Cbswork and Selflessness

Post# 60353 04/05/04 Cbswork

"This may help...


Ego, or self. The polarity of Self or desire. These are all solar-plexus or lower. Any of those manifestations of these two main impulses can be seen in the forms known as greed, avarice, selfishness, nosiness, anger, resentment, hostility, revenge, malice, hatred, lust, envy, laziness. These outward visible signs of the primary impulse animating the human soul, are all that SUCK into the aura. The nature of the battle is as follows.

When one is UNselfish, or has ANY OTHER THING IN EXISTENCE OTHER THAN THAT PERSON'S OWN SELF as the object of attention and labor, the higher centers open, merely by the nature that THESE CENTERS CAN ONLY BE "KEYED OPEN" WHEN THE AURA is spinning outward, exocentric. It's the exocentric movement within the auric egg that allows the energy flows of the higher centers to become dominant and therefore, now in influence upon the newly born-again, so to say, human soul.

Not-self is CW and exocentric, causing the petals to flow OUTWARD AND OPEN.

Understand. Indrawing does not open a rose or flower. It's when a flower gives OUT that it opens its petals and of course, reveals its heart. Your centers are flowers, each having a different set of tiers and number of petals.

It's mathematical in the end. The river has to be flowing out, to open. Not the other way around. Until that days becoms who you are, any attempt at opening the centers with crystals and chanting and any other intrigue, is..."