Artichoke Programming


Post# 54847 01/14/04 Markdavey

"Don't know if the is paranoia or something more sinister. For the last couple of months my inbox has been flooded with spam mail, nothing new there and my daily virus count has trebled over the last few months. However, I have been recieving unsolicited e mails with ten, twenty or hundreads of key words. I reasoned that this was a way to make the spam more effective.

Heres a sample of one I recieved today:
story forsake kovacs keynes debarring salivate afresh biceps addition quarrelsome decontrolled floc crowley door applicant andrew bursty despond backdrop lithology brute

Please do not read them as they may be triggers? What I have noticed from these that sometimes three, four or five of the words have a synchronistic link to an article I have been reading or a conversation I would have been having that day. The energy of these things seems to affect me also.

The words used are not your everyday anyone know if I am being over cautious or indeed these are something to worry about?"

Post# 54866 01/14/04 Cbswork

"Artichoke programming. Block all senders, sending that to ya."

Post# 54868 01/14/04 Markdavey

"Artichoke programming?"

Post# 54869 01/14/04 Earthwalker

"My thoughts exactly.

As soon as they started coming into my email, I knew they were triggers. this had been going on for a month here.

And I do delete them without reading.

Blocking them hasn't worked, yet. Am I not blocking them correctly?"

Post# 54871 01/14/04 Cbswork

"Artichoke was a program created by the CIA and MI5/6 that used word memes to program. Mostly it was done in the 1960s, when it was abandoned for a far more sinister operation. If you were born between 1955 and 1970, and were mkultra, you probably were MKid'd with artichoke protocols.

These are reinforcing programs to turn off the higher mind and force the thinking back down into the reactionary, lower, lymbic system.

Sorry to hear you fellas are getting this."

Post# 54874 01/14/04 Markdavey

"Thank you,

Nice to know the antenna is working, they are even using stuff in the headers. I get about ten of these a day and have been for around two months. I cannot seem to block them either, so just delete as soon as they arrive."