Dragon, CaptainMcgoo and the Snail Shell Gizmo


Post# 53445 12/25/04 Captain_Dragon_Farstar (Al)

"...O.K. I don't remember exactly where I left off, but let's assume that you've made your Widowmaker and the empty barrel is all that's on the business end of it. Next thing to do is obtain a pipe connector and a seashell that will fit inside the pipe connector. Get a teeny herkimer crystal from RevTed. I'm talking 2-4 millimeter. He has them. You'll need a ruby about the same size. Lorae found some at a local jewelry store for four dollars. Then take a piece of gold foil and wrap the two gemstones in it and slip it into the seashell opening. Follow with a drop or two of Superglue, so that it doesn't fall out. Then carefully glue the seashell inside the pipe connector. When it is dry, then you can slide the connector onto the barrel of your Widowmaker. Feels just like putting a silencer on the end of a gun. Why should 007 have all the fun? :-)

The seashell construction follows the Fibonacci spiral and the energy that comes out of there is released in a swirling pattern. Those who can see energy tell me that it makes a pattern that will envelop your target in a spirally lasso grip that is hard to extract yourself from. I forget right now just what the two gemstones add to the energy mix, but it is very, very potent. The Fibonacci spiral makes a narrowly focused beam. Without it, what comes out of there looks more like a blowtorch. But don't 'mis-underestimate' [as George Bush would say] the power of that blowtorch. It is no more bound by time or space than is a Succor Punch. And you still have that chamber on the power cord end where you can put in stuff to tune it..."

Post# 53469 01/13/04 CaptainMcgoo (Lorae)

"Yes, selinite is excellent. Wrap the seashell with copper wire in a figure eight (infinity loop). Better if this wire is wound in a mobius. Due to the perfect shape of the shell, the energy coming out of the seashell is coherent. The wire wrap acts as an antenna. Gold wire would be best, but pricey.

This gizmo works almost entirely with your mind. So, focus precisely (only takes a second or so), and, for heaven's sake, use discretion!"

Post# 54774 01/13/04 CaptainMcgoo (Lorae)

"Re: calcium

Hmm. Sea shells have calcium. Put a ruby, herkimer and gold nugget (or wrap the herkimer & ruby with gold foil), all touching together, deep into a sea-snail shell. Put this in the center of a HHG. Or, place in the center of the HHG's used to form a celtic cross or Chinese Yo Yo. For healing, place the open end of the shell facing toward the small pointy ends of the HHG's. For other work, pointing the other direction. Use discretion! (I would ask, first, if what I was planning was ok.)

You can really juice this up by wrapping the shell in a figure eight. Even more if the wire is a mobius-wrap "braid." This acts as an antenna.

Then, using these gismos, focus your mind quite precisely on the results you want. No negativity here, or it will come back and bite you! Clean with sage smoke after each use. Keep in a sacred place (like the Indian Medicine people keep all of their tools wrapped in red). A little prayer, in whatever belief system you function in, would be a good idea, also.



p.s. When making Celtic Crosses or Chinese Yo Yo's, do not use metal to hook them together. Cut to fit (a function of phi), and super-glue or whatever. The metal shorts the whole thing out."