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Post# 52150 12/10/03 Cbswork

"...And also, due to my current unstable home reality, no group blasting has been going on since before thanksgiving. Much of the tremendous output of the device is no longer in service to the group, sad to say. Twice daily it was and for months. That was stopped.

What they are doing to me stopped a great many things done for this group. And esp, you [Zoe] were one of the ones I looked after very closely, dear."

Post# 52151 12/10/03 Cbswork

"The good news is, when dorkboy used to send out that energy to the WHOLE group here, much of it came back, rejected by the receiver. Because it was transmitted with the highest intentions to aid and serve, this reversal then becomes a personal blessing.

Literally, within 20 seconds, the whole room would light up with energy, the boys would come out - "blasting again, dad?"
That's that return energy coming home, which was happily received. Unhappily, it always informed me, twice daily, of the growing layers of abusive slander by current and former members.

I miss doing that work. That device wasted a great many reptoids, healed a great many broken wings, and in some cases, stopped two cases of suicide from happening."

Post# 52169 12/10/03 Cbswork

"The thing with the device was, it was and is, one of a kind. Nothing like it anywhere in the world, save one in Spain, Egypt, and the Sudan. In fact, the prototype of its design can be found at the Luxor temple. We just adjusted it to create Positive energy, instead of its original design of Negative.

Then, with the vogel, a hooten Nexus, and a specially designed mandala of two hundred xtals (lemus and other one of a kind xtals) all created this most powerful stack of etheric energy creation that is AMAZING. And all of this, the top layer of a seven stack pyramid orgone the Doc designed and built just for this purpose. The energy output could touch any three major grid nodes at once, just on intent duty, which required the operator to link his pineal, carotid, and medula oblongata - linked also to the 4th petal of the throat center, two petals in the heart, and seventy-three petals in the head center, activating the device. Then, it became simply a matter of focusing the direction of the energy.

The mandala pattern we "grabbed" was mainly snagged from the ethers. It acted syngetically with the seven stacked pyramids.


Be advised. Literally, the week I started whacking reptoids, my home world was attacked and ruined. There was a real and demonstrable cost to do that work, and I and the family are paying for it, right now.

And its getting quite cold tonight. Ever take a bath in cold water? In an unheated house, with only a small fireplace to keep you and yours warm? So, a pile of sleeping bags by the fire.

In winter?

That was the cost, ya know. The hammer came down hard, for the second time in four years.

I wouldn't wish this on an enemy, much less a dear heart(s)."

Post# 52171 12/10/03 Cbswork

"Not whining, ya know...but taking on the big bad boyz has its price, and operators or no, THEY are very powerful here on the good old physical plane.

And who hasn't paid the price for doing the good work? All of us, who are sincere about getting humanity through this Dark Age."

Post# 52175 12/10/03 Cbswork

"Absolutely worth it and yes, would do it again and again and again.

Shattering illusions...

taking out the darkest of the dark hybrids and CIA handlers who have brought untold pain to millions...

healing the earth of poison...

looking after the gang, sending them what they needed most, when they needed it, and them never the wiser (well, many sensitives picked up on it - the grays always pick up and know when I'm around, like that)

meeting and working with the best and brightest of humanity.../

You bet its worth it. Pain and suffering, for all that? I'll have seconds.

It's just tougher on the young ones, you know how that is. Try telling an 8 year old why he lost his home, his bed, his toys and his great, home-cooked vege diet about sacrifice and it then becomes something of a problem."

Post# 52192 12/11/03 Earthwalker (Jan)

"I woke up crying 4 dream times ago and I had been dreaming about cbswork and his family.

Now to read what they are in the midst of makes this a reality.

What we can do may seem small, yet in numbers will make a difference.

I suggest that there be one trusted person, trusted by cbswork, that we can send money orders, gifts, whatever to and that person sends them on to cbswork.

For example, I have one credit card left and that is to a department store. I can purchase whatever they offer and send it on. Plus, a friend gave me $ to make organite with yesterday. I will split that with cbswork and family.

I am 3 months behind on mortgage and bills. I have to laugh at this. For it is a matter of choices and priorities. And I chose the organite. And the child. So I will fight to keep the child safe and the world free.

And Cbswork has gone way far beyond any of this. And beyond most of us in hIS exemplary giving.

