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By cbswork

*** Blogs for June 09, 2004 ***

Thanks to the Feds to cutting back on that prop and helo survellience. Its much nicer without all that noise, esp for our friends. I understand, of course, you are still all over the whole thing, but thanks for no longer shoving it under my nose every time i turned my head.


These sky battles are audible things, to clairaudients. Meaning, they make a great deal of noise, thunder-wise. Now, that thunder is going to start being heard by the many. FYI.


Look...just let us go home, someplace in Upper Ojai, on land, in beauty. Then the real miracles will start. Just let us go. Its never too late to come around to Hank's way of thinking, so to say...

*** Blogs for June 11, 2004 ***

Today's POTD has that same evergreen deva, one week later. You can see his face now. Also, going to upload a pine tree deva, who will be in the upper farthest right corner of the pic. The local devas say that Valencia is also a Grey hybrid farm, using oriental women as breeders for the greys. Yeah, saw that, too, already. Poor kid...


He's shy. Pine devas seem very shy and they are. They don't like showing themselves UNTIL the tree is fully grown. What modesty, considering all the lovely beauty pine trees give the world. Here's a friend, now your friend.



Oh yeah, the reason for using chinese and japanese women is because the genetic DNA codes of having a more elongated, horizontal plane of the eye base, makes for suspicion and discovery by the population, plausible deniability. You just think they have BIG eyes and BIG head, for such a small lad... He's not human, that's why.

The medical horrors being conducted on our planet by the minions of the Lords of Darkness are beyond imagination in depravity. Don't ever go there, unless you want a mind scramble. Also, Tink and her friends are just itching to deal with this - why they are here. Let's help them.

Why not now? Here's what we can do. Send HER and HER FRIENDS, the warmth of love in your heart, to mete justice in Valencia. I promise a full report. Only love, or you'll gum up the works. Or, Just radionic a ton of the old heart stuff, right here in Santa Clarita - let the hankster do the work.

I'm not a Teacher. Or Healer. Or a wise person. Don't know or have any answers, even after all this time, except that life seems, to me, to have been a series of connected moments, each one presenting to ourselves, a list of choices, A-D. Have you noticed. Then, at the end of the life, all those choices are tallied.

How many were right choices, based on right and wrong situations?

How many selfish, versus unselfish?

How many "good" or life-affirming acts and feelings and thoughts?

How many negatives?

The meaning of life seems to always try to make the right choice, at any given moment. I handle those choices like this, a list in my head. Usually, the right choice is so very obvious, its a real no-brainer, but then the sneakier ones sneak in. Will it hurt anyone? Cause them pain? Kill? Is it for my pleasure at the expense of another? What is the right action, in the greatest good for all, here? Crap like that. Weird, huh? I know...

Video games are mind control. They turn children in hateful, crying arrogants. They turn children into cold-blooded killers and allowing them in the home, when you know better is not only complicity with the Beast, but is equal as the designers of the games themselves. EOR.

Tree deva at top of pic, 45% from the left side. I don't even know what kind of tree this is, but he's consented to show himself and he's been around awhile, since the tree was planted. He said the house was owned by a reptoid, who owns the title to this day.



Just cleared these implants - which were shot into my son Nick at the local pool. Very bad people. Be careful out there. Cleared a dozen or more, from all four children...the mark of the beast, folks.



Sylph of the day has a new one up, hanging abouts. Amazingly, from the north, the dark ones started a chemwall, which was then fully decimated by this enormous indigo balloon of love, weilded by our friends. Then, this guy arrived...

Selenite is a wonderful thing to stick on the base of a quartz crystal - helps keep it clear, as it works. I use it all the time. Very nice. Use pyrite too. For heart colorings, you can never miss with stuff like kyanite, rose quartz, lemurian seed xtals, tibetan singing xtals, Amethyst, tourmaline, etc. We don't use any lower center crystal, but a quartz crystal, becuase they are mainly POWER crystals - doing the main work - and the others mentioned above are coloring stones, and all have a very weak energetic field potential - that's why you have to mate them with quartz.

I don't use solar plexus stones at all, unless its a special design for ONE person. Most people's solar plexus do NOT need more energy - just the opposite I'd say.

When the government pulls out every man up to 50 years of age who has military training or is a reservist, than Americans should tremble at that news. Not in a fear way or that, but as an OMEN.

Time is short for them. It's either burn the world down or get evicted off the planet. Either way, they know its HELL time, so to say, and they don't want to go without a fight and, if they have to lose, they want to burn the village down so no one can live in it. That's your summer, upcoming. Fact.

A month's supply of distilled water, for the outages. If you live in the main cities, depends upon how badly the brass want us to feel the burn at first. If its all hell, all the time, it won't matter. Troops will take over the streets, round up the dissidents (us), and lockdown the hoods. It won't matter, because we'll all be dead.

