantly, - and deliberately - changing the auric field of every single living aspect of reality on several planes at once?

What? Hundred people gifting for real...and it is affecting the weather, the energy, the water, the ground, the mind, the body...

...the soul.

You take a sh*thole nothing little cowtown. Dump fifty hhgs in the place. Go back a year later, and its like the garden of Eden.

That's a pretty dramatic, outward visible sign, of some pretty intense energetic changes on an inner level, invisible to the population, in the main.

That's a heavy.

What will it be like in another year? What then? What's coming?

And what if I waste a few hives? What if THAT ACT actually accellerates their plans and causes and invasion like TOMORROW?

Are you actaully ready for that? Tomorrow?

Are you?

Cuz, they will drop the hammer big-time, when "their" outward visible signs of their presence start becoming obvious to the herd of cows in the general population.


Have to say...there are layers of this direction, that when looked at...bring shivers. I know I don't have the wisdom for global thinking for all kingdoms. I'm still trying to manage my life coherently, much less the world....


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"I need to do this, for us, mainly for me. A kind of late-night, mind dump of impressions and things, since the solstice. And because you are my friends and family, in the main, you're going to let me do this needful thing.



I keep running into Bowie's Ziggy Stardust everywhere I go, even now, its playing. Strange - its actually a kinda biography of my life, from my POV. Ziggy...that album...and the words, are most strange for me. I have a connection with that guy, but its a private thing. Give it a listen and check me on this?

See what i mean by blather? This is what happens when the village dork has reached his limit of fantasmagoria.


We here have spent March participating, watching, documenting, and noting down one of the - hands down, no-sh*t - strangest experiences of human could ever hope to experience, and live to tell about. These battles...and one after another, just like in military seige campaigns. Just like it. Localized offensives, and strategic globals.

Does anyone - do I? - even understand the massive implications of this? Have we even begun to grasp the significance of what is happening to each of us?

"There's a starman waiting in the sky..."


Its the global battles over contested major and minor centers that has me concerned now. The deeper and wider issue is not the human/deva kingdom finally coming to reality together - that's a natch and as has been foretold, we humans always embrace whatever reality presents itself to us. We've always known about angels, good and bad. Why should it surprise when they appear?

Get used to it. Or, you'll start having panic attacks and psychotic episodes. One or the other. What would you do, when they decide YOU ARE FINALLY READY TO SEE THEM AS THEY TRULY AR? Have you made the mental preparation for that day?

It's coming. Get ready.


More...but i got to hit submit, before i get logged out.

going to be here for awhile tonight. much to impart, while its fresh and before its too late."

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"Remember that crossroads a coming that was discussed last fall. It's now.


The Sylphs are here. But they are not the only kingdom of the that whole separate yet symbiotic reality of which is our home, here. Earth.

Might as well tell you now. All the 12 hieararchies are becoming visible, because the etheric frequency of the planet has been steadily rising for a few years now (thank you orgone warriors - we who serve All Love, salute you!) THis is another you have to start preparing for.


And, who is it you are talking to, when you are alone? Did you ever, once, ask that question? It's your Higher Self, your own, Inner Divine Angel, that stands in full conscious cooperation with all 12 hieararchies and their respective dimensions. Get ready for that, for this spring, which is now safely upon us, the one voice you will be hearing and LOUDER EVERY DAY IS THE VOICE OF SOUL, YOUR CONSCIENCE. Right and wrong. If you cannot live to do the right thing, no matter how painful it may be to your ego and fear engrams, then you cannot come with us, on this leading edge. I'm very sorry, but there it is - you must wait with the rest of humanity, as they are awakened two years from now. Your Higher Self will dissolve your interest in this movement (and you'll be thinking its you being proud) and you'll quickly revert to your natural beingness.

Do right, even if it slams every last shred of ego. You must. We have to do this together. Drop the games, the crap, your ego, and step up into the greater work.

You can do it !


gotta hit upload."

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"And the earth's frequency is rising and rising fast. Several previously hi-jacked vortices or chakras on this planet are in the process of not only salvage but turning now in their respective, proper directions. I have a way to prove this to you, if someone here can locate anywhere on the web, unwashed GOES SAT FEED. You'll see, that the tides and eddies of the major and minor centers are all spinning. Mostly, in the wrong direction, esp in the Nothern Hemisphere. watch the sat feed and pics of hurricanes. Use that as an image base until you can see them in the air patterns. They're there. We'll dig up some stuff and ovelay some paint circles to help out, iguess this weekend, when five minutes appears.


The kids are wise beyond words. I have four great teachers as my sons. Very lucky boy, the dork.


Was doing the good work in ventura tonight - dor2or is a saint - and reminded myself how this group saved my family. Everytime i think of that, realize it was such a shining moment for a group of souls to band together to save the village idiot and his family.

