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Post# 54734 01/12/04 Cbswork

"Yes, very often sylph's will use clouds - even a tad of chemsoup - to materialize and become visible to those without etheric sight.

They can be seen very often on the edge of the orgone balloon that is stalling out any chemfront that might be in the neighborhood. Or, they often, when about, will gather from local cumulous to appear. They are very wispy looking, with arms, wings, a pleasant aura. No black or dark shades, ever. Always snow-white cloud material. They move, when clearing out a chemfront as was today and when Mark was here abouts, in groups of three and five. They know if you can see them. The older more powerful Sylphs are often as large as a 1000 feet in size - a typical size for them."

Post# 54735 01/12/04 Cbswork

"And, yes, we have pictures and drawings of those now back in charge in Southern California. Snapped two pics today of three moving down from Pyramid lake into the North LA basin.

If you send them a "halloooo," they'll often pause over your area and "look" at you. Then, for the first time in your life, you can and will be able, to communicate with the Sylphs.

Here's what you do. Call them. Get outside and send them a mental "please help with today's mess." Within an hour, once they get started, they'll appear.

Know this. You CANNOT demand anything of these sovereigns. They are so far beyond us in evolution, that to their consciousness, we are but smart animals with a divine spark, and not much else. If your frequency if basically selfish, you'll be igored. Nothing personal, its an odor thing they have. Negative emotions, to the higher senses, smell very foul.

And this group WILL be talking and communicating, as was one before, very soon, fifty, with this group of souls.

We will have both humans and angelic realms working together, on the physical plane.

The key is, be a nice person. They'll be overhead constantly. They love etheric energy workers and been trying to communicate for some years with them, tho most don't and can't understand the visual form of their presence.

Stu will have both the picx and drawings mark davey saw for scanning and uploading.

Finally, let's be on our best behavior with these beings. They were doing the meat-sack incarnation stuff eons before it became our turn. Treat them with loving respect and they'll be at your beck and call, whenever some good needs being done.


Promise kept."

Post# 54746 01/13/04 OR_Matrix

"I'm starting this new thread on Sylphs so as not to hijack cbswork's thread or get off topic:

All Other Issues: The Frying Pan...

Fascinating and useful stuff, cbswork, as usual! I don't believe I've heard them described quite this way before. Just to be clear, by "Sylph" (or "Silph") I assume you are referring to a specific category of extra-dimensional entities of the element of air and not necessarily applying the term to all beings of the Angelic realms AS A WHOLE.

I guess there really is considerable misinformation about them floating around! The vast majority of books and other material on the net claim that they are elementals of the Airy world much like Salamanders are to Fire, Gnomes (or Brownies) to Earth and Undines (or Sprite/Dryad) to Water. Some of these sources even claim that these elementals are basic mineral-type intelligences that can tend towards being mischievious and all communication should be considered untrustworthy! However, there are other books and sources I've found that describe them as being a form of Deva of the Angelic realms and closely related to true Angels. Though, sometimes, they are also described as a slighly less "evolved" form of Angel.

Wow! Talk about syncronisity! I was just thinking about posting on the subject of Sylphs and wanted to ask how we might be able to "invite" them in assisting with our efforts. Surely such an alliance would be natural and such cooperation should be highly beneficial to both sides.

I'm sure that the wholesale destruction of Earth's atmosphere and weather patterns via pollution, chem-spraying, death force transmitters, dopplar radar and other means (not to mention humankind's other nefarious or foolish activities) are keeping them extremely busy, if not overwhelmed. I have been wondering though, if Sylphs sometimes find it very difficult or impossible to intervene in some situations. For instance, I have read that the militaries of the world have deployed "frequency fences" that detect their presence and repel them. In fact, it sounds like they are in an ongoing, constant, secret war. This goes back to WWII when "Foo Fighters" were frightening military pilots and causing mayhem to their planes, particularly bombers. Apparently, the German pilots called them "Gremlins" - which is a negative term. (So THAT'S where this name originates?)

Here is an incredible article about them from Educate-Yourself.org:

Educate-Yourself.org -- U.S. Air Force versus Wingmakers

When I first read this, I had a hard time accepting everything presented. The main reason I had a problem with it was that the author considers "Sylphs" and "Wingmakers" to be synonymous terms. From reading on the forums and elsewhere, it sounded to me like the Wingmakers are actually an informal group of beings and entities of many different types and backgrounds (Atlanteans, Lemurians, Andromedans, etc, etc). Though, now, it seems the unofficial term members refer to them by is "Operators" or "Operators Standing By." The "Wingmakers" term itself seems to have been hijacked for several misinformation campaigns on the net.

Among many other things, this article mentions how machines were developed to detect them - infrared photography as well as devices created by Royal Rife and Ruth B. Drown. I wonder if commercially available infrared cameras or goggles would be able to reveal them. I also wonder if these tools or new ones yet to be created could assist those with underdeveloped psychic abilities in detecting and communicating with them. But, by their very nature, would using 3D tools to find and communicate with them always be an undesirable crutch? cbswork talks about how they sometimes show themselves to us etheric freedom fighters and that all we have to do is ask to recieve their help and communication. Is it really that simple?

The article also mentions how Ruth B. Drown discovered that a primary component of the 3D aspect of Sylphs is calcium contained in an air gel matrix. It also seems to suggest that the military types used this information to try to undermine their 3D structure. (But how? Psychotronics? Calcium resonant frequency?) From this, I would suspect that we could use this information to assist the Sylphs in interacting with our 3D reality. Perhaps, say, including certain calcium-based minerals in our orgonite or broadcasting a calcium radionic rate of some sort??

Some more ideas: How about pouring a few orgonite devices specifically devoted to sending them positive energy? In such a device, I imagine that incorporating certain components and shapes (such as the Octahedron Platonic Solid or "diamond shape") that reflect the primary element of Air would help significantly. Or, perhaps including something to do with comets; ie, a certain gem elixir?

In addition to heavy gifting of a given area, any other ideas how we might be able to, at least temporarily, bring down the "freqency fence" that can inhibit their work? Would using a PW while mentally holding this specific intent help to that end? Also, are these highly benevolent beings under any sort of "non-interference" policy? Anotherwords, does having us humans openly invite them to "interfere" with specific attrocities and specific nefarious affairs of other humans give them much needed permission to participate where they would not otherwise be allowed to do so by Universal Law?

