Santa Barbara vortex & Ojai 07-19-03

Post# 37010 07/20/03 Dor2Or (Jon H.)

I hit a major vortex in the Santa Barbara area on Saturday. Lorae picked this target for me. She is really knowledgeable about the various vortex locations. She has an ebook in her files (captainmcgoo) explaining these. The sky was full of chem before I gifted. Immediately afterwards, a clear spot opened up and spread out toward Ojai, which was my next target. Lake Casitas, 5 miles from Ojai, got one of my Big Galoots. This is the one gallon Arrowhead water bottle with water charged and a mobius coil wrapped around it. Sky cleared some more after that. Then Ojai itself received a standard Cluster Buster. Two Mormon churches got gifted as well.