Cbswork and the Battle for the Sky


Post# 58629 03/10/04 Cbswork

"Take a look at my files. Its all happening right now. I have already, in the last two hours, shot an hour of footage and several hundred DV pics at hi res.

The good guys and bad guys are battling for the vortex here and we could use any and all labors. Be a part of history, don't just watch it happen to someone else?


let's go to work!"

Post# 58635 03/10/04 Cbswork

"We won. ALl sylphs, gone, save for some rear-guard posts. ALl bad guys, routed - visiblity to the channel islands, sixty miles away.

Cobalt blue skies over head, right now.

And that, is how we do that. Battle up, fought, and over in less than two hours.

It's daily know. The weirdness...the visitors...the things we see and hear and contact.

Not for the faint of heart, that's for sure.

I'll keep uploading the rest of the stuff and some mpg footage for you."

Post# 58644 03/10/04 Cbswork

"need a vacation...

quiet beach, no weirdness, guitar with new strings, a big vat of virgin peach daqueries sitting in an ice chest...long sunny days, warm water and a 6 foot board, a strawberry girl with that Santa Barbara glow about her....

How's about you all?"

Post# 58658 03/10/04 Cbswork

"And that's all the files now, uploaded, that I'm willing to bother with today. Going to go and kick it for the rest and do some writing, the old fashioned way, with a stencil pad and pen.

And what a day. Check out the files - its all there, except the moving stock, which has to be AVI'd at 30mbits per second and then converted to some kind of MP something or other. It's heavy stuff. No kidding. I nailed some stellar stuff today - completely unreal phenomena.

Want to thank the many warriors here and everywhere and from really, no kidding, from all over the planet, I must say. You all were great. They completely absorbed and used the whole of it, and the mutual and cooperative assist is really again, new ground, you know. When you think about it.

And all that."

Post# 58661 03/10/04 Cbswork

"If you've looked at ALL the files uploaded today, what you are seeing is two forces line up on opposites sides of the Santa Clarita Valley, from an altitude of about 2800ft in elevation, such as the house we are living in. And what these angels are doing, is filling themselves with orgone and taking these energy streams and shifting it into the war bird via the process of diving right through the gravlev. Look athe picutres again of the battle. You can see it happening.

They take our good etheric energy and then use it to make inert the DOR in the chemsoup being gathered and used by the gravlev, which then has to leave, in order to remain aloft. Or crash.


Look CLOSELY at what you are seeing. There is a great deal going on, ya know. We're just sit here blown away at it all."

Post# 58669 03/10/04 Cbswork

"Well, we talked about this stuff, remember? Everyone? In January?

About this kind of contact between these "angels of the air" and the Dark Lords, who have to use technology to do anything?

That this was coming...

I wasn't making it up.

And, you don't have to take anyone's word for it, neither.

You can have this in your life. The wonder.

Sure, there's a lot of annoying dark crap, like the implant/attack the good heart thing going on. But, you also get to work directly with the best of Mother Nature and her various kingdoms to put an end to that kind of nonsense once and for all.

It's up to each of us to do our part, so these victories continue across the globe, freeing other cultures and realities, from THEIR enslavement. And "their" enslavement is OURS, until ALL ARE FREE.

Then the darksiders will split, and hopefully we can save us and the various other kingdoms of nature from a dark fate.

And we will, too.

That's a fact."

Post# 58677 03/10/04 Cbswork

"Just an opinion, but, this collaboration stuff is going so well - we've won every single battle so far - that it won't surprise me that other major earth grid centers will be shortly undergoing such flagrant expressions of battle between those forces that would enslave us and those energies and consciousnesses that that are working with us towards freedom.

Los Angeles is the heart center of America. When this is over, and it will last until the equinox, then subside then renew until the solstice. WE must win this center to the upper Higher Self of this Country, if there is to be any hope. Because you see, my friends, the Illuminati's plans are to take this country and turn it into a smoking wasteland. First with homegrown martial law, then with foreign invasion, turning our hinterlands into one vast, corpse-strewn battleground.

The one in the air, if failed, will guarantee the final fate. If, however, these angels and humanity win, then it may come to pass that the fate of this country need not happen as the darksiders want it to happen. They WANT revelations to go down. They are doing everything in their power to see it happen. This must not be.

And, we're going to stop it. And them."

Post# 58678 03/10/04 Cbswork

"as i see it, regardless of where we are, whether we are in a city or rural, if we make the organite and put it out, everywhere, the sylphs have the resources to draw on.

whether they are in l.a. or montana or nyc.

over gift. everywhere."

