Zappy and the Metamorphosis


Post# 57828 02/26/04 Zappy (Denis)

"Recently I decided to take time and have a "peek" at who was attacking me , Guylaine and our house.

I am under almost constant attack for the past months, at some times it gets really bad : no more energy, emotionnal breakdown, humming/buzzing drive you crazy kind of a noise at night, weird presence I sense inside my house, etc. All this could be "just my imagination". But overall its the feeling state it puts me in. I feel depleted...completely depleted. I asked Don for a blast when he had the Cannon with him. It did good for a few days and then...

So I took time to go up the comanding chain and do some damage. Time for rumble...

So I went up, passing over a Transcendental Meditation group in a rich suburb near where I live, up to some group in California (or near) up to the top of the chain.

I arrived face to face with a sarcophagus, very Egyptian style, with an insect in lying in it.

It looked like a prayin mantis, very dark black-blueish. Seemed as it was sort of sleeping. I say sort of because I knew that this was the commanding unit of these attacks. What I feel is that this creature is in a sort of coma sleep in this her physical realm but is very active and awake in another realm.

I did connect my power wands+shiva+cb+sp to the global artillery and give the thang a good hug .

This was a few weeks ago. It felt better for a few days at home.

What happened afterwards was a quite significant increase in what I would call "psychic" abilities.

My sensibility has gone high since, very high. I can "feel" as I never before. Especialy emotions from peoples, I can pinpoint exactly all what is going on in real time in anybody, close or far, if I just tune on to them. I have a so much clearer picture of my purpose and life line here in 3D, etc.

The hard to cope fact of it all is that this extra sensibility is driving me nuts. I still work a "normal" job (quite abnormal to do so 40h a week though) and I have to "feel" everyone at work and on the way to and from work on the highway. Everything.

At times I feel I am going to go nuts and just want to stay in my basement.

But I dont wanna go back as before. I accept the deal

Ok now, I have a hunch that the large insect thing in the sarcophagus is still operative and I would request a concertated blasting effort . the picture is clear in my mind, so just link your intent and energy sending through my intention to the "thang" and lets blast the "cheapness" away


Post# 58702 03/11/04 Zappy (Denis)

"Last night it occured to me that I had just had the same experience as Don and cbswork had described a little while back. It happened last week , I had 3 distinct mark on my left arm. The weird thing about it is that it formed a perfect triangle.

Every months I proceed to wear the zapper for a week. I wear it for periods of at least two hours every day. Last week was my left arms turn to host it. The red dots started to appear near the place where I put the zapper ; on my upper arm, on the biceps. It started with one dot, then a second one appeared a few hours later, then the next day the third one, forming a perfect isoceles triangle.

The dots looked like small spider bites. This was last week and the mark are still visibles.

It all would have gone unnoticed , but some other "stuff" is happening in my life since the large insect in the sarcophagus day. My senses of perceptions have increased in sensibility ; I have the strange feeling that I am connected with my environments energies. I know , from readings and reflexion, that we all are connected to everything, but this is like&real. I "know" the emotions of the peoples around me. And twice, I suddenly put my hands on other peoples , where they told me they hurt, and I got dizzy a little and it took the pain away, and never came back.

I keep seing white flashes all around me. When its sunny like today, thay are all around and they move very fast. I have the feeling they are playfull&well that's how I senses it.

What made me want to post about the triangular red dots on my arm is, last night I was struck at how much fear is still present in my life. Even if I see myself as a fierce and fearless EFF, I got the strong "seeing" that small , subtle, strings of fear were incrusted in almost every aspect of my being&I didn't like that.

So in the process to free and heal myself I intend to heal and free myself ;-) .

I think that "we" as humans are as sick as our secrets, so I feel the need to open up and &stop thinking that I am in control.

Ok I know this may sound like a strange post, but &I am a strange man. All I know is I wanna be free, wanna let the fear just&fade out . Don't need it , don't want it anymore. I wanna be all I can be so &I thought I would start by openning up to the peoples who are making it all real to me : YOU."