Cbswork and Orgone Meters


Post# 56034 01/31/04 Cbswork

"The first meter is a no.

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Fake. Scientologists have been cranking these out for years. What it really is - no kidding - is a low-performance lie detector. Notice how you have to hold the electrodes to get a reading. WEll, sure that will give you a reading. We are walking batteries that, when holding to electrodes, will give that circuit link whatever milivolts are running through our hands at the moment. They use words that call up mental imagry, creating reactions and responses in the subtle bodies that are revealed in milivolts, just like a lie detector.

Second one we talked about here, summer 2002.

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No one built one for testing. It uses cross-phase sensitivity of the dialetric potentials on the basis of all things are constantly emitting energy. As a meter indicating amplitude, duration, and source: NO. But, it would tell us if any device was emitting potentials. The problem with this tact here, is that any potential is recognized for the wrong reasons.

The third one looks right.

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Using vacuum tube technology to measure potentials, this one is more closely aligned using analogue circuitry. Vacuum tubes, which have been making a big comeback, are the only thing in electronics, to my knowledge, that work on the basis of etheric energy, just by their nature. Who was that lady who created the diagnostic machine with Vtubes?"