Cbswork and Home Invasion


Post# 56061 01/31/04 Cbswork

"I've been up since 3 am, and here's why.

Was out zipping about last night, came in to get back in the body, and as soon as I did that, found myself frozen. People who are out-of-phase when coming awake know this sensation. I can see, but cannot move. This used to happen a lot back in the day, when i was first learning this type of OBE.

Seeing out the window, here is the HUGE soup-can gravlev, made in USA. Not aliens, not off-worlders, homegrown. The whole house is being bathed in this energy field which freezes the etheric web (now i know how they are doing it.) I'm screaming at angelbaby to wake up, she can't.

Front door opens, two men walk up the stairs, and then my 8 year-old boy starts screaming. After 20 seconds of screaming, he goes silent. Steps back down the stairs, and out the front door. White panel truck drives off. Few seconds after that, gravlev leaves.

Bang! up and out of the bed like a rocket, and find my son on the floor in a fetal position shaking with a red mark behind his right ear.

Not aliens. USA military.

And that's how they are getting us...or at least my family.


THere are moments in your life, when you wish you could reach for a six-shooter and set things aright."

Post# 56067 01/31/01 Cbswork

"Best part is...never lost my balance nor got angry. It also gave me some keys to whom and how, and mainly, WHERE they are coming from.

Also, its time to get interior locks for this new home of ours, so that just using the key they obviously have, won't go.

That's going to happen today. Before the sun sets."

Post# 56096 01/31/04 Cbswork

"MOM: Anger is a very natural response to a child's health and welfare, when visibly threatened.


This group has had to deal with implants from the get-go, and before, and for a most varying of reasons and causes. In the main, most of our implants we are whacking are made in the US. These are OUR people, doing this to us.

In many ways, this provided closure. We keep getting implants, killing them (or at least trying to) and then getting them again. Catching them made the problem clear, as many have already noted.

For every problem, there is a solution. Witness Croft orgone which is helping us deal with the whole chemtrail problem. We have to go beyond just disabling all this metal - which is still inside us - to a level where it just plain stops. Again, as already noted.

The boy is sickly, narcoleptic and has been sleeping most of the day in the car. He has no memory of the event, thank heaven, but those screams will stay with me for all my days. When they stuck that needle into his brain, it hurt. I already know the names of the driver, the two men, and the crew of six in HTLV308, series 9 gravlev, a Honeywell product.


The implant killer worked nicely on it. No rash, like before. We'll see how he looks in the morning."