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Post# 53498 12/26/03 Larry_The_Dwarf (Ted)

"This is going to be a long post. I've already uploaded the pics. Check them out (if you're on right now), they're in my files under '12/26/03 Lambs Knoll'

I'm gonna eat some lunch while I type this up.

This is by far the coolest gifting I've gone... I think. Definately the most immediate confirmations."

Post# 53508 12/26/03 Larry_The_Dwarf (Ted)

"Well, I think I was conspiring against myself. I don't remember planning to go busting today, but, I had the tools and needed to do something.

The target, as the title and links suggest, was Lambs Knoll... again. I had gifted it over a year ago, kinda. That was my first gifting expedition. I had used some ice-cube sized TBs that (if I recall correctly) Hazyd sent me. I had done a sloppy job, then. So, this morning I decided to take a hike, do some gifting, and hopefully alleviate some of my frustration.

I set out with all o'my goods: water, SP, two backup SPs, zapchecker, spade, TW (a la Dragon), and some TBs.

To get to this site you either have to drive up the one lane road which is three miles long and runs along the mountain ridge, or hike up the Appalatian Trail. I opted for the AT.

It was cold, cloudy, and grey. No sign of our friend Sol. Time check: 10:55am at my car at the bottom of the trail... going UP.

I forgot to note the time, but I was about 1/3 or 1/4 of the way there. I had reached the section where the high tension lines cut across the mountain. That crackling sound is nasty. Whipped out a TB, said "I'm gonna walk right up to that thing and gift it." Well, I got within 10ft of the tower and noticed the home of a little critter, marked by a hole. So, I stuffed it in and said "HEAL!" No sooner had I turned around and stood up, the crackling on the lines stopped. Neat. No sooner had I walked the 15ft back to the trail, the crackling started again. Darn.

Continuing on. About 10 minutes or so had gone by. I was thinking about how inconvenient it is to be in the woods durring winter time because there is no discreet way to, uh, relieve yourself. Deep in that thought, I noticed two young ladies approaching from the opposite direction. I found that odd because there were no other cars parked at the bottom, and no houses nearby. Trying to keep my thoughts on anything *but* orgonite, I smiled and greeted them. Fairly attractive women, wearing really nice *hiking* gear, but didn't have any real hiking gear as if they were hiking a length of the trail. They said "watch out for the hunters." First warning sign. As I passed them, my paranoia kicked in and I thought "I bet they'll have a car waiting for them at the bottom, to take them back up to the top!" I could be wrong.

Fast forwarding, and skipping the part about me being more out of shape than I thought I was.

Close to the top. Maybe about 20 minutes or so before I actually got to the top, I noticed a bit of sun light. Didn't pay much attention to it until 10 minutes later when I noticed alot of sun light. So, here I am, carrying a TW and a bag of TBs, to the top of this mountain, and I'm noticing a bit of a blue hole opening up overhead. Cool.

Now, I'm within 500ft of my destination. This blue hole is huge by now. Check out the first few pics.

The AT takes you almost right up to this place, within 500ft or so. I veered off the trail, trying to focus, asking the Operators for protection, invisibility, etc, and asking to KNOW where to burry the TW. Man, to say the wind was blowing would be an understatement.

I wandered off the trail, closer to the installation. In the woods. Found a prime spot. I had to agree that is was just right, because the soil was soft and accepting. The surrounding soil, on the trail, etc., was FROZEN. And by frozen I mean there was ice and frost on alot of the trail. That was a cool confirmation. It must have really wanted to go there.

I kinda got a rush. I was thinking "okay, it's done. Lets bust this place up!" Oh, and did I mention that by this point I was "behind enemy lines?" I wasn't in the restricted zone of the fenced in installation, but off of the trail and behind the access roads to the fire tower and AT&T tower.

I snapped some pics of the fire tower and AT&T tower, tossed some TBs - again, thinking and intenting something along the lines of "HEAL!"

Now, the whole time I was up at the top, I kept hearing this sound that souded like metal scraping on metal. When I looked towards the 'silo' I heard what it was. It was the sound of their directoinal antenna rotating. I swear, it seemed like they were pointing it at me. Unfortunately I didn't get any pics of it. I'd say it was mounted a good 20ft off the ground (at the top of a mountain, mind you). That's when I started freaking out. I could also see the security cams on top of the 'silo' rotating as I was walking. That was definately freaky.

