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"Wrapping Crystals
By cbswork

One of the great modifications to orgone in the form of power-ups and the like is wrapping the crystals inside the orgone mixture with copper wire. The reason this is done is to increase amplitude of the orgone creation (HHG, TB, what have you) and to control its main energetic directional flow.

At the heart of any orgone device or creation is a quartz or like crystal. This can be a single crystal or as many as the inventor on hand might decide is needed, depending upon the design in mind and the needs that have to be serviced by the orgone device, which are innumerable.

Wrapping crystals is more art, than science. Yet, this art carries all the overtones of the scientific approach once we understand why and how crystal wrapping is significant to the orgone reaction process.

Most electromagnetic functions that are the basis of AC electricity are known because engineers wrap magnets with copper wire. These magnets sit on poles which then pass them magnetic field upon the passing rotor which affects the flow of the current being created, alternating it. Here, we witness how the copper wraps affect the directional flow and function of magnetic energy. Magnetism is part and parcel of the fabric of existence, as demonstrated by Nicholas Tesla and others.

Like rotors and stators, we too, wrap crystals  not all the time, mind you  just for the principle discussed previously. Copper is a primary element on our planet. Without it, human beings could not live. It's found in everything and is still, the primary metal element used in electricity and electromagnetism. Energy conduits through copper and is controlled by this element. Electricity upon entering copper will extend itself and expand in a linear polar direction, both energetically and etherically, when charged by any electrical source of any frequency or amplitude. It's used as a primary element in all transceiver antennas worldwide to this day.

Copper wraps focalize etheric energy toward a given direction, shaping it. By the type of wrap, the energy can stream out like a laser point, diffuse like a sprinkler head, or shimmer into a fiery cone. It can spiral out, stream out like rays, or ellipsoid into the most interesting patterns.

Each crystal needs to be wrapped with the final energy form desired in mind. Because no two crystals are alike, we have to traipse into an area more ephemeral then scientific when approaching the methodology of crystal wrapping. As well, when just simply wrapping crystals for the purposes of using a single crystal in a TowerBuster (TB), instead of making them all the same length of 13 inches  which is a wonderful dimension because of its relationship to the phi-ratio  try holding the crystal in your hand and getting a feel for how many wraps is appropriate for the task at hand and the gauge, and direction. The end result might look something like the following picture.

See pic on public file:

Have fun and experiment! How do your wraps feel? Before and after you're done pouring your creation? Our next installment on crystal wrapping will have the various designs extant, and how they affect form and flow of the energy waveforms."