If it's just a few slices of hell, than plan for outages and tanks on the streets, roadblocks, searches, and voluntary ID stuff at the local post office, which are setup for that now.

Straight. THis is a bad time. Venusian energy and they drank it down. Word.

On the other hand, its a wonderful time for hooking up with the new vibes, as they may be found in the chambers of one's heart. Lots of wonders around, if we open ourselves to them. Its always been like this in our world, the extremes of grandeur and ugliness, side by side. That's ending soon.
I told my friends a year ago in this group that the best thing one could do in the coming year is build bridges, discover their hearts, heal wounds, and serve the Spirit of Freedom, whatever that meant to any of us.

Of course, when the forces of Darkness and Love clash, there's going to be a mess made of things. The Star wars movies weren't a fiction so much as they were a reality in this galaxy WE paricipate in, though that truth has been kept from the people. THere are seven different mammals on this planet with soul-matrix/Higher Self constructs, all linked, aligned, and here now, working to help save this planet, from the half dozen saurian, reptilian, drac, and telosian entities all collaborating with the SPirit of Evil, Sorath, to DESTROY THIS PLANET AND OUR SOULS ALONG WITH IT.

Now, that's some collection, with us in the middle and hank up on top rolling the dice, and what do we do? Throw down? Maybe, nothing? Maybe hang and see how the wind blows? Regardless of our choices, our Earth has become and will remain for several years, and etheric and solar battleground. We are the witnesses and forerunners and warriors of the first stages of that battle. How's your armor these days?

Just to show you one can always choose their own out, my surifing buddies and I have decided when the big Tsunami hits LA, we're going to be on our boards, heading out to deep water for one final WOW DUDE ride of our lives.

My dear friend Stuart Jackson made these blogs possible. Thanks, stubie.

"HI, honey, I'm home!" Door slams, in walks Fed Finkle.

"How was your day, dear?" Marlene, his wife asks.

"Not much sport today, honey," he bemoans sadly. "Only got to shoot down kids today, with a darn airgun."

Marlene slides in next to him, putting her arms out. "Don't worry, dear. I'm sure tomorrow you'll get to plant some explosives on a school bus or maybe even spread some anthrax on some mail?"

"You're such a good woman to me, honey..."

The only way you can know for sure know the motives of an entity, whether sylph, or sprite, or any kind of being, at all, is watch what they do when you send them love. Watch them. Do they respond or react, to that frequency. That's all the radar you need and its your protection. If you see a reaction, DECLARE YOUR SOVERIEGNTY AND INTENT AS A SOUL to brook no interference with your daily life. They'll retreat instantly. Waver, sink into fear, and you're toast. You have to be ready for what's coming and you're not going to get ready by sitting on the couch, latest issue of TV guide nearby.

I just know i'm going to get a ton of grief for this one, but what the hell...

Adventurine helps effeminate men deal with Father Issues, or lack of, in most cases. I put that in a lot of orgone that went into Los Angeles.


*** Blogs for June 12, 2004 ***

First pic up is of Tink. She's at the top of the bush, hiding from the camera. You can see Ringo on the ground nearby. Find her wings, and then you'll see her. Now, Tink, whenever she lights upon a flower, tends to turn the color of the leaf or petal she's sitting on. She's a transparent being, so naturally, any opaque LIVING surface she tends to reflect through herself. There's more to it than that, but... Enjoy.


Today's POTD is about a third over from the left and about 45% down. Tree deva.

Okay, up next is a friend of Tink's and you can find her in this pic dead top of frame, right in the middle. She's in charge of the garden and her regal presence really comes through, yeah? I notice her back is to the house, a "fireman" lives there.

Again, here's yet another etheric entity - a positive being - stepping into view to hang and all that. We get a lot of visitors like that. Just drop in, materialize, then split. Some are so impressive...some are just Heart Servers in the neighborhood, looking in on things, making sure we're okay, keeping an eye on the bad guys. Lots of courier stuff, protection, keeping me happy and stupid in joy, mostly. I've been walking around with a stupid smile on my face my whole life - this is why. And this is nothing, compared to the whole show. Life is.

And all you black magis thought you were being so smart, so powerful. You have no idea of the true power of the force. Your power is the shadow of the force, not the main source itself. That source is LOVE. LOVE IS THE FORCE. A bad reflection on sewer water, the dark side, your evil.
And, you have so many demonic beings inside your head, how much of the original you is even left anymore? By breakfast, more power without any effort or consideration on my part flows through here like a raging river, and birds, and joy, and contentment, and peace...and one need not invoke, or incant, or slay, or fear - A fellow need only open his heart and let the waters flow. That's real power.