I know there are many of us here who feel powerless about what to do. S*&#w that, yep.

I'm ready to begin a circle of gifting.

In Love


Post# 52198 12/11/03 Simpleenigma (Stuart)

"I am happy to organize this and I have spoken to cbswork via email on this topic already this morning.

Here is the deal:

Anything that anyone wants to send to cbswork as a donation to the 'cbswork family christmas fund' can come through me and I will send it along to him.

The only restriction is this: all donation are for his kids, period. cbswork knew the consequences for his actions when he started this and so he cannot and will not take anything for himself.

I will be happy to accept the fund, gift certificates and any toys for the kids. Personally cash and money orders made out to cash will work best, if you want to make it out to me I will make it out to cbswork before I send it. I will send them to cbswork on the following two mondays, 12/15/2003 and 12/22/2003, so that they have time to arrive before christmas.

Please send what you feel you want to, under no obligation at all, to the address on the donation page for the forum. Please mark it clearly for the 'cbswork family christmas fund' and I will do the rest.

-SimpleEnigma :-)"

Post# 52199 12/11/03 Simpleenigma (Stuart)

"One more thing, gifts of healing energy and love are always welcomed by cbswork."

Post# 52207 12/11/03 Messiahmews (Donna)

"'I woke up crying 4 dream times ago and I had been dreaming about cbswork and his family.'

Yeah, I was reading thru the posts yesterday and while on his thread, I just burst out crying. I felt such a feeling in my heart that can't be described. First time, I've ever cried while reading the posts.

I thought about this last night on helping him and sending to someone to get it to him.

Thanks so much Stu for taking this on. I know it means the world to cbswork and his family.

Count me IN!

Donna C.

~~Just remember...if the world didn't suck, we'd all fall off.~~ unknown

/\ /\
{ *,* }
Hang in there!
U "

Post# 52212 12/11/03 Wingsoflight (Nick)

"I'm cbswork son. My name is Nick, i just wanted to say thnx for what you guys are doing and i really apreciate it because its my birthday. Because without what you guys right now and what youre doing, I dont think I could ever get out of this freezing(no heater)house without losing it. So I just wanted to say thank you for youre kindness.

Post# 52214 12/11/03 Steller2 (Sally)

May today be as special as YOU are.

Post# 52216 12/11/03 Wingsoflight (Nick)

"Thnx Sally, from what I hear and know that medicine water works wonders.Thnx for sending us some and we wish you a merry christmas."

Post# 52219 12/11/03 Earthwalker (Jan)

"Happy birthday, Nick!

May you have a most wonderful day and days to follow.

So very glad you came to greet us here.

Love jan"

Post# 52220 12/11/03 Wingsoflight (Nick)

"Thnx and that will probubly helpme regain my positive energy after my dad helped me blast away a dark cluod of death."

Post# 52222 12/11/03 Cbswork

"Nick was referring to a coal-black lenticular that formed over the, um, so-called "house" twenty minutes ago. He grabbed two widow makers and as soon as he lined up on it, it dissolved. Amazing what a pure little heart can accomplish.

FYI, the kids and the girl unit are moved to tears, as is the dad.

You are a wonderful group of people and I'll hold good my promise to work to my last breath to serve and always do the right thing. Thanks for showing me why I am here."

Post# 52228 12/11/03 Momonamission (Mandie)

"'I woke up crying 4 dream times ago and I had been dreaming about cbswork and his family.'

Yeah, me too. When I read cbswork's first post, I actually sceramed, "YEAH!", thinkning he's back, and everything is ok (with him and his family-they got through it). Then I realized the truth...

They are SUFFERING, terribly. And, he posted to SERVE us and the rest of humanity. What a selfless human. And, his family to sacrafice EVERYTHING to stay together and do what is right, the higher good.

I've actually continued to tear up off and on since I first read the threads, late yesterday afternoon, when I was crying like a baby. Couldn't fall asleep last night either, not until around 2am.

Then, I had a dream. Stu, CBS and I were in a room full of others (I assume they were you all). We were all organizing something. Can't remember the details, but we were steadfast with conviction.

Gotta go pour now, in honor of giving, selfless hearts...the cbswork family ;-)


Truth, Honor, Commitment"

Post# 52234 12/11/03 Cbswork

"...The kids are all smiling, happy, full of joy.

