Cbswork and Cleansing the Etheric Web


Post# 54839 01/14/04 Cbswork

"Cleansing the etheric web after a long day in the saddle...

The simplest and most effective way for moi, so far, is to get centered, standing preferred.

1. relax, shake it loose.
2. feet slightly apart.
3. close your eyes
4. see your soulstar (Higher Self) about 18 inches above your head.
5. Visualize a gold flecked indigo spiral of energy, clockwise from the top, spinning like a tornado and slowly moving downward until the entire tornado of energy is about ten feet into the ground, where all that etheric effluvia can be safely discharged into the earth.

During a shower is good, too.

This is especially good after a day out of the house - shopping, work, whatever - where you flow through the world, picking up its "dirt" as you go.

An arcane school technique we were taught and anyone can do it very effectively."

Post# 57043 02/13/04 Cbswork

"I use the wand for burning out etheric sludge along tractways on the body. This is the black sludge so many pyschics see. This sludge represents wornout habits and living modalities that have been shorn off, but not discarded. These usually dissipate themselves in forms of cancer, various illnesses. Reason, you made the mess, you have to eat it, one way or the other. Now, using the wand - where does the sludge go?

Into the aura of the healer, who takes it on him or herself. A few psychic showers, some stomach cramps, and that too, goes away from the healer. Many people getting into body work understand this phenom. They get sick, working on people - have to recharge, sleep alot. A simple shower twice daily, will take that sludge down into the Earth, where elementals know just what do to with dead, inert matter."