Can't ever say it too much, "thank you."


Glad to see EFF and the CB forums working like the true band of souls we all are. A first.


A lot of firsts with this whole thing. What most strange two years...


Been avoiding the bigger subjects on here, and that's my bad. I agreed, but the work is always here, waiting to be done, these battles and things, plus serving those souls still feeding us, with the very best personal treasures i get ever hope to give any one. Each of them are unique. This isn't a sales thing, a truth.


The reptoids. Most visible. "The missing" with cate blanchett and TL Jones is entirely cast with non-humans. Truly, not a PURE human among them. Except the the Native Americans. They were pure humans. Save for the witch - reptoid.

See the opposition. They control the physical plane. Well, we taking over the top half of that, the etheric, and that's a much better position to be in, when the last cards are dealt. No worries there.


Some realy angels on this board. Some really special people here, with hearts the size of Chicago. Speechless, honored, too. Thanks for allowing me in your exalted company - mean that, too.

the upload thing and a water break."

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"Everyone's noticing it, but no one's talking about it. Our eye color is changing, hair, weight, voice pitch, everything. My family cannot eat meat. Not said in the snobby, Theosophist tone, but in the fact that ever since the first week of February, we've been unable to get meat down without getting ill. Nathan and Randy flat-out throw food down, even if a trace of animal proteins are present. One is only two years old, and he's already dictating a vegetarian diet for himself.

The children are wonderful. We are all so very lucky for our children, wherever far they may be from us this night. All love to them.


As with the planet, so too is the frequency of every living being, in the presence of these very powerful and in some cases, dangerous devices.

Oh yes. I've been given inventions to test that kill. Kill you dead. Nearly killed two people dead, one of them me. And it happened fast, in under 3 minutes, i was on the floor, heart-attack. Wrong copper wrappings. THese wrapping tutorials are now a must.

Please be careful out there, Thoroughly test your wares, before making them public. As every single inventor here has known since day one, i don't review inventions until i've had them in my possession for at least SIX MONTHS. Thoroughly tested, well-documented.


That's alwasy scary, too. There are some copper wrap designs that i dare not ever make public. Imagine a Phil with a weapon like that. WE'd all be dead.

It's that dangerous and its those kinds of decisions in my lap that in the main, keeps me silent on this technology. Most of us here, if they knew, would become dictators within a very short time, and someone, somewhere, would have to end you, to stop you. WOuldn't be me, but releasing that in the open would be, and on my soul for all eterinity. That's why, in the main, i report very little detail. Think about it, half of this group gets in emotional rages EVERY SINGLE DAY, even if momentary. Never allow an unbalanced personality in a dysfunction life-cycle phase power over reality, as easy as turning on a power drill.

They'd use it. For the wrong reasons.

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"And because Mark Davey is a true etheric warrior - he is - be a dear and please copy this whole thread in someplace over yonder on your board? So tired can';t even see the screen. Just using the keys, so pleaase never mind the typos.


Being a musician, i hear melodies in my head all day long, esp if you tune into it. Lots of great new stuff the coming documentaries - very pleasing arrangements. they should come out okay.


The vids are making themselves. Happily, got the doc and carol for a goodly amount of time, and their innocence and charm really come through. I smile every time i watch it.


Dark forces. WE flat out have to beat these feinds. Love - and yes, etheric energy served up and animated by the Spirit of Divine Love is the key - remamber always - the sylphs can only do so much you, know.

every day we have millions of visitors. If we talked about it, our family, our children would be taken from us.


Need more grounding time - too much bilocation. The day is surreal, cannot turn it off anymore, esp the boys. The hhgs keep the really nasty ones - reptoids can't get close, they have to use humans to get us at night. HHGs did that. Get those lemurians. Tibetan singing crystals. Rose qtz. Reptoids hate those frequencies, i test that for over two years now and can affirm. Of course, always do your OWN THINKING FOR YOURSELF AND NOT LET ANOTHER DO IT FOR YOU. Esp hnot me. This is actually a dialogue, but i don't have the time tonight to wait for everyone, cuz half of them are sleeping. And flying.


Love. They stressed following our consience and selfless love. It would be different for each of us, and so that is true. It is different for each of us. We each have our demons, our issues, our whatevers - and we cannot ignore them any longer. Love, it would solve all and any problems, was the answer to the question i asked. As long as everything was done in that spirit, there would be no error.

I believe it. Sounds right to me. That's what we're trying to do in our family and we share all things, hide very little a house of clairvoyants and two geniuses. Right. THis has been such a strange life, no one believed the first set of books, why would they believe this,e ven as what once happened only to me a few others, is now happening to EVERYONE. Welcome to my world.