"A human being is a part of a whole, called by us .. universe .. a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings as something separated from the rest ... a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty." -- Albert Einstein"

Post# 54754 01/13/04 Cbswork

"Our interaction with these highly evolved energy beings is a dead=on YES. It has been that way from the beginning. Birds will follow an air sprite around, like an invisible owner leading a dog around on an invisible leash.

There has been a long history with this group working with them from the start.

That they are making themselves visible to us and the rest of this planet at this time, seems revealing. Why I got handed the job of mediating the thing, is beyond, considering how apparently inappropriately I have been handling this miscommunications with others in our own group. I was hoping all last year, that others would do this.

Each of these groups of energy beings, regardless of nomenclature, have specific work to do here on this planet, mainly keeping it healthy and thriving. They know the rules all too well, in which they can and cannot function. They also have to work with a backward, manipulated, and lost humanity, who destroys more of their labors in an hour, then they can do in a year. They are like any incarnating element of reality - they want things to go as planned, not the hijacked version they get to deal with day in and out.

Mostly, sylphs are broken down into 12 grades, ranging from say the four that manage the jet-stream, to the hundreds working out moisture flows and energy flows as things step down to the earth. There are a great many aspects to the various kinds of work they do. In the main, they use ETHERIC energy, are etheric in constitution, and have mastered the lower aspects of self, physical, emotional, and mental. Like bees, they work together, being of one mind, one heart, one goal, one soul.

Lower emotinal meanderings are something they left behind a very, very long time ago. Squabbles, mistrust, manipulations, and all that, are foreign to them as ice cream is on the Sun. Lower emotions actually stink. Like a bad bathroom smell. They skeedaddle away from such odors. Bitchy, angry, and a slandering kind of person? Good luck seeing one. Ever. People like that have a real stink about them.


They know you by who you are. What do you radiate? Love? Joy? Sincere friendship? Do you love the wind, the moon, and the stars in the heavens? Chances are, they were around when you were out enjoying that wind, moon, and stars, basking in your radiance. They give as well as take. Like many energy beings, they love diving through a human aura that is truly firing on all the good cylinders.

They live and move and have their being in the 4th and 3rd etheric aspects. Sylphs can manipulate air of any density and composition, just like the military does when cloaking its fleet of gravlevs. Truly, they are the masters of their frequency.

They LOVE people who gift. In fact, they LOVE cloudbusters, which is where I can always find them.


The main thing is, THEY have chosen to come out more, be more visible to us, as we do our work.

Yesterday, a chemfront was coming in from the beach, over this range of hills that had many clusters of towers, all aimed at LA, controlling the air patterns and mind control fence that is NOW around every major city in the world. Oh yeah... We blasted that ridge with a few things, and this chemfront vanishes pretty quickly - mentioned in a post yesterday. Right as the chemfront started to dissolve and head back toward the ocean, you could see these three ENORMOUS Sylphs, flowing and pushing the front back over VEntura and into the sea. Everyone could see them. This all happened in less than half an hour. A CHEMFRONT 10 MILES BY 30!!!

Then, the three vanished. Nowhere to be seen. A few minutes later, even tho there was no soup about to form with, they appeared over my ridge, right over the house. After a few interesting signs and signals, they vanished, the skies clear from the beach to the north basin.

In studying them, i've found that they work best with large amounts of gifts, because in LA, its 15 million souls making sewage. Over-gifting really worked out, in the end, as it happens. Glad we took that tack.

Freewill. You gift, they do the work. Do nohting, and they will not be around. Also, really going to write out everything on this and put it out. No secrets."

Post# 54758 01/13/04 Rusty

"Well, I tink this clears up a little bit of the confusion re sylphs vs wingmakers;

'...I am not of the ground but of the air. Call me Wingmaker."

Wingmaker, the largest and most powerful Sylph to fly the air above the earth could see the problems of children and the plight of humanity. The greedy magicians who have hypnotized the whole world are trying to kill nature itself. Stupidity! If they cannot have the world no-one can have it. Arrogance! The magicians are dying as their own crimes are killing them. Insanity! '


I have seen these giant birds flying in the air, they seem to be consuming the chemtrails. It is a beautiful sight.

One day, a few months ago, I witnessed the birth of a Sylph. During my usual daily inspection of the sky I noticed a cloud forming to the south of me. I can't quite put my finger on it, but I knew this cloud that was forming rapidly was somehow different. As I watched in amazement, I realized that I was being given the privelege to be present at the birth of a baby Sylph. Much joy filled my heart, but it was soon replaced with anger and disgust. Someone else had noticed it too. The standing wave pulse cloud came out of the north, fast and mean, aimed right at the newborn. "They are going to kill it" I thought. "I have to do something", so I did. With careful aim, I lined up my chembuster with the leading edge of the haarp beam, they turned up the power. "I can't stop it" I thought as a tear came to my eye,"Why do they want to kill it?" Only able to slow the progress of the beam slightly, I began to prepare myself for the inevitable, "but wait" I thought "call for help". And help came. The big daddy Sylph showed up just in time. The beam had just hit the baby and it was frying, the big daddy bit into/intercepted the beam and collapsed it instantly. The daddy Sylph then nudged the baby toward a cloud bank to the east, it took off swimming in the air and disappeared into the cover of the clouds.

I'm pretty sure I saw what I think I saw. I don't know if I helped or not. The same thing may have happened without my involvement. I do know that the daddy Sylph looked at me, or noticed me just before he intercepted the haarp beam. Happy to do my part, for whatever it's worth.


Do not go gentle into that good night.
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.
Dylan Thomas"

Post# 54763 01/13/04 Cbswork

"Haven't witnessed the birth of one, but watch them all the time grab cloud material to densify to lay into a chemfront. You can be certain the USAF does what they can do, to erase these beings.

Once you recognize them, you'll see them all the time.

Sound familiar?

There are parts of southern california they generally dont' hang around much. Oxnard, the big naval base there, is usually avoided. Edwards, Nellis, places like that.

When you think on it, the Satanists are at war with ALL life. They simply want this planet turned into the 8th sphere and are pushing agendas on every front to still the life on this planet. Well, that life isn't going without a fight.

They are out more, cuz our gifts have shifted the balance and they can do something now. Why now? Because humanity created the event and it was always our job to undo what others have done in our name.

Steiner really had this whole time period nailed."

Post# 54771 01/13/04 Cbswork

"Their communication is telepathic.


If you are outside one fine day and find one overhead, directly overhead, it's there to absorb the energy of your cb, to go do battle. That's right. Being etheric, Sylphs can expand to the size of a large hill or small mtn, then they dive right into a chemfront, dissolving it.