Are you finally seeing what a horrendous mistake those choices were? A cold life, in pain-filled body that is already rapdily decaying, as your lower back becomes a swimming lake of fire. Was all that destruction worth it, as the dawn begins to shower its first rays of light upon the land?

As long as you can draw a breath, there is still time.

*** Blogs for June 13, 2004 ***

Many of the pics i'm putting up won't load, because the feds don't want them to load. Stu? Can't get into forum email or anything. Help cecil Help!

We bagged another reptoid. It's in that pic with Tink and Ringo. Reptoids, we find, are despised over the galaxy. This last holdout of theirs on more you more. The nests are going to start burning.

Now, Tink's friend is looking right at you/me at the time. She's green, like her garden, and she's real Royalty - all devas are. They radiate beauty, strength, love, joy, peace, hope, and yes, fun...

Satan honors one of its own.

Watched one of the AIR FORCE ONEs, which flew right by the house for a landing at Van Nuys airport, dragging CIA handler and FBI mole, dookey Raygun back to his hole in the ground. If you wept for this man, you wept for a Hitler. And no, Ronnie, They didn't provide a vessel for you on the other side, did they? They lied to you, didn't they? How's it feel, your flesh stripped from your etheric bones, starting with that young Pacific Palisades High School Girl you raped and murdered, back in '47?

Added an article with NO words, just a pic of tink's friend, for them that cain't get it ta load, and all. Yeeha!

Oh Yes! There is definitely a kind of hell in the lower astral plane for dark hearts. Absolutely. Raygun is finding out about that as we speak. Those seconds last like years, on the astral, right mister prezident...

Don't want to upset anyone, but haven't you all been kinda waiting, like me, for this day to arrive? Hank coming to fix his little paradise?

Sure. Me, too. Tired of evil, dealing with these fiends for so very long. Glad to see things visibly turning around, after all these years.

Ken Adachi has been touched by an angel.

His prologue to my stuff is slightly out of timeline. For example, I started my split from them in fits and starts in and around '90 and in toto, in '95. By then, they already had so many of my books and stuff, and kept printing them, the shits. Then, I started my play - go on tour, but give out the real play in interviews. Well, after a year of that, everything went south from there. By 99, I was completely and totally free. It took years to remove all their links.

I didn't have the usual illuminist life - torture, abuse, mind control. No, i got the high end version, silk, pretty droids, light and light, and communing with Higher Worlds. See, solar plexus is highest center for darksiders, so to see or have access beyond that, they need shitheads like me - simple idiots with powerful gifts - to hijack and control. They never laid a finger on me, not once. HAd they, the damage to my astral body would have been such, that my usefulness as an ORACLE would have been wasted, and they had been waiting FOR AGES for me to be born in this timeline. I just, finally, after a devachanic event with JFK, started looking upon the world of my peers...and saw the deception.

ZSL is the intended hijacking of this angelic kingdom arrival. He's even started making and leaving spelling mistakes in his whatevers. I make spellers because I have ten things going at once, trying to function between two planes of existence at the same time, and simply HAVEN'T THE TIME.
They don't appear to him, won't because he's GWB, and he's completely under the control of ONE very evil darksider. Sorry, Glen, but you just keep making up stuff and posting it as the truth. I know for a fact you don't have contact because the angels SAY YOU DON'T. Good enough for me, dude.

Glen, learn to love. Cut the links. You have a good esoteric knowledge, but not the sight. The deva's say you spend too much time advising people on occult and clairvoyant matters and YOU LIE TO THEM, YOU ARE A BLIND MAN

If you are in contact, give us proof. And not someone's elses pics from 3 years ago, either. Also, many of the beings in chemsoup ARE WRAITHS. These are the flip-side to Sylphs, dark spirits of the air, recently now in our skies, with the devas.
The hijacking is to go like this: I get bumped off, dirkwood then proclaims the ONLY contact, and they flood his with FALSE LIGHT images of wraiths, which they are already doing and his zone is littered with these freaks of nature... Then, the whole gang is led down the garden path, following wraiths, instead of Sylphs. And, on top of it, there are people in the orgone community INTENTIONALLY

My keyboard died right when I was typing. I could click with a mouse, but not type. Grabbed the boy's keyboard and am back.

There are people in the orgone community making orgone devices intentionally for the purpose of releasing darker beings. They use lower stones, and invert their crystals. Be careful out there.

But ZSL isn't the only intended hijacking - they have one other ready to go, with two in the making. In fact, they have a film crew up a few miles north of me, filming wraiths, just for the express purpose of hijacking, even to the point of saying this was all done in North Valencia.

Problem is, all they can get is wraiths in chemsoup and nothing else. There's going to be a few other surprises for them as well, but I don't want to give the game away.

Children. Children will prevent the hijacking. Lovely children, in joyful play, all over the world, will see them. Not the mkids though - all those droids in America, esp in Utah and California. Seattle, too, big mkid center there.