It generally strains all reality, once you get used to the etheric. Walls move, go in and out of phase - and you can see it - see energy move like streams of water coming off electrical outlets in the wall. Oh yeah. YOu are all in for it. Half the time, you can't tell the real from the unreal, or the denser energy that every can perceive, adn the subtle energy aspect of that EXACT SAME OBJECT, THEY CANNOT SEE. You will. ALl our eyes are changing. Good.

Get rid of the implants. Its stopping your growth as a sovereign, in this regard.



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"Implants are RIFDs in our bodies. Period.

THis must end. Neos, of a One Tesla Rating will do it. Get them. Move them religiosly all over your body espcially:

your wrists,
eyes - corneal and etheric,
shoulder blades, near the spine,
always one or both ears ALWAYS,
always one in the rear, occipital lobe. ALways.

And, they really - the reptoids, humans like eyes and ears, for spying purposes, but reptoids go for the vagina, solar plexus, and penis. Every time.

sorry. This all had to be said publicly. Check it out your own way, and of coures, verify with your own research and so forth."

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"Some good news. Finally, eh?

Okay. You know that little problem we have with RFIDS in currency? Well, they're there, in the eye of the man on the bill, right now on twenties. Put a half inch neo magnet on each side and in less than 30 seconds, it will be disabled.

Worked for me."

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"The sylphs are going to show us, in SAT images, the vortices of this planet. and visible to those on the ground and in the air and sky above us."

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"Donna and Robert are also much loved of these sky angels - practically everyone here is starting to gather their own crowded neighborhoods. They're like birds. just so very wonderful to have around and as long as the vibes and the air around isn't sour, they are WITH YOU, around u.

beatiful eyes, smiles that just melt you to your innermost child core...


thanks from all us vendors here and at EFF for acquiring the various gifts ALL US VENDORS are offereing. From CBs from Andy to ELWs from Ben, we have safe and sane tools that do good, not harm. Let's keep it that way, fellas. I'd hate to have to lose the working support of the deva kingdom. They absolutley know far better than you what you are making and can see its reality in ways scarce imaginable, even for me.

A tremendous responsibility with all this. Be careful DOn't **** with the fabric of reality, YOU MAY JUST DISAPPEAR AND KNOW ONE - NOT EVEN ME - WILL EVER BE ABLE TO FIND OUT TO WHAT TIME OR DIMENSION, YOU DISAPPERED INTO.

TReading carefully is the smart play with creations. Not kidding. REally."

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"And now my little secret. Every single orgone creation that went out my door and it has been over a thousand units - half of them as gifts extras -all had either a tibetan singing crystal or lemurian with and usually rose qtz and tons of kyanite crystals. No reptoids can get near you, not etherically. We did this on purpose, our family's way of saying, "thanks. for everything. We are living like a family should be living, even is strangely."

So, you're protected, most of you have them now. Or will. If you cannot afford, dude, we'll get you one, just ask.


RevTed...and his wife. If they hand't literally put a ton of just the right pitch freq singing xtals and lemus, at the time he did...he literally provided, usually without asking for any money, about 50 to 100 dollars worth of lemus in our hands in the last ninety days, pluse another 200 dollars worth of lemus, some of it very reasonbly priced. WIthout him, none of most of the gifts with lemus in this world, other than wonderful batch donations from SAlly, Carol, RT of course, a few others. They are the ones who really made all that gifting happen. THey are owed a bigger debt, they allowed me to give them away, by making them mainly free to me.

That worked out great..."

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"thanks. Most of this just had to get off my chest. It doesn't mean anything - ramblings of the village dork. It is what it is to each of us, isn't it? How's your dayssssssss been lately?

see what i mean...."

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"SO you understand orgone - and this is a straight truth. And sylphs.

WE're not seeing the emerging etheric kingdoms because they are lowering or slowing down their rate, WE ARE RISING TO A PLACE, OF OUR OWN ATTAINMENT, where each of us is experiencing this phenomena at our own level of reality and beingess. YEt, each of us IS experiencing it, another truth.

You'll see more. Just relax. THis is the reality you SAID YOU WANTED TO SEE, isn't it?

Reality? That's what you said. Reject all fictions.

And reality is not pretty. There is a great deal of ugliness on the etheric plane, like no kind of ugly your minds can ever hope to imagine. oh yes. That is the whole reality of life, the good always with whatever reality of so-called bad also exists.

Hold your noses. You'll soon see why some people smell funny."

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"There must have been fifty typos in that mess. Sorry for that. It was very late and at the end of a very long and active 90 days, without a break, a letup, sixteen battles, one murder attempt, a move into a home, three abduction attempts, a new outlet for getting orgone out (the dork site), but that's not excuse for poor penmanship."