When one is over head, settle within yourself, say a gentle hello, and then quiet your mind and listen. What pops into your mind?

The most activity I've seen with Sylphs was around cloudbusters and Triniti Wands. Ever.

There are two outside, right now. They are positioned over this chemfront that is covering the San Grabriel Valley, getting ready to lay waste to it. Chemfront gone by 2 today, just watch, you laarpers..."

Post# 54870 01/14/04 Cbswork

"The first step is recognition of their presence.

Then attempt to communicate. These would be themes of

What is needed?
How can we best work together?
Indicate to me, your preferred method of spotting a gifting target.

Like that. Any personal, antagonistic, or mundane attempts toward same will be met with quiet silence and abandonment as a communicator in this regard. With Higher Beings, leave your baggage in the basement, cuz they don't relate at all to whiney, self-absorbed egos. Come with an open heart, a light of joy in your eyes, and a sincere aspiration to work together WITHOUT ANY THOUGHT OF PERSONAL REWARD OR RECOGNITION, and you'll have all kinds of help.


They do not come to you in your dreams. They are etheric, not astral. Any entity, or black magician (hey lance!) can appear to you as one, or as any person on this planet, and the way you know its a trick is, they always go for flattery and ego-pampering. Every time. Sylphs or etheric beings are not built like us. They surpassed the human evolution eons ago, so emotional mires are lost on them. Not lost, they see it and understand, but when was the last time you tried explaining yourself to an ant? But, when the ant notices you and tries to get your attention, you have to communicate in such a way that warrants the attention and in ways the ant can understand. Definately don't recommend anger, in any form. The odor of that alone will keep them at a distance. It's a smell thing - lower emotions like anger, jealousy, revenge, lust - stink to clairvoyants and these other, highly evolved life forms. Try to bring your best - you are representing humanity; be a good diplomat. Really.

They do not create loud noises or crashes or bangs. They are ENERGY BEINGS WHO LIVE, MOVE, AND FUNCTION in energy. That's it. Your energy tells it.

And, they certainly don't have names. Not as we understand it. And certainly, not Shad, or Bob, or Granko. Their names - a human institution for ID on the physical plane - are not sounded out English words, but frequencies. Their vibration is their name, so-called. Hard to understand. They don't use vocal chords or speech (they don't have such nonsense, and you wouldn't either, IF YOU WERE A PURE ENERGY BEING. On the etheric and mental planes, the two bodies they possess on the lower planes, recognition is by vibration - everyone and every thing is different.

Names...god Glenn, caught you that time, dude."

Post# 54896 01/14/04 Cbswork

"I have photographs, drawings and paintings of them. In fact, not five minutes ago, I snapped a great pic of one forming over Fillmore, getting ready to slam into a chemfront moving in over ventura. Ventura needs a great deal more orgone than the thousand or so I put in their, esp the beaches, again. But in the main, the city needs some gridding, esp the hills that bank up against Ojai on the west/southwest."

Post# 54901 01/14/04 Cbswork

"They are beings that exist here, on the physical plane. no 3rd eye required, only developed rods and cones, in the physical eye.

The ajna center, or 3rd eye, relates not so much to sight or seeing, as it does to existing and translating energies, from the higher mental, intuitional, and atmic planes. It's eyesight for those planes, exactly like your eyes exist, so you can see ON THIS PLANE.


Physical plane clairvoyance is the following.

Any organ of the body can be used for clairvoyant purposes, but those parts or organs of the body which are instinctively or intelligently used by the clairvoyant are the visual center on the cortex of the brain, the frontal sinuses, the optic thalami, and the pituitary body. Nearby physical objects are reflected by the atmospheric light waves on the eye, which converges these light waves or virbrations to the optic nerve. These vibrations are borne along the optic tract. Some of these are conveyed to the optic thalmus, while others are thrown on the brain cortex.

These are reflected in the frontal sinus, which is the picture gallery of the mind. The pituitary body is the organ through which the human soul perceives these pictures. They are no longer physical when they are there seeen, but rather the astral images of the physical. They are physical objects reflected into the astral world of the human soul, to see which of the lower vibrations of physical objects have been raised to a higher rate of vibration. One's vision may be transferred from the physical to the astral world in several ways. The most physical is the focussing of the eye. The etheric or astral world permeates, penetrates, and passes beyond our physcial world. The physical eye is so constructed that it registers only such vibrations from the phsycial as are slow when compared with the etheric or astral realms. The physical eye cannot receive or register etheric vibrations unless it is trained or unless one is a natural clairvoyant. In either case, it is then possible for one to change focus of the eye from the physical world to the etheric. When this is done, the organs or parts of the body before mentioned are connected with the etheric aspects and receive the vibrations from it. As one sees the object of their wish by turning his eyes to that object, so the clairvoyant sees a distant object by desiring or being directed to see it. This may seem wonderful to some, but the wonder ceases when the facts are known.

This is one of the component aspects of chemtrails - to totally f**k up your sinuses. See, in our time, many of you are already on the verge of this gift - but chemtrails block this by fouling the sinal cavities with chemical compounds in such a way that causes the sinuses to NOT vibrate in coordination mentioned above.

Chemtrails are killers.

In more ways than one.

Many of you are experiencing, now that you are CT free, a clearer vision regarding your reality - prana becomes visible to you and all that. This is because the poison in the sinus cavity is clearing out. It takes two years.

Hope this helps."

Post# 54923 01/14/04 Loohan

"Are they by any chance somewhat given to hijinks?

I had a weird experience the other day: I was skywatching in town, and saw a long trail that started turning into a series of dashes! Like equally-spaced dashes with equal-length blank spaces between. Looked bizarre.

Checked again a few minutes later, and the whole trail was now gone.

The thing is, in recent weeks i've sometimes fantasized about having a wand so powerful and surgical, that i could do that with trail. Write SOS in Morse code, etc., maybe attract some curiousity. Imagine a sky full of dots and dashes. Hard to explain away."

Post# 54958 01/14/04 Cbswork

"I'm sure a sense of humor, being a higher function, is in their possession. Just assuming, though.

I mean, God made republicans, so certainly higher beings must have a humorous side."

Post# 55063 01/16/04 Sniper


good job whoever has this cb"

Post# 55076 01/16/04 Cbswork

"It's not ice crystals we are looking at, cuz that's a chemlayer up about at 5,000 feet. Something is gathering material and forming, for battle. And twenty minutes later, chembank is wasted...

...coming out."