Though, that isn't the first time they've got me on cam, and it won't be the last.

Anyway, my hand was shaking so much (due to the cold, mostly) that I couldn't snap a strait pic of the main place.

So, I headed back down. Down the access road, that is. Pics # 12 and 13 show the main, and only (above ground) entrance to this place. The security cam was pointed right at me as I smiled and snapped off a few pix. Not that they didn't already know who I am (they've seen my there before), but I didn't realise I was wearing a hooded sweatshirt that had my name, store name, and store number embroidered on it (it was a 'gift' to recognize my two years of enslavement, er, I mean employment, with this 'convenience' store).

By this point the sky was rappidly clearing in all directions. I did notice little grey clouds at the very top, that we slowly moving away. These can be seen in pics 18 and 19, and the last pics taken from across the mountain.

Going DOWN...

There were drainage tubes under the road so I took advantage of the situation and lobbed a TB in each one on my way down, until I ran out of ammo.

Pic 15, self explanitory.

I only encounterd one moving vehicle on the way down. It was a geezer, of sorts (probably in his 60s) driving a tan newer looking sedan - and going UP. He looked like he was wearing a blue jumpsuit or a blue police officer's uniform. He didn't look to happy to see me, so he decided not to wave back as I smiled and waved.

Oh! I forgot to mention. After I took the pics of the main entrance, before I started DOWN, a really fast low flying (low in relation to the mountain top) white plane whizzed by. Kinda looked like a cesna(?). It decided to make another pass after I was further down the mountain.

I was glad to see my car. I drove back to my mountain and stopped at the local 'gun club' / shooting range to take some pics. I swear, that Lambs Knoll site has been mocking me for years. Ever since we moved here (when I was 11), I always asked what that place was because you can see it from pretty much everywhere around here. One of the best spots being at the gun club. Those are the last three pics. I think they're pretty self explanitory.

I think that is it. If I remember more, I'll add it later. For now, I've got to go to work.

Happy busting!"

Post# 53531 12/26/03 Larry_The_Dwarf (Ted)

"One of the most important aspects that I forgot to mention: I was so happy once I started gifting. I mean, after I did the deed and started tossing TBs was when I started to have fun. I couldn't stop smiling and felt sooooo great for hours afterwards (even though my body was quite tired from all that hiking).

I hadn't felt that great in months, or possibly EVER.

By the time I was about 3/4 of the way up the trail I was practically begging the operators for a lift to the top.

I think I stopped checking my watch around 12:30, but noted that I got home around 1:40 - which put this trip just under 3 hours.

Oh, MaryK, to answer your question, the sun was to the right of the camera and behind the trees. I believe it was high in the eastern sky.

I must say that the sky is STILL crystal clear (pun intended). The sunset was free of chem/haarp crap.

This is great. GREAT!!"

Post# 53547 12/27/03 Larry_The_Dwarf (Ted)

"Skies are still pristine, clear blue. NO sign of HAARP, spewplanes, chem-crap, etc.

...and it's only just begun."

Post# 53571 12/27/03 Captain_Dragon_Farstar (Al)

"Great work, Larry! And what a high it must have been to go there and make a difference. I'm so proud to have played a small part in your efforts. What we do in places like that now will be even more effective than before because the off-world source of their power has been compromised. Territory gained is more likely now to be territory kept, which as Zoe once explained, is her definition of success.

You are sitting in a whole mother lode of targets. There's enough there to share, and I hope someone comes forth to help you speed things along.

A great choice of targets. Keep up the good work.


Triniti Wands and Sally Water. 'Cause it's not just about towers any more.

Southern Arizona Protective Services
Arizona's Global Tyranny First-Response Team"

Post# 53572 12/27/03 Larry_The_Dwarf (Ted)

"Thanks, Dragon.

I was taking advantage of the gorgeous weather and spent most of the day, and a good bit of the evening, pouring outside. Only one fly-by. Happened afterdark. Low flying plane from the east, passed over head then did a U turn and passed back further down the mountian. Closest airports (regional) are about 30 miles away - one to the nw, other to the sw.

They tried spraying ONCE this afternoon. I must say that I have never seen CTs dissipate this quickly over my own house. Was treated to another beautiful sunset free of CTs, HAARP, chemclouds, etc. Like I said before, this is GREAT!