I was surfing the other night, doing a search on angels and all that, to see what was out there. I asked why NONE of these people are being contacted, either. They said that they could not find a single so-called angel adherent who was LIVING and ESPOUSING a life plan of love in their hearts. In fact, they said that these people were evil, because they were assignging attributes to them that were not the truth, and luring people in their web of lies by appealing to talking to angels to SERVE OUR LOWER, SELFISH, AND VAIN INTERESTS.

So, armed with that info, i searched again. Sure enough, all these angel sites are about using angels for personal power, greed, and self-gratification - LUCIFERIC.

Look...the old ways are over. OVER. You can't think like a selfish pig anymore. Or you stand outside of the shift, now occurring. Love. Courage. Strength. That's it. That's all you need. You don't need a teacher, or gurur, or a messiah...just love. That's it. That's all. Live that. Be that, best as can be, and these angels WILL SWARM YOU BY THE MILLIONS. get wraiths instead.

Okay, today's POTD has a water undine standing up for the picture. Now, undines live in water. It's what they live, move, and are substance of. So, the only way you can see them, physically, was for them to densify in the etheric. Rmember what i said last summer, water is energy. Just another aspect of the etheric kingdom. Enjoy.

Next up, is Bucaneer. Lower left, you'll see him and his friends.

These lovely ladies on the upper left appeared, smiled, buggled the dorkster and then split. I'd say, today, there were about half a million undines, all assembled and stretching out for miles to see. Amazing sight to see...very humbling. In spite of the feds, who we ditched at bates and then headed south to seaward a nook all to our little selves for long enough...

This next fellow is mid-rightish and is spitting water. You'll get yours...anyways - anyway, they make playing in the water, the best of times, with the best of friends.

It was nice to, because on the hills behind us, which i got killer shots of, all these forest devas and princes appeared, bowed, then split. Very strange. But very moving, and beautiful, and sweet.

Everytime a fed came in Randy's view he would point and shout, "bad!"

Exactly, dude...

Here's a bunch of them. Enjoy.

Just an illustration. Look at his ear. Military cut-out. With Beta model, not doing a good job of enjoying the beach. Or the feds that were so rushed, they forgot their kids that.

Being the dickweed I am, suited up, took out the board, with 4 aqua hhgs and fifty ETBS, which they took right out of my hands in quickly to all points of the western compass.

Again, as before, these are the world's very first Undine, or water sprite, or water angels/devas on film and all that stuff. Thing is, when you figure it out, you'll realize that everything around you is alive. Always.

And when you consider that proposition, you recognize that life sees life, and that always. Be alive. Are you living? Did you live today? Yes?

Now, we have these various etheric kingdoms and these extremely beautiful versions of all kinds of classes of angels, our friends. Which is cool.

Now, after a day of friends, family, angels, and surfing, its guitar time and Skip James, I think.

Keeping every promise, Tink double checks my noize for accuracy and all that blather. Telling only what I can see and prove, little else. You can tell my rants versus the angel stuff, most people can, at least.

It was weird, some feds were there to keep me alive, and some were there to wait to kill me, and some were there to study me, and some were their to mojo me, and some were there to film me, and some were there, and some were there...

Maybe find a way to let a little joy in your heart? Don't these angels fill you with hope?, too. I've always loved them, and you have too, had you known they were always about, serving, being, helping, holding, carrying, and loving. Just plug into love. The Heart does the work.

Now, you darksiders thinking of pulling off a hijacking stunt - undines say you practically zero technological control in their dominion and will prevent any kind of water show you might consider coming up with. Wraiths...that's all you can do, and only then, with the aid of black magic, haarp, and shitload of chemsoup. Being fair when i say, this to you NOT VERY WISE TO JACK WITH OUR WATER ANGELS...dude. Warning. Heed it.

Look...remember this very carefully, my friends. Really.

This isn't a dorkboy thing. I'm just a messenger, an announcer, a herald, if you will. From one POV. It would be a thing of great wisdom for some of us to learn from what is happening here, especially me. Where we are and what we are, teaches us all we need to know about what we should be doing and of course, why we do it.

I do this, because, as it happens, this is what I do, age after age...announce things. I'm not the thing at all, never was, at any time in the past. This is just duty to help out some folks slightly dorkier than me. Apparently, the Hank needed to clue the leading edge of the world's best hearts that THE TIME HAS COME. Or whatever the hell that is suppossed to mean. That should cover it, for me. Message placed. Bed time.

*** Blogs for June 14, 2004 ***

Folks are finding it hard to spot the angels, they say. Well, there are two reasons for that, I think. One is, your not looking with the eyes of the heart and two, you're not looking with the eyes of your heart.