Post# 55276 01/19/04 Cbswork

"They are just clouds. An intelligence holds the form together. Like stepping into a steam bath and being able to make an okay double of yourself with a shell of steam that moves when you move. Being pure energy, they can control gaseous forms of energy the easiest; e.g. clouds and cloud material, water vapors of varying densities.

Large amounts of orgone allow this. Mainly, you'll see them when clear, clean sky, meets chemfront in an area gifted well or with cloudbuster. When the chemfront move within range of the orgone reservoirs floating above the deck, they use it to "go to work."

"How can i know any communication from them, is from them?"

Good question. Their signature frequency is playful joy. If you aren't flooded with an elated feeling of joy and freedom, its something other then these angelic beings."

Post# 55286 01/19/04 Cbswork

"'Rods' are a living class of etheric elemental. I call them garden sprites, as they tend to work around the energy fields of plants, mainly."

Post# 55293 01/19/04 Cbswork

"They want to make contact and are making themselves visible to orgone warriors, for lack of a better term. If you can get them to appear, start a dialogue, still your thoughts, get receptive, without relenquishing sovereignty.

Remember the rules...after first contact, idle curiosity will result in a no-show. They are not out for show and tell or the idle curious. They want human coworkers and are willing to extend a Mutual Hand to defeat the Beast.

And, being psychic is defiantely not required. Only a sincere heart, a doer.

Their presence defines who you are, really.

Can't get them to appear? How gifted is your locale? Are you a hater? Fed? One of THEM? They will not appear for darksiders, flickering-lights, or hybrids."

Post# 55296 01/19/04 Cbswork

"Thinking about making a documentary on them...got permission. They will help. Have to write up a decent script to shoot from and all that.

hour long...


the usual.."

Post# 55306 01/19/04 Cbswork

"Actually, when you think on it, the magnitude of this kind of connectivity is a paradigm shift. As in a change in the way humans relate to the world, because a portion of that world which was invisible, is making itself visible to - at first - this select group.

Then...who knows.


All i can say is, reptoids are no match for the angels of the heavens.

We are witnesses to a dawn of new communication across the species, and no less than the emergence of etheric energy as a reality and fact, for the mundane world. Kinda hard to dismiss the candelabra effect, ice stalagmites, and now, this entire kingdom of beings.

Try and hijack that, you wankers. No way, not a chance. Can't hijack whatyou can't get your greasy fingers around, can ya?"

Post# 55308 01/19/04 Cbswork

"Their kind of telepathy isn't the clunky word-usage kind. Flashes of light, most often. Ideas are how we perceive their thoughts. If you can see, they'll paint a picture in etheric matter, of things to do, places to gift, and so on.

The negative is not their realm. If you get a message you believe is from that that is personal, of the negative, your diet, you-you-you, its not them. An open and sincere heart...all is needed, plus a bit of CONSISTENT GIFTING. They prefer a healthy smash or etheric energy, cuz of the smell.


This is not just random clouds. Call them out, tell them your intentions, AND THAT YOU ARE A GOOD LISTENER. Everyone has a different way of speaking from the heart, so what works best for you - at their level, they have pretty good signal-to-noize filters."

Post# 55381 01/20/04 Cbswork

"The flashes of light are Devas, not sylphs, per se. Sylphs are a class of highly evolved etheric beings who work with the "spirit of the air" a very great deva who manages the world's air, clouds, weather. Devas are beings, like us, who are evolving on a slightly different mode of evolution, working with energy, and already went through the "meatsack" cycle eons ago. They are training to be gods, on other planets and other worlds, in the far distant future. These are the operators. They are here, and on every planet. Unlike sylphs, they are, like humans, working with ALL grades of reality, just further along then we are at now, in the big scheme.

Those flashes of light are very significant. That you are aware, or any of us, means what we are doing is important. To them. To us. To the whole smash."

Post# 56049 01/31/04 Cbswork

"Have you noticed?

Sure you have...

Starting to wonder why it is that every time you baby killers try for a total whiteout of the Los Angeles basin, this massive wind from the north - 50 to 60 mph - comes up instantly and blows all your poison out into the sea? Are ya wondering about that?


You can't see them, you're as blind as a man in cave 2 miles down, but there they are, answering every honest request made to them. And they deliver non-stop, 24/7.



Oh...they consider the USAF their mortal enemies.

And boyz? You are OUT-MATCHED!

Another thing...there is so much orgone out there helping them, helping us, that they have all the energy they need TO STOP YOU MONSTERS COLD IN YOUR TRACKS.

Can't plant an agent among them, they are beyond your dark and unholy efforts. You can't buy them or cajole them into a bevy of lies. In fact, you have no context whatsoever for even understanding what they are about, because you both function from entirely different realities. Yours is one of hate and destruction, not defense and security as you have conned the world into believing. Theirs is one of harmonious coworking with creation toward the good of all. Can you even spell those words? Have to look them up, cuz you never have a context for using them? I understand."

Post# 56050 01/31/04 Cbswork

"********** OPEN CALL TO ALL ETHERIC FREEDOM FIGHTERS ******************

If it happens that one day, you find a total whiteout in progress, would you mind so very much if you would do a favor?

Call on the Sylphs or whatever label you are comfortable with to blow it out, dissipate it. Then, report your findings on whatever board you call home, here or EFF.

Just give it a shot, see what happens?"

Post# 56060 01/31/04 Serendipity (Kismet)

"This is very interesting!

Yesterday they were trying very hard to white-out the sky. I was playing "soccer" with my 4 year-old son and I had alot of time to watch the sky.

At one point I mentally asked "Where are you sylphs?".

The sky cleared within an hour.

I didn't put it together until reading this thread.



Post# 56071 01/31/04 Energizer (John)

"It wasn't that I didn't believe in sylphs, I just had never seen or felt one.

Until Yesterday...

Windy gray day. Occasional sunbreak, usually starting over the house. I'd had a 'situation' with the cat, caught him 'using' the houseplant for his own needs. Felt bad for getting mad at him, yet "he should know better" etc. Went outside, sun was out in a big 20 mile hole over the house. Looked up...

Cruising around this huge hole is an unmistakably different 'cloud'. Wait, is that a shape?. He(definitely a he) looks a little like the genie in Aladdin, only he's wearing a bright white crown. Smiling in every configuration he appears to me as. All he keeps saying to me is 'lighten up, lighten up'.

He knows I'm not an angry person. He knows we're on the same side.

I've made several requests to the skies since the topic began being discussed here, this is my confirmation. This guy appears to me as a composite of myself, the best sides anyway.