I was thinking about the analogy that TBs are kinda like footsoldiers. So... lets just say that I was able to pour about 5 gallons of support for the WMDs (Weapons of Mass Disruption) that are awaiting deployment. ;-)

One last thing to wrap up this post. A few weeks ago I had a vivid dream about the subject of this thread. So, to keep this post short I'll write it up and post it later on.

Happy Busting Everyone!!"

Post# 58995 03/15/04 Larry_The_Dwarf (Ted)

"Greetings everyone,

This afternoon, while in Frederick county, I took it upon myself to lob some TBs at an unsuspecting mountain top array. Also, planted a TW. This is just outside of a 'state park.'

A plane flew nearby as I was planting the TW, but don't think it could see me through all of the trees... was waaaay back off of the road, too.

Driving back the way I came I noticed a crane was adjusting one of the microwave drums on one of the towers. Tried to take a pic, but my crappy little digital cam was right next to my IK in the bag... so, I think I killed the cam ;-) haven't checked for sure, though."

Post# 59006 03/15/04 Larry_The_Dwarf (Ted)

"If you recall the thread 'Lambs Knoll Busted' then this will fit right in with that theme. Lambs Knoll is across the valley, the next mountain top, from the mountain my parent's live on. From there, you can see this mountain top array, and vice versa.

It's all line of sight with the microwave communications stuff, anyway. So, if you see a mountain top array with some of those microwave drums on top, look in the direction it's facing- you'll find the other end. More places to gift. It's similar with the UGBs around here, too, since most of them have microwave com. stuff on the surface.

Around here, if you're near the top of the mountian you can see at least one mountain top array, and one possible UGB, too. Though, from certain spots you can see a bit more..."

Post# 59370 03/21/04 Larry_The_Dwarf (Ted)

"Evenin' everyone,

Just got back from some decent gifting. In keeping in line with this weekend's theme of Worldwide UGB gifting on the solstice and new moon, I went out and gifted ;-)

Now, where I went I normally end up getting lost durring daylight, but somehow I did this all in the dark and was able to find these places no problem.

First: Site R (Raven Rock)- home of the AJCC (Alternate Joint Cheifs, or something), between Wayensboro and Emittsburg PA. I had gifted a couple of HHGs a few months ago, and decided to finish it off with a TW tonight. I hope I got it in the right spot, and was surprised to have found the spot I did, in the dark. Car came by after I placed it, don't think they saw me.

Next, wound my way over into Thurmont, MD, to a place called Catoctain MT Park. Where, it is said, a certain Camp is... I hadn't been able to get up that road since before 9/11 because it was frequently blocked off. But, somehow, ALL of the gates were open tonight and there was no traffic on that road. This is just the road that leads to this certain camp... not the camp itself- which sports a handy guardshack, razor wire, and Secret Service monkeys to guard The Chimp. To make it very incognito they have halogen lamps back in the woods, a nice sign that is so inconspicuous it's obvious, and a road sign in front of the driveway that says "No Parking or Standing" - yes, folks, in the middle of the woods.

Anyway, I did some TB and HHG tossin' all along this road, aiming for the drains. Missed more than once... but they're there. Finished with a TW in some water.

Let me tell you- the vibe up near this certain camp... is naaaaasssttttty. I had the creeps the whole time I was up there. But I felt better after I tossed the TW into the water. I almost couldn't believe I did it. But, it's done ;-)"

Post# 59386 03/22/04 Larry_The_Dwarf (Ted)

"Some follow up info...

You can litterally see the tunnels into the mountian, at Site R. At night they're even more obvious because if the blast doors are open then you can see the flourecent lighting inside.

Site R
and, according to
"" 93. Blue Ridge Summit, near Ft. Ritchie, known as 'Raven Rock" or "Site
> R", Army, major electronic nerve center, 650 ft. below surface with about
> 350 staff and over a 716 acre
> area. possibly connected via tunnel to Camp David. The NOD installation is
> involved with psychic (demonic) and satellite control over slaves. This
> underground complex is to allow the
> government of the United States to escape a nuclear attack. The enormous
> complex radiates under Wash. D.C. and connects with many other sites. The
> tunnel system is used to move
> some of the mind-control sex slaves. The walls and ceilings of the tunnels
> are ceramic tile with fluorescent lighting recessed into the ceilings."