In the pic, Bucaneer in shore, you'll see this fop angel, looking like captain hook, in the lower wave, and right above him, in the wave above, a fellow is standing there, waving to us all. "Hey, humans, what up?"

Left of bucaneer, big face. Right of Buc, there's a fellow standing waist high.

Thing is, there are dozens of undines in these pics, doezens. I just pointed out the obvious, work from there.

Been listening for two and half years. Orgone is BS, we're all delusional, there is no spirit or anything higher...


Why did all those neg boards all of a sudden grow very quiet and silent...feel the hand approaching, do you. Feeling the burn from a lifetime of lies and mistakes, yeah?

Tell us again how you reversed the christ event, and how i'm just a shell. And people fell for this. You darksiders and sellouts betrayed the spirit of Love and that Spirit is now moving upon the land, empowering the faithful, and WEAKENING the dark ones.

The CIA, being the American version of the Father of All Lies, likes using names like GOODWIN or GOODMAN or names like that on THEIR DARKEST SERIAL KILLERS. They add every kind of window dressing they can put out, to hide the black soul beneath the meatsack. The brains sees a positve GOOD MAN, meaning, a good person. It's all just another aspect of the mind control thing. So look for names with very overt positive sounding middle and last names, and that's your Black Prince in your town or public. The darker the heart, the more window dressing.

A little less reactive thinking than that...

See, if you stumble upon a nest of snakes, just scout in that nest for those "positive looking images or reassurance." The darkside has no real fire in the cave of the heart, so to mask that VACUUM OF SPIRIT, they make the outside package as sweet as they can, aligning to every mnenomic trigger for wholesomeness in the human catalogue. That they have to do this? Shows they are darksiders. Real Souls don't play games like that. THat's what makeup is, you know, a mask the hide your real beauty, if there's any there. Or, its a mask to hide your dead heart. Either way, its a mask TO HIDE SOMETHING. Tink and her friends don't need makeup, beCAUSE WHEN YOUR HEART IS ALIVE, you are always beautiful. Always. Even in the morning.

I'm trying to get Tink to go on camera for an interview. If you want Tink to appear, clap your hands. Like the kid's song. I figure she'll bow to heart pressure, cuz you cannot resist a pure request. And of course, what ever do you mean, Tink, that'd I'd stoop to getting the gang to gang up on you with lovies?

The angels/devas carry heart power. They told me that any dark heart that looks upon the images of the divine, will feel pain where their heart should be. Think about it...

Also, if you are littered with implants, your handlers are sending you shocks so you'll turn away. Fight it. Call on help. It WILL COME.

Sorry CAPTAIN HOOK, not Bucaneer. They were doing a thing on my reference to Tink, as in Tinkerbell from the story, PETER PAN. The whole cast is in that one, single shot.

Why Tink? Well, first name that came to mind when I met her, guess from all that history of the thing, regarding the angelic kingdom. She doesn't mind, they love the story, in parts, the rest is trash. They said they were the ones who inspired the book in the first place. A kind of social primer, a hundred years before their actual arrival. Imagine that...

And where are all you eggheads from princeton, yale, MIT, and Caltech? Bring your PHDs to my door, and let's see how much science you think you really know. You know nothing of the real. Nothing. You are playing at the lower astral and etheric, diddling like diddies doing dick. You are about to get a full and complete education about REAL POWER in this universe.

Very, very soon.

If it were me, in your shoes and all, I'd probably take a day off from the office and get my ass into a forest or garden, but quick. Try and see if a little warmth might glow there in that cold logic of a lower mind, utterly convinced of its own egostical superiority. guys know anything at all about that. And you don't. Even the crap you stole from the higher dimensions is even that, a reflection of a reflection of the laws at work. And that's your top game, in physics. And, in our world, its not even the bottom of the barrel, or even an aspect of reality we even consider. Still feel smug? Pretty sure you can explain to me the physics of what you are witnessing in those water pics? Think your Industrial Light and Magic and get a bead on that and mimic it? That what you think? How about the power out in Marin county for one hour today? Or California? Still believe in your science and phds?

"this pain is what I feel when checking up on some people. thanks for the clarification on this. the folks who carry this pain have darkness ruling them."

Exactly so. This is the protection of the Heart. A living heart responds to heart and heart images and reflections of the heart and divinity, through any aspect heart reveals itself. Those whose hearts are dead or dying, feel pain, because this is a key for them that one, they are on a wrong life path, and two, to others, to know the REAL FROM THE FALSE.

Images of Angels Burn the Darkened Hearts. BURN. Like a fire inside their chests and heads. A LIVING FIRE. Because LOVE IS FIRE. IT BURNS ALL THAT IS IMPURE LEAVING ONLY SPIRIT. That's why, dear.