And I could care less if you believe me or not on this last, ahem, point, but during one of the forms he appeared to me as yesterday, he used a portion of a chemtrail as a big PHALLUS!

Sort of like the gesture I give some of the nosy visitors that fly overhead.

I really like this guy. No I really LOVE this guy!

Peace and Growth,

Post# 56073 01/31/04 Cbswork


Go for a dialogue, whenever possible. The word is, they WANT contact.

Cloud formations are only the beginning. THe next one will BLOW YOUR MIND."

Post# 56133 02/01/04 Cbswork

"There are two sylphs, who have created a large Z in the sky over the Santa Susanna mtns - the range where 5 TWs and 200 TBs were recently planted. Now, when Stu was out last weekend, it was one of those days like yesterday. Constantly moving from one spot to another, staying only a few minutes. Each time stu and I stopped, these angels would start gathering material for an appearance - we couldn't wait. He had to be on the road by 3, and he was, at 2:58, in his car and going, that day. While at Salimar, doing gifting, they formed a Z in the clouds right over the spot we slapped some Super TBs. He has the picture of it, digital.

Was asked to put this out here, for us all.


For underground bases, hot-spots, they will appear and create an inverted triangle of cloud material, pointing to the exact spot that needs healing. This is how they, at these early stages, will communicate precise needs to us. Birds for confirmation and/or other visible signs.

Keep your cameras ready. This needs to be VERY WELL documented."

Post# 56224 02/02/04 Cbswork

"Big boy...nice pic.

Typically, between orgone and their work, they don't take very much time and effort to appear like that. For real, this is for us - the connection thing.

And the truth is, Carol and I have known about this all along, but we kept our promise of timing and silence, until everything was ready."

Post# 56282 02/03/04 Cbswork

"Georg, specifically, you are sought out as a direct contact.

Your work down on the big continent is a constant inspiration."

Post# 56405 02/04/04 Cbswork

"They will honor and assist in any sincere request.

And the need must be REAL. If you are walled in to the deck - by the time you can think it out, that heartfelt "please..." They are already by you, around you and then, quickly moving off to labor, as ONE MIND AND SOUL.

Pretty awesome. This is going to be a hell of a year, good and bad."

Post# 56670 02/07/04 Cbswork

"Thursday morning - Chemwall coming in from the ventura beaches. 10 minutes later after making the call, its already havlf pushed back into the sea and then stays off the shore for the duration of the day.

Friday - chemwall coming up from the south. Message sent - 15 minutes later, chemwall pushed out of visible range.

Today, same thing. Whiteout from the the South. They were already on the job.

And, all the time, whomever is about, sees what is happening, we all amaze over the beautiful images they paint for us, and until night.

Been like living in a wonderland of spirit, every day."

Post# 56676 02/07/04 Cbswork

"And something else... Since we've gone public on the whole thing, the USAF has been flying chem sorties right into them, mainly through the head and every time and multiple times.

Time for some of Al's Wand work..."

Post# 56679 02/07/04 Cbswork

"And, watch what happens, when that happens. The form will dissolve in sheets into a muckiness, then vanish. They split the moment the plane starts on their final track inbound. The dissolution is nearly instant.


Post# 56680 02/07/04 Cbswork

"So the problem is denying a vector track given through remote observation posts to precise way-points. That means a human is manning a post, then paint-tool dragging his Mac indicating preferred flight path. This is translated by onboard navigation computers Bell and Howell, that then take over flight control. Unless manually over-rided by the pilot or whatever, like Cancom.


About right boys?"

Post# 56681 02/07/04 Cbswork

"To the USAF: And it should bother you a great deal...that they've lately becoming enormous. Like three to four miles across, not a few hundreds yards, as you've mostly experienced. And how about that laying waste to a a few million dollars worth a plane sortying and support, all for nothing, never to get below 5000 feet? That must rankle heavy, dude...

It's too late for you. You may get your NWO, but you won't be doing it with chemtrails, savvy?


Another public service pontification by


Post# 56682 02/07/04 Cbswork

"And here's another one, in case your C.O. didn't decide you were worthy enough to get the inside dope - all treaties are rescinded.

Until you meet prestated conditions in toto, the recent examples given you of their earnestness in this matter should conclude things for you, don't you think?

Have a nice flight home, boys. Have a talk with your wives, think about your future..."

Post# 56683 02/07/04 Cbswork

"And we've seen the letter Z four times now...with witnesses. Tons of them."

Post# 56685 02/07/04 Cbswork

"It's ZSL. I know this because twice, that exactly was spelled in the sky, as it was today."

Post# 56686 02/07/04 Cbswork

"Actually, each time I've seen that Z, I've instantly known whom it stood for. Just felt it was a personal perception, but a z the size of a mountain range is pretty serious statement in and of itself. I'd like to hear what ZSL himself had to say about it, personally."

Post# 56688 02/07/04 Cbswork

"Glenn, his nome-de-plume is Zavannah-Star Livingstone. He's got a pretty good esoteric training, but we've never talked. He came and left so fast..."

Post# 56690 02/07/04 Cbswork

"And there was no message or anything to ZSL, just the repeated phenomena, well documented by board members here, etc. We've even got pictures of it, digital and film.

Just acknowledging the thing without bias. If the letters spelled out MY AUNT'S FANNY, be reporting that, too, regardless of the damage it would do to any credibility left of mine."

Post# 56692 02/07/04 Cbswork

"And its a fact the Sylphs themselves wanted known here. Because of all the pressure they've been exerting in a rather nice way - but still pressure. Also don't think it has anything to do with me, personally. Its just their way of reaching someone. Again, ZSL's perception on this is going to be just interesting at the very least."

Post# 56693 02/07/04 Cbswork

"Email me ZSL and let's chat a bit."

Post# 56871 02/10/04 Cbswork

"Well, technically they've a number of labels: Sylphs, Air Sprites, Rods, Elementals-of-the-air, Lower_devas, Spirits of the Air (my personal preference, no special reason) - some people react to whatever label someone might choose, ignoring historic precendence of this time and space. THe boys call them Sylphs, the parental units call them angels, openly.

Some pretty amazing phenomena lately. Trying to get a full-time, used dig-camera to get all this on record. That's the main thing, everyone get a film record. The time of day, the pre-event phenomena, chemnasties or whatever, then record the appearance after dialogue. It's been flat-out, hands-down amazing for us. And many others, as well. Which is a very good thing."

Post# 56872 02/10/04 Cbswork

"Sylph is greek for slender. They're in all the literature of any age. Theosophists were responsible for making them common knowledge in the late 19th centurty, but not for naming them."