And I realized this last night: I've placed 5 TWs in the area. I think they're all within range of each other. There's the one at my parent's house, up on the mountian, another across the mountain at the Lamb's Knoll site (see my previous post Lamb's Knoll Busted), another on the next mountain over (see my post Mt Top array), and then these two - the one in Thurmont, and the other near Site R. Like I keep mentioning in these posts is that these places are all within line of sight, for the microwave communications. So, that's 5 TWs in an arc, of sorts, with various patches of orgonite here and there."

Post# 60318 04/04/04 Larry_The_Dwarf (Ted)

"Okay, first tip off today was when I woke up with my sleeves pulled up to my elbows and two nice scratches about 1 inch long, on my left arm, and an odd aching in my right wrist. I can assure you that those scratches weren't there when I went to bed. They were scabbed over when I woke up. The last time I woke up with a scratch was about 3 weeks ago, the day after I started disabling my implants, and it was about 3 inches long on my upper left thigh.

What have I been doing lately? Well, to start with I came home with 8 gallons of resin last night - had to stock up (sorry MOM ;-) since the place where I can get it cheap is at least an hour away. Also this week I started gridding my town - started with my neighborhood and worked my way out to the main part of town, and got about half of the college campus, too.

This afternoon while I was driving to the local co-op, 45 minutes away, I was tossing TBs and bagging towers left and right. After a stop at a railroad crossing, where I gifted a tower while waiting for the train to go by, two black helos flew low overhead. I noticed them as soon as I got out onto the freeway - they were right over me. I couldn't help but bust out laughing. Those jerks thought they could intimidate me? Ha! It was a nice confirmation, though. Anyway, they didn't follow me and just continued off over (or into?) the next mountain."

Post# 60977 04/19/04 Larry_The_Dwarf (Ted)

"In my public files, folder "04/19/04 - sylphs 'n stuff" are some pics.

These first pics are from yesterday, 4/18.
First ones are of two black choppers. Pic taken through my window with my crappy digi cam. They came by while I was getting ready to go biking, and had been thinking of taking a special gift for the river...

Next, the glowing plane. I was in the parking lot here, taking the trash to the dumpster before I left for my bike ride. I didn't see anything different or special about this plane until I unloaded the pics to the pc this morning. It may or may not be noticable until you zoom in a bit. I swear, to me, it looks like this plane is glowing. I could be wrong...

While I'm at it, I'll mention that I did place that special gift in the river. One of Cbswork's Aqua HHGs. Biked about 6 miles until I found the right spot. Everywhere I thought to put it, before I got to that spot, just didn't feel right. There were plenty of people around, as I was on the pedestrian path next to some railroad tracks on a bridge across the river. Mentally asked the sylphs to utilise the energy from the gift. Within an hour most of the sky was clear.

Today, 4/19, are the sylph pics.
Was walking around campus, and town. The spraying was soooo obvious I just wanted to shake people and yell and go mad!!! But, fortunately there was no one around at that moment ;-) Anyway, those were the best pics I had. There was a group of the fiery looking sylphs. I felt so happy that they decided to make themselves visible. Couldn't stop smiling while I was taking pics. Unfortunately the pics didn't turn out too well.

The last pic is of some sylphs nearby, taken from the 2nd story starewell outside my apt.

I must say, though, that there is some other stuff I'm seeing up in the sky. I don't know what it is, but I know that something *is* going on. It's the most clear above my apt, though :-)"

Post# 61652 05/14/04 Larry_The_Dwarf (Ted)

"Good afternoon everyone.

Okay, other than the fact that this was really cool, I'm posting this because of what I was thinking at the time when this happened.

Let me set the scene for you...

The weather was quite warm today, with clear blue skies and fluffy clouds. More clouds gathered into the afternoon. Then the dark grey clouds started gathering. Then it was really obvious that it was going to storm. Temps dropped, wind picked up, etc..

Now, underneath the large black storm cloud were smaller black clouds moving faster, and around it, etc.. Decided to blast one with my SP. It broke up some, but I didn't get a chance to finish it off because a customer came in. Oh yeah, forgot to mention that I'm at work.

Anyway, business has been slow all day so I was just watching the storm through the plate glass front window. The storm intensified as it got overhead. The lightning was all around. Not much rain, though.

So I'm standing at this window, thinking about how I felt protected by whatever is out there, the Operators, etc. I was thinking about it then because I imagined lightning striking right infront of the window, blasting it to pieces and knocking me back, then getting up with no glass shrapnel in me. Yes, my mind wanders easily.