Pretty heavy.

Don't have the words, so..."

Post# 52404 12/12/03 Cbswork

"It wasn't gifting, it was radionics, which cost nothing. As in no real cost. Compared to gifting.

Also, realize this, it is about WAR. A battle. The more you do, the more there is opposition to that doing.

I knew the consequences and accepted them.

Wouldn't change a thing. It was and is worth it."

Post# 52598 12/15/03 Angelbaby

"I am cbswork's girl, and I want to say thank you for all your love and kindness. Words do not express the chorus of my heart and the smiles of hope on our children's faces.

We tell them to do what is right, to stand tall... believing, somehow, that the good MUST PREVAIL... and then sometimes lay awake at night wondering how it will. You have proven to me beyond a shadow of doubt that goodness does prevail and that humanity has a spirit of love and triumph that cannot be quashed, cannot be underestimated, cannot be stopped.

Your grateful friend in service,


Post# 52779 12/18/03 Cbswork

"LAARP made some pretty impressive moves in the last two years, by putting money into gifting. A great deal of money. After family expenses and needs were met.

If I took the tack of many, most of Southern California would remain UNGIFTED to this day.

Sometimes, the needs of the many, outweigh the needs of the few, or the one. That will always be my main view when giving and serving.

Again, my travails had nothing to do with gifting, but radionics work. THat's when the hammer came down and hard.

I look out the window and see clear skies for fifty miles. Every day, they try a whiteout, and every day, by sunset, its as clear as a bell - in the heavily gifted zones.

That means millions of SOULS freed from poison, freed from suffering, and darkness.

And who among us would have done nothing, in the face of such evil? Especially if you knew the answer to the problem and had the means to do it?

Do nothing? To buy new clothes (my clothes are over ten years old, that I wear, and we buy, when we buy clothes, from yard sales - hand me downs.) Doing that, instead of going to stores to buy new clothes, made resin and xtal purchases possible."

Post# 52825 12/18/03 Cbswork

"Gifting is tough and expensive, eps for most of us here, who are, by and large, struggling to make the monthly vig on life's expenses. In many ways, the circumstance helps define who we are, as a people and group of caring souls who are trying to solve the big problems of our time.

We are, like many of you, just with this issue. Trying to gift, while struggling to get by, is something we faced as a family. YOu've met angelbaby and wingsoflight - girl unit and oldest son. We love the old SNL, so our family, when referring to each other, often use these very loving pet names to describe each other. I am the Dad Unit. Usually, the boys drop the unit part.

So, we talked about it, right from the beginning, as a family. The boys, for a few years now, voluntarily buy second-hand clothes, at shops where we live. We get shirts for fifty cents, shoes for five bucks. My newest pair of shoes is from six years ago, as I recall. We distill our own water, buy sensible and cook from scratch (twice the food and half the price, when using raw elements. Superb nutrition, vege home cooking.)

Vendors helped. RevTed has been no end to great bargains on my many and rather LARGE orders, since I hooked up with him. Gladys before him. More than helpful, tons of useable stuff, and fast and prompt delivery. Many other vendors simply sent raw materials of metal, para=earth, couple a'dozen of their latest production line, entrusting me to do the right thing. All items ever sent us, are now, every dang one, in the field and doing what they were designed to do.

Getting a cheap resin source helped.

Being inspired by the fearlessness of all the heroes here, kept me going when the dark clouds of the future would sour my hope...

Point is, it is possible and still make it happen.

My situation of late, was and is, a whole other issue, I directly challenged the Darkest of the Dark in Battle and got my *** kicked. For now."

Post# 52830 12/18/03 Rob419 (Rob)

"Now it's time to kick the dirt off your pants, regroup then come back better than before. And if you need some help just tell me how.


Post# 52831 12/18/03 Cbswork

"Thanks, dude. All love there, bra."

Post# 52880 12/19/03 Simpleenigma (Stuart)

"Hello all,

I'm in process of setting up a deal for one of the members of this community. I don't want to go into any details, but needless to say I really want this to work out properly. In the long run this deal will benifit much of this community.

If anyone is so inclined to send some positive energy towards the deal I am working on it would be greatly appreciated.

I will let you know the details on this either way this works out when there is some kind of resolution."