Post# 56873 02/10/04 Cbswork

"Here's why getting this documented is important. A few days ago, as the sun was setting and it had been chem battle all day between the AF and the Spirits of the Air. Short story, short, assemble out back for a hurray! Job Well Done! Thank YOU VERY MUCH@! and all that, in this huge blue wall of indigo that was the entire horizen, a face was created exactly like the old man of the sea, Neptune - no sh*t - we're staring at this perfect visage - not shadows in clouds, but chisled perfection. And then, the guy started winking at us and smiling - for a good three minutes. Most amazing cloud formation - you'd swear it was faked if we had got it. But we didn't. No camera with film and no web ready thing to get it up here two minutes later.

That moment should have been recorded. Learning to keep the things loaded and handy at all times now."

Post# 56928 02/11/04 Cbswork

"Because i get such a great many of the same questions in email, going to answer them all here in a single diatribe and rant:

Our tact is going to be a very simple and direct one regarding the Sylphs or Etheric Elementals or Billy Bob - whatever makes the reader most comfortable - and that is for each of us, on our own and in our own ways, make whatever communication and coworking situations as they develop.

It will pass that someone will come forward speaking on behalf of that dimension. I wish this person well in this endeavor and to remember always, wisdom-strength-beauty and you can't go wrong. "They" may lynch you to a sour apple tree, but you personally, can't go wrong. Remain solid on the principles and you'll have them dancing in circles. I was taught and found this of value, as well - Principles over Personalities. Whatever that means... Also, see that big bull's eye painted on your back? Enuff said.

Use your discernment. Listen to your heart as these contacts are increased in scope and interrelationships. Any deception will have that odor. You know the one...that smell. That smell of Lucifer. Just saying be watchful, rely on the open heart but with one's eyes wide open at all times.

And take pictures. Keep the camera handy, each of us. Let's knock 'em dead with hard data and its game, set, match for our side, regardless of whatever silliness transpires from the bad guys.


Post# 56939 02/11/04 Cbswork

"And absolutely expect some kind of rip-off scam by the USAF and HAARP to mimic and turn this phenom. Their moves will obviously not fill you with joy, peace, and a spirit of resolve to battle, but will leave you weak, deflated, and sickly.

Check your heart. If its a fake, then you won't be misled. If its the real-deal, you'll light up from the inside like a big christmas tree. That's the test, every time.

Your mileage will get better all the damn time."

Post# 57243 02/17/04 Cbswork

"Oh, I agree Steeve. In the heavily gifted zones, its blue skies and control by the elementals, sylphs, and devas. In lightly gifted or sparsely, its a daily battle and a toss-up."

Post# 57340 02/17/04 Sdbmark (Steeve)

"Now that I got the approval for all copyrighted material posted on the site, I can say that the new sylph website is now up and running at http://www.sylphs.org/ Check it out.

There isn't much content on there as it is right now but video files are coming up soon and I'm sure lots of material will come up in the near future."

Post# 57349 02/17/04 Cbswork

"No worries there, Steeve - we'll send tons of pics to you, plus footage. I wish I had a cam tonight in Oxnard and Santa Paula (just got in from that) and the sky was opened up and this beeeeeeeauuuuuuuutiful Sylph about five miles across just beamed down upon the valley, huge grin, those elfin eyes - the whole smash. THen, in a few moments - nothing.

It took about a week, but the boys can now discern the parts of their being. Head, throat, eyes, main body, their...um...wings, if you will. They are a three-chakra based life form - head, throat, heart. That's how advanced they are beyond us - total mastery of the lower triad to the point where the higher, consumed the lower in normal growth. Darksiders have the whole world doing just the opposite - feeding the lower at the expense of the higher. In short, returning us to animals, instead of us all moving towards a more angelic state of grace within ourselves.

This is bigger than crop circles. You all have a front row seat. And this time, you are also THE ACTORS ON THE STAGE. Move and be honest in this thing. Just keep it what everyone can prove. Believe me, there's going to be some earth-shaking stuff coming up over this and for this to go down right, we have be the noblest we can, OR ITS OVER.

Noble...forthright...honest about the phenom and what was witnessed...keep the cameras rolling....and contact with all creeds and races, face to face as the outcome. Everything is set. They are openly seeking contact with pure souls.

In fact, when the final cards are dealt, you'll be surprised how very often they've been right there with you, from the beginning. From that first cloudbuster and gifting run. Now that they wish to be known and they feel - here it comes - that there are certain people who can be worked with to help all this for the WHOLE PLANET and all the kingdoms, known and as yet, unknown to the bulk of humanity. Now that we've been released to speak of them, beyond the idle speculations of the blind, they have and will maintain a visible presence to those THAT ONLY SEE SERVICE as the reality from which all true beingness exudes. And from that, stems the gifts, talents, and other painful realities as well.

And gratefully, whether we fail to be a part of this or can be that linking aspect, it won't matter. Enough orgone has gone out for them to turn around the battle of the skies, and they have.

Please...get up, get out, and get gifting. It makes all the world of difference.

Please. Help them, help us. It's inevitable. We must work together to defeat the Beast and his circle of devils.

Its up to us. The orgone aware us. No one else is doing the work they need done, to fight OUR battles for us. They are here to help. They have always been here and just as quickly they can become invisible for good, leaving only those who can see, to acknowledge them - and vice-versa. This is a big opportunity for many to open that etheric vision rapidly."

Post# 57521 02/20/04 Cbswork

"Enough orgone has gone out into the world, from the good efforts of the assembled, past and present, so that wherever one might go, while going about one's path, they can and are visibly making humanity aware of the struggle overhead.

That's the larger issue. Everyone can see them. Like the psychics before you, you now, are the limited few who understand what you are now looking at, when you look at the sky. And like the psychics before you, you too must patiently wait for the rest to catch up, with forbearance and sympathy. Ignorance must be personally sought away from, and knowledge - then wisdom - pursued. And with that comes this kind of increased awareness of the true conditions of the world around us. It's all happening very naturally. Eighty percent of this group is energy sensitive, compared to 3 % of the population. Stands to reason this collection of doers are those with varying skills that can hopefully be a bridge between the future we are witnessing and the past, which out there by the billions, remains yet in ignorance.

End of Rant."

Post# 57660 02/20/04 Cbswork

"So, in keeping with the spirit of "nothing but the facts, ma'am," approach to this, starting now, we're going to put up a new Pics of the Day photo thing here, for now, and then off on the dork web site. So, everyday...something new. Let the stuff speak for itself, kind of thing. Then, we can discuss these and other pics being taken.