Post# 58680 03/10/04 Cbswork

"Thanks, Jan. You nailed the lesson that wasn't lost on us! That as long as we make the ammo, they'll do the buttocks-kicking. Works for me. Of course, we have to throw down too.

If you build it, they will come, thing."

Post# 58691 03/10/04 Cbswork

"Oh yeah...this was what is known as a "fully on, killer event!"

Watched a battle take place and it was recorded, DV and stills. We got to see it happen in real time, what goes on when these two forces collide over head.

The statements regarding the existence of evil and love in opposition sound like bad fiction, when you read about other people's adventures. Then, you get to witness of slice of these adventures, becoming part of them youself, an new actor on the stage being played upon in the current iteration and contest.

It's no small thing. You can say, I watched a battle take place over los angeles. Because that footage is most definately going in the video, of which a free web version will happen when the thing gets done. It was no accident that I was placed here, a house found at six o'clock in the evening, the 21st of December, the last house on our list to see - everyone else had turned us down flat - and a camera catching the whole show. Ten deja vu's a day."

Post# 58697 03/10/04 Cbswork

"Just got done rereading this whole thread. Gads! I sound like one pontificating SOB. Sorry for that. Its had to be there, I guess, what we witnessed today.

This is a personal thing, but give you an idea of what is meant.

Was shooting the battle and moving about, getting different angles. Great footage, just let the camera run and worry about it later. Next thing I know, I am kneeling on one knee, my arms at my side, a huge warm smile on my face and heart, and above me, this most beautiful Deva, right over me. This electric glow of love all around me, like swimming in joy. Have no conscious memory of how I got in that position, but I felt as though I was kneeling not in kow-tow, but because i was standing in a divine presence,imparted something, and the memory of the communication temorarily blocked, much like you would be received by royalty. Very strange...

See what I mean?"

Post# 58754 03/11/04 Cbswork

"He's at least five miles long...a mile wide, maybe more....

But He Finally Showed Up. The patriarch of these friends of ours.

And you can find him in full resolution, on the dork site. Just snapped the pic not ten minutes ago, and here's out there still, moving about five miles an hour over the landscape and


Post# 58755 03/11/04 Cbswork

"Okay, its not in the SOTD place where it was meant to be, its in the POTD, where it wasn't meant to be. I can't delete it, so that's where it is until whenever.


Post# 58756 03/11/04 Cbswork

"And what you are looking at is actually TWO: A male and a female. Union. Can you see her?

They are moving over the UG base RIGHT NOW as we speak. This is going to be very good."

Post# 58757 03/11/04 Cbswork

"And the AF is trying to slice and dice our friends.

Let's go to work!

RIght NOW!

Stop the planes?"

Post# 58759 03/11/04 Cbswork

"I've put up a few files in the Pfile section, and will add more later. Basically, another chemfront from the northwest, this time centering over Ventura, to the west of us, about fifty or so miles away. It stalled around Santa Paula - the chemfront - and these huge sylphs came and parked right there on that leading edge and held the chemfront in check.

While all this was happening, Three HUGE BLACK TRIANGLES - one over oxnard, the other over Isara, and another just beyond Sugar Mtn. You can't turn twenty, on sugar mountain. THough you're thinking that you're leaving there too soon.

The two Sylphs moved over the huge base in the Santa Susanna mountains south of that, and then we kicked in and the battle is over, the gravlevs routed and 90 percent of the chemwall is complete vanished - IN UNDER AN HOUR!

It's all in the pics, to be coming. Really something today. More than yesterday.


You'll notice that Sylphs don't just look like fire wisps, but kinda like centipedes, the big ones. The older ones. When they expand with energy they can span an entire state.


And you know this part is coming, so let's just get it out of the way right now:

Get to gifting."

Post# 58779 03/11/04 Cbswork

"Okay. In the pfiles section, there is a file

SOTD 03-11-04 A 75% outlines

that has some outlines of the three big sylphs. Also, notice how many of these huge boys are also attached, so to say, on the top-side of the Leader. When you look upon, you realize, that you are looking at a family.

Look at the family again. Closely. It'll come to you. Then, the whole scene will make sense.

The family unit. See? It never ends. Even at the top of the food chain, we are all somebodies uncle, dad, mom, brother, sister, and aunt.

There are some learning things in front of us. This is a very special time, right now.


And up front, this wasn't my idea. In fact, in January, i let the gang know that I had refused to be any kind of com-link between their dimension and ours. THis is common knowledge in staff. I told the sylphs NO. And all that.