See, love is the real power, the force. See, like a main river or current...then you have the reflections in the water: devotion, affection, patience, sincerity, endearment, friendship, shit like that. Then, you have the distorted reflections of the reflections in the water. Anger, jealousy, rage, contempt, malice, and all that junk. But, these are only distorted reflections of relfections from the main reality or river. That's why their knowledge and power is hollow. It's a distorted reflection of a reflection of the Real Deal. And if the river just calms a little - real love is intense inner calm, as expressed in a human being - then even that distorted reflection of a reflection, vanishes beneath the surface, consumed and destroyed and taken over wholly by the waters of life itself upon which it only merely reflected outward on the surface for a short time while we went through the rapids of our planet's youth. For real.
SOrry for all the blather, I'Ll go make orgone now - we still have to do the work, you know. It's still our mess to fix, we just have help now.

WRONG. I am not Christ or the Christ or John the Baptist or any of that. Completely off the mark. First, Christ really just means LOVE. It's the closest phonetic in English language to the vowel frequency that generates a particular sound wave pattern upon all spirit and matter, being ITS LIFE.

If you are expecting a messiah or jesus or hank guy with beads and shit, you can find them all over the internet. They all believe they are God. Right...

Hey dude...just passing along messages, that's all. Documenting the thing as its happening, sharing the info as it comes about, like that.

I'm just a hippy from the beach, who likes to surf, play guitar, and hang. I'm not very much beyond that. You won't find any Teachings here or things to do or chants or prayers or beads or crap or humming or all that total shit, for heaven's sake. We don't need any of that crap. NONE OF IT. Just an open heart. Be open, see others with eyes of love, dude...that's it. The whole game. Just have to open yourself to that whole frequency and plug in. Or not. Its a personal thing, for each of us. Hope you make it, though. Love to hang with you later and play music, no more thoughts of feds or evil or bad things...just a planet working in the spirit of love, rebuilding its cities and lives in AND NO LONGER BLIND TO ALL THE KINGDOMS OF REALITY. cuz if you make it to that place, our earth after darkness gets evicted, than you are a good, decent person and bless you and yours in all things, always.

New Sylph pics and angels about in the sky, getting ready to do in a fast approaching chemwall from the north, full of the usual darkside renditions of reality.

*** Blogs for June 15, 2004 ***


As many know, part of the deception plan for humanity is creating a set of circumstances that appear like events in the bible for the express purpose of setting events into play that will put Prince William Arthur on the seat of the throne of the returned messiah.

Revelations is a fiction, a fake, a time map created by them so to enable the spiritual takeover of the planet, when the time was right.

Remember the PROMISE KEEPERS, a CIA front that runs mkids and whose mission, they openly say, is to KEEP our governments under the rule OF BIBLE PROPHECY. Their bible.

So, to create the wormwood effect of the bible, they are setting off 3, 100 megaton nukes, in a specially fitted submarine in the Southern seas off of Australia and South America.

That's why the navies are gone, They are about to ignite the atmosphere. 5 million dead, minimum.

Our angelic friends say this is an all but done-deal. The Los Angeles class sub is already down there, with the nukes on board, waiting for their firing mechansims and codes. Billions of Sylphs and Undines will be murdered when this happens. This is so, because to keep the planet's atmosphere from catching fire, they have to give up their lives, to save ours.

That's your governments, and they are all in on it. ALL OF THEM.

This False Flag Op then allows the destroyed pacific rims countries and their elliminated economies - all those korean mfg sites, gone, japan, gone, like that - then, the Chinese takeover the DOA asian countries, the Americans take over Mexico and south america, and the US, in toto. There is revolution, because at the same time, 2 million Atlan operatives are waiting in mexico for the event, to start their version of HELTER SKELTER on the american southwest.

The aussie bloke story was a misdirect op by the agency to keep people from looking at things. It also, also the rule of IN YOUR FACE with regards to evil. They knew the story would go worldwide, then they discredited with their own people, so that if ANY real info on the Operation came forward, it would already be DOA in the public's mind as a exposed scam or op. This was by design.

Everyone was looking for another 911. they got it. but not a terrorist attack, but a asteroid from space. Well, it still is a terrorist attack, by the same USA terrorists, and this time MILLIONS WILL DIE. Fact.

This gives the annunaki in China total hegemony on that continent, the USA in N and S America, and Russia takes Europe, with the backing of the European Union.

I don't know if this can be stopped, honestly. Everything they need for the upcoming depends upon this one, ugly deed. Everything. If they don't get these nukes going, then the game for them, is up.

The Angelic Kingdom is here to serve, heal, and protect us from evil, not serve it. We don't know yet if the nukes will be allowed to go off, or the damage limited, or what...they didn't say.

Message passed on.