Daily Hard Data...that's the thing. We'll see how it goes, all of us.

Not going to make any claims for anything, from this point on. Too much of that going on, esp from dork-dog.


Finally got our grubby hands on an digital infrared camera. We'll be snapping day AND night with this new tool, and old friend (any camera.) Should be interesting.

It's more tedious, but i have rolls and rolls of film stock to be developed of phenomena and what-not. As that gets done, and a scanner employed, that will also end up here and elsewhere."

Post# 57662 02/23/04 Sweettreeing (Jerry)

"Yesterday, Feb.22 I mentally asked if any Sylphs would be willing to form for a picture. Within a minute one started forming from out of the blue. It was completely formed inside four minutes. The photo in my files.


Post# 57663 02/23/04 Cbswork

"She's beautiful, Jerry. Really takes my breath away. Such grace and beauty, simple elegance. Real spiritual panache.

You are very much loved."

Post# 57921 02/28/04 Cbswork

"Its primary communication sets. Symbols and pictures, where words and vowels and letters have no meaning.

What you are seeing is not there by accident. It's being created for you, us, all.

And they arrive now, alot, and the bad guys, too.

THe ship in the public files is standing pat in 40 mph winds right now, and for an hour. Waiting..."

Post# 58145 03/02/04 Cbswork

"Regards the pics. Even with only a week's worth of pic taking, it becomes obvious that the phenom we have been reporting in the past, was real. Now, with a way to record it, you share a bit of what our daily life is like hereabouts. And what made our little half-acre the energy garden spot of the nation that attracts such wondrous events o'er head?



If you build it, they will come. more pics now in files."

Post# 58299 03/05/04 Cbswork

"Oh yeah, before I forget...if I haven't commented on every single sylph pic that has gone up, its mainly cuz i have only moments a day to be here, the work load and all that. And, plus the fact the best thing for me is NOT to comment, and let all of these pictures we are all taking stand on their own two feet, which they have been doing nicely. This group's pics are the best sky phenom pics on the net going. We're capturing amazing sky activity, most of us.

And that speaks volumes about what's going on in orgone rich environments. Main thing is, you DON'T HAVE TO TAKE ANYONE'S WORD FOR THE THING BEING WHAT IT IS, you, me, all of us, are direct witnesses to unfolding thing at hand.

That can't be shot down, no matter who snickers and slanders at it. Anyone not understanding what is happening or cannot comprehend the thing, is simply unable to. That's THEIR programming, see?"

Post# 58404 03/07/04 Cbswork

"Okay. Deleted out the public files section yesterday and today, am uploading ALL the pics we've been taking, but only at thumbnail size. That way, we'll all get to see ALL of the phenom pics, not just a select sampling. And there's tons of stuff. Over 40 pics per day, on some dayz...


Going to put up requests for detail and those worthy, in full size resolution as captured, in a download section as needed. That way, if you want the super-size jpg, just email and we'll throw it up for you and anyone else who might want to see more detail and all that."

Post# 58406 03/07/04 Cbswork

"Those worthy means the pictures, not people. Some pics have nothing to say, and won't make the cut."

Post# 58408 03/07/04 Cbswork

"And, if you look closely at just the pics up so far from 48 hours ago, you'll notice the presence of several different design shapes of off-world craft, sylphs, and other anomolies. You can see the forces gather, you can see the sky's energy shifts as the light spectrum shifts in gamma, as well as the emergence several objects at once, many with black aircraft in frame, moving near these objects."

Post# 58411 03/07/04 Cbswork

"(Inspired by Loohans' moves, here's a report)


It was quite a sight to see, as can be imagined by the photography. Literally, they arrived from opposite ends of the battlefield and most of it took place, center over an area between Castaic and Lake Piru. As the hours passed, it took over half the sky, including all of santa clarita and surrounding areas.

Here's what happened. A chemwall showed up from the north, hitting this pristine, shimmering wall of indigo energy, that is pretty much the north basin of LA and has been for some time now. (gift often. Really.) The zone in question was already plastered with every kind of orgone creation, including all the reservoirs and streams, rivers, the works. This same locale also sits dead center between four cloudbusters, as well.

As the chemwall came into the Castaic lake area, the Sylphs appeared, grew to sizes ten miles in length and stopped the thing cold. Case closed, chemfront retreating. We smiled, recorded the event as you all can see, and went about our day creating orgone and the usual. Hour later, the gravelevs arrive, stall the retreat and the whole sky turns from this lovely sky-blue (see pics) to this nasty orange-reddish gloom of death... And then more gravlevs arrived and it got much, much darker.

After watching this stand-off for a few hours, we got into gear and within an hour, the battle was decidedly ours, but the light had gone by then. By nine, it was all quiet and the field was ours, visibility about 50 miles, as it was today."

Post# 58412 03/07/04 Cbswork

"Something else, too. When the ships arrived, our friends couldn't get close, or at least it was that appearance. The was definate zones beneath the ships where no angels were, so to say. At the same time, the ships couldn't get the wall moving forward ever again, but only acted - again in appearance - as some kind of rear-guard action, or stalling pattern. The front just stopped and then drizzled into nothingness over 3 hours.

Clearly, these aren't done deals. After witnessing many of these events, its clear that both sides are in earnest and really slug it out, us included. We always throw down, when balls are whizzing through the air. SSDL (same sh*t, different life.)

As well, i've yet to witness the day, in this area, where in the end, we didn't own the sky. That must really rankle the skyspiders. Not having air supremacy...

Tough. You shouldn't be spraying us. Quit crying and take it like a man."

Post# 58413 03/07/04 Cbswork

"And those ships...what about them? How about that nice trail you left for anyone idiot to follow, like the two leading back to base.

So...with McGinty's help, Sal in attendance, let's all go after these two bases and see if we can't keep them busy with fixing things for awhile so they won't annoy LA anymore.

Let's go to work. Anyone can assist, any time. I'll start in five."

Post# 58416 03/07/04 Cbswork

"This also aptly demonstrates how when dealing with etheric realities - whether organic (sylph, positive) and fabricated negative etheric technology (the gravlevs), how it completely colors the sky."

Post# 58417 03/07/04 Cbswork

"That was a good radionics effort.

Thank you."

Post# 58421 03/07/04 Cbswork

"Watch the obits."

Post# 58814 03/12/04 Cbswork

"i'm back from the emergency. They extracted the tooth - took 3 hours to pry it out - she said the tooth was FUSED to the bone. They had to knock me, and blast. They insisted on medding me hard, so i'm blind for the next two days. - purple haze.