Post# 52908 12/19/03 Simpleenigma (Stuart)

"I just finished a phone call making the connection between my contact and the person here on the forums. It is now between them to see if it works out. I suspect this will be ongoing over the weekend and into next week, so anyone who can send some energy when they think about it it will help a lot.

Sorry for the vaguness, I don't want to jinx it :-)"

Post# 53006 12/21/03 Simpleenigma (Stuart)

"Things are going well with this little project. Since we started doing this the people involved have been responding much differently then they were before. They can feel the love that each and every one of you are sending and it is each and everyone one of you that are making this possible.

Again, I appoligize for the vagueness. I don't want to influence anyone one way or the other. There will be a full report, hopefully in a few more days, when this has a resolution :-)

Keep up the good work, it really is working!"

Post# 53155 12/23/03 Simpleenigma (Stuart)

"Okay, Today is the day. Finalizations for this project are happening today. Hopefully I will be able to tell you what this is, or the member that it is benifiting will tell you when the final word comes down.

So give this one last blast to have the best possible outcome. If you think about this during your day, just send a bit of love to the people who need it right now.

So far this has shifted the process that was in place before and it really is making a difference. Lets close the deal and get it done right!"

Post# 53198 12/23/03 Simpleenigma (Stuart)

"Today is the day that I send the final of three gifts to cbswork and his family. Upon sending these gifts I felt it was right to let everyone know basically how things worked out.

As of this time 32 people have sent cards and money through me to be received by cbswork and his family. I know that every card, note and thought has been cherished.

The amount was pretty close nad I wanted to round it up to a nice number, so I added the small difference to make the grand total $2,000.

I do not want to take any credit away from hwere it is due, so I also want to metion that I know of people who sent gifts directly to cbswork. I also know that Carol Croft forwarded some gifts as well. (since Don is out of town.)

The gifts that were not sent through me were atleast equal if not greater (I'm pretty sure they were greater) then what was sent through me.

I hope that cbswork will forgive me to telling the details here. I really feel that this is a testiment to what this community is really about. Beyond all of the infighting and squabling people on every side of every argument saw fit to send gifts of love and money to another member truely in need.

In the coming days I hope to hear more about how this has changed the Christmas at cbswork's home. I know already that it has made more of a difference then any one person in this community can imagine, and I wanted to say thank you to everyone who sent love as much as those who sent notes and money.

This is why I have this commuinty and this is the real community that I want to have.

-SimpleEnigma :-)

Merry Christmas to All :-)"

Post# 53293 12/24/03 Cbswork

"A Christmas Carol...

Thank you and bless you all for a way out of hell.

Cbsworks and family"

Post# 53308 12/24/03 Earthwalker (Jan)


You are outta HELL!

Along with the wonderful words from the heart coming from the family for each other on this forum recently, this post from you, cbswork, with your updated location is bringing forth the tears again. Tears of joy this time.


Post# 53351 12/24/03 Simpleenigma (Stuart)

"I am currently stating that this project was a 100% success. I'm going to let cbswork fill in the blanks and explain the whole story that has been going on. I'll just say that the move from Hell to ________ is an upgrade and it was the focus of this thread :-)"

Post# 53442 12/25/03 Andy

"Well, we made it through another year.

Stu, thanks for helping CBs make it.

I want to thank all my customers that came to my aid and bombed me with orders in the last ten days. Thanks for helping me struggle over the finish line one more time.

Now we get to fix 2004..."

Post# 53451 12/25/03 Simpleenigma (Stuart)

"I want to be really clear about this; You all made this happen

When people started to ask how to help out cbswork and his family, I agreed to redistribute the funds. You sent the fund to be redistributed

When I saw the opertunity to go one step farther, I took the opertunity to let you do this as well. It was you that sent the love and support that made this happen

I won't even take credit for this community. Don started this in the begining. His original idea of what this community should be is still a *HUGE* guiding force for how we all develop. I may make some course corrections that are needed
from time to time, but Your participation makes this community what it is

If anyone should get the credit for what has been done and what is to happen over the past and the next few weeks, it is you. The people who are participating and giving to this community. I'm just the hard nosed administrator, you generate the real content in this community. I'm a glorified hall monitor, you are the ones who make thing happen.

I'll take a bit more credit then that, but you are really the people who make this worth while for me to continue. Without each and every one of you there would be no reason to have this community, even when I'm doing some administrative task that no one seems to like, you are the reason I continue to do what I do and you are the reason that this community is what it is today.