It's more than just nukes in the Pacific. It's millions of mkids, operatives, assassins, UG bases filled with mercs and droids, all set to go off like a bomb, the day after the nukes are deployed. The Day after. See it? See the subliminal programming in media now? Deep impact, The Day After Tomorrow, and all that? This was the rule of EVIL IN YOUR FACE, and creating a set of thoughtforms of fear, panic, and other limbic traits that could all be used to suck the emotional and spiritual life left in humanity.

Then, after this event, humanity will be so drained, angry, and wasted, they'll eagerly look for the Prince of Darkness to remove the FAKE darkies in Washington, set to take the fall as the fake anti-christ. The real anti-christ is 22 years old and lives in England.

This is the reptilian elites gift for humanity. Oh...and the reptoids are coming out AT THE SAME TIME, pretending to be our saviours and friends. To "help" us.

To Serve Man...a cookbook.

Hoagland is USAF and CIA. He's part of the doomsday cult that spins manufactured events, as real.
When the smoke clears two years from now, and boundaries have been redrawn, then...

Also, to keep the region stable, our already=there troops with Israel, make their move on the middle east, fulfilling the 2nd act on the Revelations scam. These events are fictions. Creations. Designs of evil against humanity. Your CIA. Your Mossad. Your MI6.

I'm the one who informed Mark Davey about the dangers of using CITRINE blindly. I use it very sparingly, in personal cases of personal use, with other stones. I've done this a few times, because we make our orgone to SPECIAL ORDER. No two are alike. Ever.

THis is the real reason for Iraq, in the main. To keep the Apocalypse timeline moving along a given direction. With all our servicemen and women "over there" they then need "peacekeeping" troops from Russia, Bulgaria, Germany, and other locations.

These peacekeepers are hired thugs, nothing else. They have no intention of keeping the peace. In fact, their sole purpose is to turn our country into downtown Baghdad. The cops, feds, everyone is in on it, and now, so are you.

Keeping in with their TOTAL CHAOS ALL THE TIME themes, the CIA and others created a whole army of mkids in Mexico over the last 40 years, for the express purpose of creating a border conflict with mexico during this summer. This adds to the chaos of a collapsed America - millions of hispanics swarming nothward to slaughter whitey. That's the plan. 2 million plus of these guys, all sitting in Mexico under a hot sun, drinking booze, doing drugs, practicing with their weapons. Fact.

Don't you think, Letty, introducing me to your CIA husband and then handing me PROMISE KEEPER literature - which i knew about ten years ago - was a mistake? That act made me look at your group of people - who, what, why, and when. Keep your droid Eric off of me, or i'll expose you guys deeper WITH DETAIL. I don't ever want to see or hear from you monsters again. OR ELSE.

The government is setting up details to frame me for a crime i didn't commit. They are working it out now, with fake evidence and witnesses. To arrest me. Then disappear me.

Ben Morton! Send me 15 ELWs asap. I've been trying to email you for two weeks!!!! Check on its way, dude.

Angelbaby and I talked about this into the wee hours, going public with this. Even talked with Tink about it and her friends, what to do and all.

We do not believe sharing this information will change its outcome. Tink isn't talking. Freewill is in play, and I guess we'll see how that all goes. Put this out, because it was given to me, and then, what do you do with knowledge that will affect the planet? Sit on it?

My take on it this morning is, after hell night of struggling with issues, is that, at least we can't get played, unless we want to be played. Go along with this, and we get what is given. Fight it, and anything can happen, they say...

What can be done? No idea at this point. None. It seems to me, though, that when the word spreads, maybe humanity will surprise us all and change the outcome. Be nice to see that.

The angelic kingdom's issue here? They don't consult me. I have no knowledge of their actions or plans, and if i did, i wouldn't say anyways. All i know is that they intend to limit the damage to the region, in the main, and the undines are going to keep the swells from destroying most of the world. But, its still our meatsack planet, and if we want to set off nukes, than we have that choice. The nukes are there, waiting to go. They are just waiting for certain planets to line up, so they can drink as deeply as possible, for as long as possible, our pain and suffering. Fact.

I haven't been able to read or send mail for a month on my prodigy accounts, 9 days on the forum email, and wasn't able to get in at all, last night. So, if you are not getting answers, for reasons that are weird, i see only 3% of my email. if that. MOst is deleted as it comes in, then i'm locked out. over and over again, all my accounts.

There are actually men and women in this country today gloating over the fact they are about to slaughter millions of people. And the military? Who do you think is going to set these nukes off?

There is no returned messiah to save us. THat's a fiction. It's a frequency, love, nothing more. The return is OF LOVE. The ending of hate, as the pendulem swings back across the face of Time.

For example, earlier, turned on the cell phone, it says FOUR MESSAGES:

Oh good, two from Ben, a friend, and a fed. Went to get them and they were all deleted in toto. So far, they aren't messing with paypal, cuz its them anyways, but everything else. I know who every fed is in our camp. Every single one, and intend to start naming them once and for all. Some of you are going to be very surprised.

