Cbswork and the Harmonic Protector


Post# 52130 12/10/03 Cbswork

"HP report and orgone:

Not a full report, cuz I have to do a thing in a few minutes, but....


First, nature is all about balance. Regards orgone, as many have well noted, putting twenty in when two will do the job is about right. See, the elemental kingdom and other aspects will tend to balance the energy aspects of ANY given locale with whatever is at hand.

(we still over-gift, because of the finding and taking away aspect of gifting by the opposition and souls who happen upon them and take them home or throw them away.)

For example, when first deploying orgone, we noticed tremendous ranges in our creations. Miles in fact. As we deployed more orgone in an energy starved locale, the ranges of all the orgone creations in same locale began to DIMINISH. This is a very natural example of this balance. The more we gifted in these areas, like LA, the range of each of these begant to shrink. This is that balancing happening.

See, nature loves orgone, esp in our time of decay, darkness, and dead energies purposely being sent out by our governments. But, once enough orgone has saturated a zone, this balancing takes place.

One of the many amazing qualities we noticed, esp on heavy spray dayz, is the lighting up of hhgs and tbs and etc. THis again, is that balancing controlling the xtal matrix in orgone. When HAARP fires up, the creations light up again, tho they are always on, even when on "low-watt" duty, so to say.

The HP works the same way, in our own biospheres, the body. At first wearing, at least for us, we sweated for a month, our etheric webs expanded about an inch, and so on. After more or less time, the etheric egg went back to normal, tho slightly larger and more vibrant then before. After wearing the HP for six months, and taking it off, that expansion has become PERMANENT.

Also, when you are sick, or ill, or have a tear in the web, the HP lights up again, just like in the environment.

Don't leave home without it.

The HP, when you are stabalized and in good health and form, is redundant. You can take it off without any noticeable decrease in auric energy. Go out in the sewer of the world to do some shopping (eg, bumping into all those swirling, black clouds people call their etheric bodies) and that HP will go right to work, increasing your etheric egg or web, until the trash has been cleansed out (your urine will turn slightly orange and smell rancid - that's how you can tell.)

Questions...go for it."

Post# 52132 12/10/03 Momonamission

"May be silly, but...

Is there ever a need or recommendation to re-charge orgone or more specifically an HP?

I started feeling "uncomfortable" a few weeks ago (way before all this talk started) when I would wear it at night to sleep. I took it off. I wasn't sure if it was trying to protect me from something, but it made it so that I could not sleep. I programmed it to protect me from the nightstand, and was able to sleep. But, not if it was around my neck.

Was it clearing something out from me? or something else? and should I re-charge it, like in Sally Water or with a mineral or crystal?


Post# 52134 12/10/03 Cbswork

"Do not need recharging. It's not a thing that has any charge to recharge. Its fundamental principle of function is the transmutation of Dead Energy into Living Energy. Unless it has been damaged, bumped, or irradiated - as often happens to my mail, and yours. Esp yours, as many in Montgomery and other counties around DC have come to find and learn the hard way.

Your zip code, in fact, requires irradiation and linear radiation is one of those very bad kinds, to put it simply.

That being said, listen to your body. Many's the time I've taken it off because just as I was settling in and down, it would lay on this or that minor center in the web, which caused an irritation. I simply took it off for the night, rather than deal with the issue of the irritation. There are times when the etheric double simply wants a night off without any external things dorking around with the web. Listen to that.

But also listen to what your day has been. Under a big attack that day? Some heavy doings that were all the way weird? Then, that night, got the urge to take it off? Don't. That's an attack. They were banging on you all day and finally tried the old "can't sleep" number on you.

Did you hear mechanical tones in your right ear any time that day, esp in late afternoon? That's an attack. If you also, get an irritation to remove, when all the above occur in that same time frame, THEN DO NOT REMOVE IT.


It's not about the HP. It's about orgone in your web. You can do the same thing with a great modded (hootenized as we used to say) TB in your nightshirt/gown, with that pocket - white with those red thingies, all cotton.

And thanks for your very kind thoughts."