Regarding member attacks

Post# 35086 07/05/03 Dor2Or (Jon H.)

If you are pouring orgonite, consider yourself in the crosshairs 24/7. You are making a difference. You are saving a world that sorely needs your help. People are being tortured. They are dying horrible deaths. Children.

The people who do these acts do NOT want to lose their 'freedom' to continue their abuses. You PERSONALLY are standing in their way. You, being of the light, are impinging on their pleasures. You are making life much more difficult for the dark minded.

You are being attacked. Some attacks are direct and obvious. Many are more subtle. The obvious ones you see and respond to immediately. The subtle ones you give other names to. A cold, a flu, an illness of some sort. A headache that hangs on. An ache in the body somewhere that is irritating and constant. Depression. A sense of futility. A feeling of loneliness. A feeling of worthlessness. Any form of fear, it matters not which one. And lets not forget - financial setback.

All of us are being attacked all of the time. At any given time there are several layers of attack going on. Everyone on this planet not among the darkside chosen are under attack, but we get the brunt of it because we are the ones who are defeating evil.

I am doing my best under difficult circumstances to put a stop to the madness that this planet has been under for so long. I am one man. I am working to 'save' hundreds of thousands of people from a fate worse than death. I can look at any child and be reminded that I am doing the right thing. All of this I do as well as try to balance out my own personal affairs. I have little extra time for family and friends of late. Too much work to do.

And yet I enjoy this work, despite the demands it places on me. I am doing it willingly. I feel I cannot stop doing it. I'd rather die first, for I could not live with myself knowing what I do and not using my abilities to help others.

For those who are doing this work and suffering, I feel your pain because you are all brothers and sisters to me. Your suffering is my suffering. And yet I can do no more for you than send you a little positive energy. I pray that it is enough.

I know we can do this thing! We are stronger than the dark ones. We have a whole universe behind us! Our 'operators' cheer us onward constantly. We are THEIR inspiration. Never give up, there is always an answer. You will find it.


Post# 35087 07/05/03

Oh yeah, and keep pouring. There is no better therapy. Your orgonite is a light born into a darkened world. Do not be concerned that you are too much a part of the darkness to birth these creations. They WANT to be born! Every unit of orgonite is a KICK in the 'devil's' groin, so to speak. And if you think about it, what is the one thing the darkened minds want you to do? Find an excuse to stop pouring, that's what. Always do the opposite of what they'd want and you cannot go wrong.