Then I was thinking about something more personal. About how I made the choice to Live, and to strive to embody Love and carry out the work that we do. It was just about right then when a lightning bolt hit a tree across the street that I just happened to have been staring at for a few minutes...

This bolt of lightning lasted a good 5 to 7 seconds. It was electric orange in color, was incredibly thick, and definately sounded like electricity. Distance was about 100 feet away. I was spellbound!!! The moment it hit, the electricity in the store went out. I was transfixed on this stream of orange/white energy that extended from the heavens and into this tree, which was now shooting bright orange sparks out of it. I didn't blink once. It was sooo intense.

All I could say was 'WOW!!' and a couple of explicatives ;-)

Other than what I was thinking at that moment, the other thing that was cool about it was that I wasn't affraid at all. When I was a kid I was terrified of thunder and lightning. When I was a teen I wanted to get struck by lightning with the hope of gaining psychic powers. Now storms interest me because of other factors, such as orgone, Sylphs, etc..

It was both intense and humbling. All I can say is WOW."

Post# 62216 06/13/04 Larry_The_Dwarf (Ted)

"Good day to you all,

At the moment I don't have much info on this place, but I'll try to find something.

I can say that it has been necklaced with TBs - gratuitously, I might add

It's in Damascus, MD, and is a communications relay(?) for some major places. I was surprised that on the fence, there was a sign that actually said 'Site-D'. At Site R, Site C, etc., their names aren't listed.

Physical description of this place - it's off of a major road, highly visible, chainlink fence w/razor wire, a few out-buildings, small parking lot (no cars, though), HUGE tower of the red and white platform variety with just about every type of communications antenna/dish you can imagine. We suspect the bulk of the installation is underground, since a nice portion of the field was fenced in with it.

I actually didn't know of this place until this week. Went down to visit a friend and we ended up going out to look for it last night. Got back to his apt and was too tired to drive the 1hr back home so stayed there. This morning I drove back out there to gift.

On a related note, I gifted around 70 TBs locally this week - in one night. Next day was the most beautiful spring like weather. That same day I poured alot of orgonite to replenish my stash. Great weather until today, though it did improve a bit after I got Site D, and some other stuff on the way home.

Will see if I can find any info on this place."

Post# 62219 06/13/04 Larry_The_Dwarf (Ted)

(not going to give out too much info, just want to illustrate the physical infrastructure that is in this area.)

Forgot something from first post. I think that They didn't think I would have the nerve to do what I did there, so didn't harass me... util After I got about the first 5 TBs out. Then I got a sharp stabbing pain between my neck and right shoulder which lasted until I focused my SP on it. Also, what had been quiet back roads had increases in the ammount of traffic I had to watch out for. Either way, they didn't stop me.

Site D is the link between Site R and Site P. I've posted about Site R before, and there is alot of info out there on it if anyone's interested.

Also, a correction to what I said about the weather here after I gifted those TBs the other night. The next day was gentle spring rains all day, then next being great weather, followed by whiteout today..."

Post# 62532 06/27/04 Larry_The_Dwarf (Ted)

"Saturday - a friend and I located another tentacle of the underground / hardened network of facilities in the area. Won't say too much. We were thwarted by a forest service gate a ways from the top. So, we got out of the car to look around (it was dusk). There was this bird, though we couldn't see it, it was loud. After a few minutes we got back in the car. Tried to pull a U turn on this one lane road... but that's when it began - the fun, that is ;-)

I've told my friend about orgonite, and even given him some. So, I figured he wouldn't mind when I started tossing TBs. Though, he was kind of surprised at first when I said "hey man, lean back and watch your face" as I tossed the first few out his window. Then I realised the sun roof made a nice port-hole to wing these suckers. After awhile I realised I was hogging all the fun and said "hey man, uh, if it helps you you can say you don't see this - but if you do, then join in the fun and toss a few." And he did ;-) We got most of the way around the mountain before we ran out of TBs... but at least I got the area started. That loud bird followed us, too, and we had some other animal confirmations.

Sunday - tonight, hiked up a local mountain. TW burried deeeeep in the woods, after dusk. Took a while to find the right spot. Walked through many spiders' webs :-( I just happened to come upon the right spot. Crouched down, started feelin' around with my diggin' utencil. Here's the cool part - asked for a sign, a bird not 15ft away made one single chirp. 'Twas the place ;-)

TBs gifted in the last 3 weeks - almost 400."