So pat yourselves on your collective backs. Thank the 32 people who sent funds through me to cbswork, I know of about 3 to 5 more that sent funds through Don and Carol (including Don and Carol) or sent somethings directly to cbswork. Thank them as well. Thank Don for starting this in the first place. Thank the people who sent the love and support energetically, they were just as important as anyone who sent funds or anything else.

Now lets look towards tomorrow and next year. Lets use this as the building point of how we all want this commuinty to feel. If this feeling is not in the community then why are we doing this? You are the ones who did this, you are the ones who need to continue doing this.

This is a physical manifestation of the love that everyone here feels for each other. I say that we can keep this feeling and create more physical manifestations like this for years to come, but it is all up to you."

Post# 53466 12/26/03 Cbswork

"Verily, my family literally owes its roof over its head to this group of people. Moving today and tomorrow, out of a one-bedroom, no heat, no insulation, s-hole, into a warm, modest home in a nice neighborhood. We had firewood, enough to keep warm these last two weeks, as the rains and cold temperatures dropped. The boys didn't have an xmas tree or any of that, but they had hot, home-cooked meals and plenty of gratitude for that.

WE all thank you.

PHones going off today, back on next week, in the new digs. Then, I'll tell you how this very dark and ugly mess turned into a fairy tale of joy and hope, overnight.


Post# 53932 01/02/04 Cbswork

"It was a mess.

It's tough living like a dog, but you get used to it. Even humans get used to a prison cell, given enough time. Animals never do; we adapt or go crazy.

And so it was, four years ago, our family watched as the last remnants of our life vanished from the combined attacks of erasing me from the system, losing my home and teaching job in Ojai, and the girl unit getting "laid-off" at the high-rise in LA, where she is a property manager. All in the same month. We lived in our cars for a few months, then found shelter in a house in Pasadena, living like dogs with no heat, no water, and six of us in a one-bedroom. Her family has owned it for ages, it had no windows, flooring, heat, running water, nothing. I spent the first year putting in an 80 foot pipe to the street (for water), and replacing the windows, repairing the walls, to make it slightly livable. We literally took showers with a garden hose and did our bathroom in plastic store bags. For 3 and half years. Firewood kept us alive. Zappers kept us healthy.

We made the best of our poverty. She found some work (after finding herself blacklisted) for ten dollars an hour. I did what I could, but was mainly a house-dad, raising four boys. one of them born in that hovel. We smiled, made the best of it, and carried on. We put out two CDs of chemtrail protest music, a video on chemtrails, and helped with the orgone movement in that time.

Fast-forward to July/August 2003 and the radionics stand. The doc built this just for the express purpose of using the vortex at Devil's Gate. After six months of messing about with it and testing it, by summer, it was time to put this bad-boy to work laying waste to the REAL unseen controllers - those nasty off-world reptoids.

So, we did. Five a week.

As soon as that work started in earnest, girl units relatives show up, each and every weekend, trying to pick fights with one of us. Mostly, we just laughed and deflected it. They even plotted, which we overhead one day, to have us arrested on phony charges to get rid of us. Being under the worst prescription drugs (zoloft, paxadil, et al) all of the matriarchs in her family are under constant sedation. FACT. This allowed various entities to attach themselves to these women and they would come and do these horrible things.

At the same time, I started to work as a teacher of music. We needed to move and being house dad and full-time care0-giver had to go, to make enough money to afford new housing. Then, my remaining good ear went dead, and that all went away. Can't teach what you can't hear. It's better now, but that job is gone - have to find new work and right way, and all that...

Then, the attorney;s for her family showed up and said, jan 2nd and you are gone, OR ELSE. This is HER FAMILY doing this to us. Then, the bombshell they laid on her: "Leave him, and we'll get you a NEW home, take care of everything, etc. He has to go. Leave him and you have no problems."

So, that was the state of affairs around thanksgiving. No home, an eviction (even though they ignored the improvements done by moi), very little money, and no way to get out.

Then the miracle: You all."

Post# 53935 01/02/04 Cbswork

"Today is January 2nd, and we have a modest 3 bedroom home to live in. We didn't end up in our cars again, nor are we shivering in cold rain, as before.


dorkboy and family."