Pretty ditzy right now...but back.


Okay. The chemfog moved up from the south center through the basin and is swept over all of LA. It's stalled in the north basin. We really need to nail San pedro, seal beach, and a few other spots. I've called for help.


LTD: If I may offer? That's a ship gathering DOR for cloaking, not a sylph. You were being surveilled and they couldn't get close from all the orgone on the deck, so... I see that everyday. When you see that, BLAST THEM. They're bad guys. Watch closely when you do - you'll see a small flash of light as it exits at mach whatever. That flash is the magnetos going out-of-phase for gravlev.

Jan: Most of your shots are the chemwall or chemsoup. It's rough in the northeast, we know. Y'all get hammered like we used to. I've got a package of tbs for you, and will ship them and some other stuff up to you to get you the relief you so obviously need up thataway."

Post# 58815 03/12/04 Cbswork

"Look at larry's sequence again, friends.

You'll see that leading edge of the chemwall, right? early pic?

See the shimmer of orange DOR coallating in center? That's them, collecting so their Survellience bird can drop from 80,000 ft down to the deck to snorkle. They can concentrate DOR very easily, with their grid system in place. In fact, any or all radar domes, by virtue of what they do, concentrate DOR. When they triangulate three of these in one spot, the chemDOR can be collected. They choose areas that are already sickly for collection points. Downtown areas, industrial areas, graveyards, bars and taverns, like that. Then, once the DOR is accumulated into shape, the ship drops in and can then move about, low to the ground, dodging orgone energy balloons created by CBs and orgone devices.


Now the reason we're being so wordy these days, is a promise. Release the information - we talked about it around new year's. This is two years of research being dumped here and at EFF and the dork site. And, with pictures to back up the talk. You should never have to take anyone's word for anything, when means and ways exist to substantiate such things. I know this group has taken a great deal on faith, but that faith has been rewarded. The chemtrails go away, the energy devices work and can be tested out in same, and we are slowing winning the big game.


The big game.

See. There are little games. Politics is a little game. Playing and voting and all that. Religion is a game. LIving the meatsack life is a game. Then, there is the fabric behind the game, the very structure, warp, and woof of reality. It's that game we are fighting. Sure, the little dramas of illusions on tv and in news are seemingly going forward. But the matrix behind all that facade is unravelling. And we are the unravellers.

With some help from our friends.

Hope all this makes sense - I'm wasted."

Post# 58817 03/12/04 Cbswork

"Your pics are of Ladies, who tend to do this kind of work.

Let's face it, it's a woman's world - all they want us for is sex, have the dinner ready, and keep the house clean. I say, equal wages for equal work!

Oh wait...that's a different game. A silly game. For silly people. A diversion.


Larry has snagged some great stuff. You'll notice these ladies, as they drink in Orgone, the chemsoup around them dissipates. From what I've seen, this gets good etheric energy balloons up off the deck, where they tend to anchor over the device doing the transmutation. This is there way of helping us - getting the goods up off the deck and into the soup.

This will also explain why you can see chemfronts move right over you going in some direction, but its pristine below 2000 feet. The soup hits the energy and dissipates.

Sylphs swoop down, absorb and head up into the sewage. Nasty work. Imagine being a pure, radiant angel of mercy and then, having to swoop through the nasty dark clods of chemcrud?

My heart goes out to them all the time - both gratitude and understanding. THem going through chemsoup is like me going to a mall - walking through the sewer. Get sick fast, doing that. Hence, the last time i was in a mall was in 1998, as i recall."

Post# 58823 03/12/04 Cbswork

"Because they are terrified of what you are doing and try and watch every little thing you do, to figure out a way around it. And, the last thing they want, is attention drawn to all this.

I mean think about it - a battle in the sky, for ALL TO SEE. Someone, somewhere, is seeing that. That kind of thing starts happening everywhere, and that's a lot of people being exposed to a most very strange phenom overhead. OUt of that, the law dictates that a percentage will see these angles and the orgone, and it will awaken them.

ANd the NWO is afraid of that. Just that. They don't want the cattle waking up that they are being shipped to the slaughter house, until they are already behind the last gate. Right now, the cattle are range free, moving about. If they woke up now, its stampede time. Stampedes tend to level all things in their path and are mostly unstoppable.

That's why. IMO."

Post# 58824 03/12/04 Cbswork

"And, this is where it gets dicey. Its more than wrong for me to tell you what you see. If you see something, and its real to you, then its real to you. My only intention is to better help us all understand what it is we are looking at, so that we can then better communicate with them.

Its very easy to get trapped in dogma, of any kind. COuld easily spend five pages describing what is visible to me and some others, when we look at these pics. Felt and still feel, it better just to put them up with vague outlines at best, and let others learn, see, and decide on their own accord.

Make it a group learning thing together, is the hope. No dogmatic, pontificating dork trying to spin the subject works for me. And i think we are safe on that score, because the Sylphs have come out and visible, and wherever a goodly supply of orgone might be. That means we each can establish our own protocols of communication, at whatever reality we can manifest that. I've tried, when making any commentary on my own footage, make sure that what is being described is easily visible to all. Witness the pic series of March 10,2004.

It best serves us all, to comment on what is provable as best as possible. IF you say a thing is so, then show us, kind of thing. I've tried to keep it at that level, best as can be. Much of it, is too subjective, and a whole other reality of things for which there is no present context in which to relate such experiences."

Post# 58834 03/12/04 Cbswork

"Okay, here's the stuff.

And you must understand, before anything, that this has nothing to do with Ben or anything.

THe pic of his - #4 i believe, the first one - is a demonic copy. It's BAAL, a luciferic host of the air. Baal is a fire spirit, of those denizens, and has lost the faith and betrayed and gone dark - many eons ago.

THe reason for this was to instill fear into anyone looking at these images, thinking all sylph pictures to be of the nether regions. Very slick.

And, how you can also tell, is the the form of this "sylph" is cloudy and amorphous, not a firy/wispy. It's a clue to look deeper, that's all.

This kind of thing will happen. ANd here's why:

FLight of the Bumble Bees

They need a 3 card monte of so many different and increasing vague and bizarre images to all be associated AS GENUINE ARTIFACTS. This is so that no one will have a clear, mental thoughtform of these angels. Without clarity, this increasing assault of cloudy perceptions can then be turned into a direction of one "chosen for us: by them.

That can't be allowed to happen. Ever.

Ever try to track one single bee, when a hi