Regardless, it all kind of falling in my lap, and I'm trying to handle the pressure of it - and that kind of energy flowing through you 80% of the time can fry even the best of dorks. These are pure energy beings and this communication is kind of cooking off my rougher parts, in the process. I rarely sleep, anymore. Or eat. Don't need it.


So, if I sound a little weird from time to time, also know that when folks place orders with dorkboy, i take the time to see which xtals want to go and who they will ultimately serve. Many's the time, its not the purchaser, but someone who has no idea such a thing is coming into their world. That takes time, everyday, too. Not making excuses, but the plate is more than full. And all this footage...nothing like it ON THE PLANET, here to tell you."

Post# 58797 03/12/04 Cbswork

"Also, if you look at the two large sylphs, you'll notice one is expanding with energy, the other, not. That's how that blue circle happens...


Also, if you've noted as well, from the last two days pics, that darksiders arrive, everything goes black and red - the good guys, everything is clear and cobalt.

now...being everything relates. What centers are black and red? Why the sacral and solar plexus centers. WHat centers are clear and cobalt? Throat and higher.

What centers do darksiders function from? SP and below.

What centers do angels function from? heart and above.

now you know what team you are on."

Post# 58800 03/12/04 Cbswork

"This whole series of pics being put up by this collaboration we're doing between the kingdoms is more than anything, a primer.

We are being shown, it visible ways to the many, how they function, work, live, and be vis a vis, etheric energy. And as we are creating etheric energy devices that have taken them from death's door to how "it used to be" and better, we pioneers - and the world, when you think on it, if they are paying attention, and they are not - we are being shown these relationships.

Study the pictures like that crew at JPL and MIT are doing this morning. Breaking them down and analyzing them. Do what they do and learn before they do. They are looking for weaknesses.

What will you look for?"

Post# 58801 03/12/04 Cbswork

"Tell you what, every day is a class. For us.

A classroom.

With teachers in the sky.

and students on the ground.


that's from them. not me."

Post# 58802 03/12/04 Cbswork

"And today's class is again, starting up outside. But, don't think it will get recorded today, because my back molar sheered off from my jaw, and i have to run into emergency and get it extracted and all the usual. Be out for most of the day."

+++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++

Post# 59238 03/19/04 Cbswork

"Eight in the morning and the fleet is already assembling over the UG base. Pic in file.

More work today. ALready snagged over 30 sylph pics that are just amazing, and will start slowly getting them up here, but am sick, have a fever, an absess, and a full-scale battle on my hands, and 96 TBs and hhgs to pour.


Post# 59242 03/19/04 Cbswork

"I've written about battles, read of them in books, in the archives, other places and times...but, watching these immense struggles between the dark forces and freedom, its battle all over again.

Think about it...

THe field,
the sunrise,
the assembling forces,
discussion of commanders,
the FIGHT,
the casualties,
victors on the field, losers departing licking their wounds.

Like in Ronin, or Shigaste, or Kurukshetra, or Normandy Beach.

Thanks for the energy. Keep it coming. THis is going to be a long one. Please don't ring me or email, right now - can't give you any attention, for any reason."

Post# 59244 06/19/04 Cbswork

"Your targets are in file.

Using a wide-angle lens today - hoping for the best. The infrared shots of a few days ago, really captured the tow-truck pulling that last attack back to the Ant Hill.

All our angels are with us - there is only victory."

Post# 59252 03/19/04 Cbswork

"Ziggy Stardust is blaring all over the house - very prophetic for this now time.

We are in full battle here and i was hoping all the team would throw down. SylphS are DYING outside, for us.


Keep your electric eye on me,

There's a starrrrrrrrr man, waiting in the sky...he'd like to come and meet us, but he thinks he'd blow our minds..."

Post# 59253 03/19/04 Cbswork

"Sorry for all the tre-bizarre commentary with the pics. In this weird place of being both participant and biographer of all this.

We're winning. Thanks. Knew we could count on you absolutely.

You guys are terrific. Tide's turning. We're taking the field."

Post# 59271 03/19/04 Cbswork

"There are some more pics up. Total victory.


thanks everyone. Mark, been tryingto get over to eff, but my time has just evaporated. I'll get overas soon as i can put ten minutes together. thanks, dude. We shall all meet, by and by.


They really need these anchors over their UG bases, have you noticed, the gravlevs? Like sylphs, who tend to anchor over "orgone generators," if they stray too far away from their nests, they become drifting, helpless, wrecks for target practice. They live? Not for very long, it would appear, once their shields fail.

THese etheric energy weapons really work, by dangy.