Post# 53967 01/02/04 Sweettreeing (Jerry)

"And seeing all of you still together after all of this, it does my heart good.
Being faithful to those we have committed ourselves to in the face hardships, when presented with a false easy-out is a big lesson learned in any life time.


Post# 53970 01/02/04 Cbswork

"The nice and the weird...

We found this house on the solstice, last place of the day. During all these months of looking, I knew we wouldn't find the place, cuz all of us had seen the house, where it was, its shape, color, locale. And nothing we checked out each time, was this place. Even so, we still put in applications, which were turned down instantly. And we could see why. Every owner had so many holes in their aura, that the instant we app'd the place, these dark shades would fly right into their auras, controlling their decisions. Most humans live from the solar plexus anyways, so it was easy for this to happen. Still, for the kids, we had to "bang the drum" as we called the process. Each friday, girl unit would ask, "are we going to find "the house" this weekend?"


Still, had to bang that drum.

remember, each weekend, they showed up to pick fights; even took the keys of my key ring and blew out our candles, screaming and yelling, the kids crying, a real blast of hatred and anger, they couldn't even rationalize to anyone who saw what was happening. It got so bad, that when they showed up, the neighbors came out to see the fireworks, they knew for sure were coming. It was like that, two days of every week since early August.

Solstice, we look at three places, app them all, and are accepted by each owner right then and there. What changed?

This group was, at the same time, doing massive radionics blast of Stu's project. We were immersed in joy, were the owners. The shades couldn't get close. It was like walking in love for about five days - really something.

We got the keys on the 23rd. That's how close we came.

And the last house we saw? The one we knew we were going to be in, from day one. The universe just hadn't lined up until the right time, to give it to us.


Because we had no money, and every cent received went into the deposit (we had 47 dollars left over, which bought the boys some lego things), what we did on Christmas eve was drive the boys (a ruse to find a special xmas wreath, we just knew was out "that-aways") to their home, and said, "this is your Christmas present. From all your friends at

Unanimously, they all stated many times that this was the BEST christmas ever.

Thanks for that."

Post# 53971 01/02/04 Cbswork

"In the end, most of the money went into firewood and food, cuz all our cash was needed to get into the new digs, and we didn't have enough. Then, out of nowhere, a few big checks came.

Because I don't exist on TRW anymore, the owner insisted upon a 3 month security deposit. COmpletely erased from the system, all my books no longer in print, you know the drill. Just watch the movie MULHOLLAND DRIVE and what they did to the director and you'll get an idea of what happened to me, twice.

Don and Carol Croft, Laozu, and a few others sent cash, without our asking, that made up the vig, in advance. Carol knew, near to the exact dollar, what was needed and sent it, with help from Kelly. Three weeks before we had even seen the place!

Now, my heart meridian has been out since early November, but is on the mend. The attacks were that viscious, and one time, when the girl unit's sister was dragging her out of the house by her hair, with her 6'2" son helping (he's 18, and was smiling as he was hitting her), I blew my top and kicked his ***. Out went the meridian. He won't be doing that to anyone again soon...

Falling into anger takes out two petals and the meridian. But, I saved my girl from a beating, her third one at her so-called "family's" hands.

We took one day off from banging the drum, so Rick and I could go out gifting in the ghettos of Los Angeles, which we did, putting out about a hundred TBs and hhgs, and 6 Ocean oblations that day."

Post# 53972 01/02/04 Cbswork

"Jerry: Agreed. This was a big test for her. She could have had a new home, car, everything taken care of. No worries. But, I had to go, for good. Their hatred of me swelled from nothing to Mount Olympus overnight.

Whacking reptoids had a price. The kids are scarred for life. My son Matthew started stuttering during all this. Nathan withdrew into a shell, he is now starting to come out of. Nick helped me continue doing good radionics stuff, being a fighter. Randy...well, an angel is an angel and is untouchable, no matter what is going on around them.

But, she said NO. We were a family, come what may. Even though she had been living worse than in prison all these years, she kept it tight, loving, and even with all the attacks and dissapointments from life, stayed in there.

She went through, on her level, what I was offered back in '87. I reported that here last year, regarding the offers of money and fame, if I would be one of "them." I was offered this again in July, by this same group in Malibu - the actress, remember? Which is when I not only turned it down, but found my REAL targets."