Cbswork and Implants


Post# 55347 01/19/04 Cbswork

"Etheric implants are easily taken out with a psychic shower or a healthy blast from a PW or SP. For the actual nasty injected kind as we usually receive - US military and/or reptoids - the neos are hands-down, nifty as heck for solving the problem.

Any time you get out of sorts, have an unexplained cut, ache, bruise, or pin-prick, neo it for at least one hour to 24 hours, depending. With this group of people, 8 out of 10 times, you were abducted and injected. Sometimes, they do it right in the store, when you are getting out of the car. It's that fast.


Psychic shower is simply getting under a hot shower, and while it is pouring down on you (already orgonized, cuz you put an hhg on top of your water heater, right?) you visualize clear, indigo energy (or gold, or violet, depending upon how you feel) and see this energy come down from your SoulStar - 18" above your head - and in a clockwise, tornado fashion, top-down, coming down through the top of your head with this spinning energy until its several feet into the earth, where the gunk will get dissipated and recycled by Nature. Everyday."

Post# 55804 01/27/04 Cbswork

"This thing came from a gift I was making for Dor2or.

Take a rack of 1/2" Neodymium magnets and affix with expoxy, four Tibetan DT xtals - the skinny angel-hair like crystals that chime nicely. These are aligned to North on the rack of magnets. After this dries, wrap with copper wire (clockwise from the base towards North,) at 26.5 half inches and affix an amethyst on the south base of this core.

From the Top View, it should look like a rifle barrel with four points meeting at just beneath the contact surface of the top magnet. Dropped in Titanium and Copper, with the core flush against the top of the mold, pointing down. Add 1/2 ounce ofpowdered kyanite, para-earth, Sally Water or any charged water, and an 3D SBB coil to help drive the healing energy through the magnetic field of the magnets.

Wingsoflight likes it and so do the other boys. We noticed a lessening of the severity of reactions in the locale of implants. The rashes have stopped, after implant killing.

BTW, a nice half inch neo, placed directly over the implant location will do the same thing. THis is an over-kill design, cuz the magnetic field off a rack of neos is pretty heavy. I've already killed one TV, a radio, and a hard drive with these - just by being a dork."

Post# 55806 01/27/04 Cbswork

"Again, FTR, any 1/2" neo or larger, will knock out most electronic implants. Nano-electronics can't handle a 1 Tesla field strength - too small for shielding, apparently.

This design, again, is over-kill. So, if you were off a tad, it wouldn't matter. And, to provide a healing bath of energy, while the thing is frying."

Post# 56130 02/01/04 Cbswork

"The mortons and the hootens make great 7 chakra devices. These won't stop this type of assault. It's not their fault, its a different kind of technology that is causing these kinds of entries.

Apparently, the human body can only withstand so much trauma. They get different people at different times, under different circumstances. People here have received implants in the store (elbows and buttocks), at home (ears, brain, eyes, throat,) from lovers (penis, vagina, wrists, mouth,) walking down the street(back, back of the arm, shoulder blades.)

Was that sharp twinge just a bee-sting, a muscle spasm, or a compressed air dart shot into us from cellphones? As has happened her to no less than four people. They seem to always find a way, and they have forty years of covert practice...

Going to really have to get that cobalt motor built again, correctly, now that we know what the failure was the first time."

Post# 56969 02/12/04 Cbswork

"We found eight blue dots on one of our family members, two mornings ago. The implant problem is a serious one. Etheric implants very often have congealed matter around them, esp if delivered via the vagina, mouth, rectum, etc. A kiss can deliver an implant.

Nanoelectronics means exactly that - sub-microscopic.

Parasites are a kind of implant, from one POV. If you find a tendrily nostrum in your expectorate, it can be spy-dust, an implant from a reptilian kiss or otherwise, an etheric entity being evicted, etc."

Post# 56996 02/12/04 Cbswork

"It was to guide surgical precision instruments to their target. Its the exactly the same dots and dot patterns you see on chemo/radiation therapy patients. The technician simply forgot to remove it.

It's a safe bet to say that the Radionics stand is already doing what its designer intended for it to do, remove off-worlder parasites from this planet. And we're having very good success. In fact, one special case had no less than five reptoids removed from his body. This thing is really outperforming all expectations."

Post# 56997 02/12/04 Cbswork

"And if that doesn't weird you out, when I walk in front of the stereo with my cell phone, I get a loud - very loud - feedback. You can hear the cell over the stereo, when its playing cds. For electronic feeback to occur, both signals must be simultaneously sending and receiving the same signal from each other. So in order for my phone to be causing feedback, the stereo is both projecting and receiving the room's audio.

In short, the stereo now sports an audio microphone."

Post# 57020 02/13/04 Cbswork

"...The implant thing is a serious issue. I've been making notes and studying it - heck what a test bed, me and the units - and am going to data dump all that RIGHT HERE. Hopefully, between us all, we can make some sense of this and work toward exposure and relief...."

Post# 57033 02/13/04 Cbswork

"I am working with a few others on the problem. We have the Implant killer, which does what it does, without leaving rashes and other issues. I have a laser wand that was made that is used for removing etheric clinkers and links from the aura. It works great - used it on several on this board. But it needs to be improved and then we'll get them out.

that'll happen soon, though."

*** Dor2Or

Post# 57046 02/13/04 Cbswork

"The average person has upwards of fifty implants, from various sources. Most are homegrown, made in the USA. Others are homegrown as well, etheric parasites, attachments, off-worlders, the usual suspects.

Usually, sleepiness and anxiety are the common symptoms of implant disabling."