So, the big gifting thing is on for the weekend? gift a base? I have three on my list who get visits.


Post# 60405 04/06/04 Cbswork

"Thing is, you're [Earthwalker] in that contested zone area - makes it tough going. What we do is get right on the job with whatever tools are at hand and go to work. This gets them out so you can breathe, recenter, heal, take care of the loved ones, get ready for the next round, pour orgone, helpe fifteen souls, confab with angels, ship 30 units, and do it all again four more times before nightfall.


They only respect a punch right back in the nose. Sorry, there is no real spiritual way to put it. Once they know you ARE an SELF-AWARE SOVEREIGN, the tables, game, and power levels go to a whole new level. Here to tell you.

THe risks go up, as well. The attacks get really vicious. But, mostly you'll come out okay, by standing.

so, we keep sending a box or so out your way each month, to keep those gravlevs hopping on hot stones. Get the idea?


Grid-gifting: up one street and down the next."

Post# 60406 04/06/04 Cbswork

"And don't forget your families. If you think this sh*t is traumatizing to you and your psyche, think of how your family is being affected by it? Pretty staggering trauma.

And after the really tough battles and slugouts, we all have that wasted, zombie look on our faces. Some days, we have six or more battles with gravlevs. Sometimes two weeks at a stretch, ya know?

Two in the morning and the whole house is lit up like daylight...

four hundred foot tall beings from places I can't even pronounce...

Angels visiting like friends do...

"Sure... I've got a minute. What's up?"


But you'll handle it. It's on your plate to do. You'll handle it."

Post# 60413 04/06/04 Cbswork

"Oh, the fore-runner of this was the Doc himself, Don Croft. He was blasting at these guys long before I started in on them. I left them alone as long as they left me alone. Gifting Palomar, seeing the depth of darkness there, is what turned it for me.

Since the doc shipped my an SP two years ago, slapping hard at these guys never entered my mine - for me - it was like throwing peanuts at a battleship. Then the tools got better. Much better. Than, we learned to worked with the elementals in the cystals, and now the sylphs and devas. It's a whole different amplitude issue now, than it was before.


Nothing for nothing, but very glad this is happening to everyone else, mostly. Standing alone with a PW and facing off with a squad of gravlevs all hosing you down with the latest microwave toys, knowing others are facing these same issues and getting through it, really makes it easier.

That whole unity thing..."

Post# 60436 04/06/04 Cbswork

"Went out gifting tonight and bagged a great virgin area - blocking the usual gravlev approach to LA.

Take that line you see them traveling on, as they come in? Well, that's - as Kelly might say - a negative chi line on the earth. See? Well, gift that line, long, stringy necklace. Keep closing down their lines of approach. We've shut two down in two days.

And we did it all with just Enhanced TBs."

Post# 60439 04/06/04 Cbswork

"Just don't let them get over your house - see, we just moved here a few months ago, so we hadn't had time to properly grid the valley, just mainly got all the hot spots. We're fixing that problem now.

and each line they take, is always from base to base, and along specific lines. Always. Check it out yourself. Give it a think. Its always the same lines, we've observed. You get real observant when this becomes the daily gruel.


Post# 60637 04/11/04 Sdbmark (Steeve)

"Yesterday, as Celine and I were driving back from the farm to Montreal,we both had a "missing time" experience, or more like a missing mileage. We
were kinda projected forward in time, from highway 55 onto highway 10...
Anyways, we both cannot remember having gone from highway 55 to highway 10.

For now I think this was a move from the operators, to
protect us from "something".

I was already suspecting an underground facility to be located right under
highway 55 or slightly west of it."

Post# 60644 04/11/04 Cbswork

"Like I said, you have my condolences, dude.

It's all very interesting. At first."

Post# 60656 04/11/04 Cbswork

"What I mean is, you have to take the bad with the good, as in all things, of course. However, in this case, the bad just happens to be stuff right out of a really bad Ed Wood movie, with ghouls, undead, off-worlders, spies, the military, hollywood, and divine intervention, always saving the day in the end.

It's just that, it's not all fun and games and angels, and great beings, and emissaries from all these various kingdoms and planets.


There's a lot of traffic in the skies, again, good and bad. Lots of Bsirians, reptilians, dracs, US and Nordic Hannebu and Vril craft - the whole smash is in the sky every single night, over most of the world. RIght now.

Remember, gravlevs of the CL973DANG series, like the US military uses, BENDS light. So, look for wave shimmers in the stars, to spot these at night. You can't see them in the day, cuz of the sunlight and you'd have to have an object on the other side of it. That means night. And stars.

They are most definately up there."