I'd rather go down as the guy whose one and only discussion of this possible planned event was laughed off, then as the guy who knew better and said nothing, becoming the ultimate traitor to his very own heart.

Yes, i've been quietly telling people about the crop circle of June 9th in Italy. Of the "planned" event. Their warning of who was behind it, the CIA pic, and the location of the fraud, South Pacific.

Sylphs did this to warn us, in a way we could understand, if we would but look at the images. THey knew that by the 9th, the op would already be declared an Agency fiction. This set up, in the collective, a predetermination the angels could use. By creating a crop circle with the cia image, now known worldwide to be a fraud, then humanity would then make the obvious link, they hope, that the event IS ALSO A FICTION.

THey're pretty smart, when you think about it. Yeah...

BLUESTAR of Bluestar speaks is annunaki. She's a reptoid hybrid channeling a reptlian. They are coming out. They all will start coming forward from the solstice onward. Under the guise of "helping" us defeat the Illuminati, which is part of the play, which is why the reptoids are taking a sucker-trap thing with the whole bluestar speaks crap. It's another WINGMAKER'S fraud, but this time, you can see by the Egyptian and other symbology, its Black Sun worship, Annunaki. Undead. WARNING.

*** Blogs for June 16, 2004 ***

FTR, the reason I advise heart stones as colorings IS TO BALANCE the SACRAL chakra primary stone everyone is using, THE SI02. So, if the main base crystal is animating a lower center for power, i, as a safe and general rule, advise people to balance with a heart or higher stone, for coloring. This gives a basic, harmonic balance to the energy form.

It's easy to make an hhg that will open up one's lower centers like a river, creating all manner of hell in the process, esp if they little control over their physical urges.

Citrine, being an aspect of Clear Quartz, is very powerful, all on its own. Moreso than other coloring stones. Aware of that, caution and consideration on my part is employed. That's just me, sorry i mentioned it.

There are a great many people who are very crystal hep, but mainly stay silent. Hopefully, that might change one day, for the betterment of us all.

Further, the problem with crystal knowledge is that there are two kinds: the kind we read from books and the kind we experience with our own hands and feet, practical expression and application.

All else is intrigue.

When i look at a crystal in a TB, i see all this fire, like heat waves coming off of it. When i add heart or higher coloring stones, the water tends to soften it, turning it into a very pleasing, energetic, ellipsoid energy waveform, that really lights people up in a positive way. So, for me, tech aside, its about calming the fire down with cooling waters, in a nutshell. It's how i've always seen it and approached the phenom of crystals. I just base what i do on what i see. I haven't read all those crystal books, but did glance through a few, one i liked, the rest were crap. "Love is the Earth" was the best, full of heart and hope.

"You arrogant prick. How dare you comment on things you know nothing about!"

And that's why I don't. I know very little about crystals, was introduced to them in earnest several years ago, then when the doc came around, the crystals starting lighting up, in orgone. THe fire around a crystal is nice, but its radiance is only a little more than other living minerals. Put that same crystal in orgone, and its a fiery globe of energy, shooting sparks and rays of varying colors in thousands of directions, all spinning off into space and who knows where. That's what I work with. Sorry i don't have any book or real learning with them. Others in the orgone thing do, not I, though. They can tell you more about crystals than i ever could, everyone knows that.

Shameless plug for a friend time.

One place you can go and get in the play on stones and colorings is RevTed's site at

He has good explanations on xtals, his stock is superb (he is my primary supplier for all our creations, because his quality, so far in the US, has been hands down, the BEST,) and, he has a great selection of lemurian seed xtals that alone, justify a visit. And, he takes care of his customers.

Everytime, and i mean every time ask anyone, we get our weekly package from RT, it's always the same words, "Thanks, RevTed!" Order from him, and you'll see why. And, saying this without any DEAL with the Rev or any of that. He has never once solicited a favor or curried any kind of anything from me, ever. We don't even talk. We've never had once, a conversation or email chat on the physical plane, actually, until this morning. It was nice to hear from him. Anyways...

Survellience Tip.

Take your sunglasses, go outside, and hold them up to the sky. Slowly put them on as you do. Now as you do this, slowly use your peripheral vision to look through the glass, not really looking at anything beyond the glass itself. If you see two little blue dots that look like orbs, you are looking at reptilian survellience placed on your glasses, seeing everything you see when on. three pairs of sunglassesi n our house did we find these dots on. They do this, because they found that they cannot keep their implants on many of us on for very long. They are removed as soon as they are placed, by most of us. So, to solve that problem, they put them on our sunglasses. Check it out, dude....

Today's POTD has a little garden fairy abouts, lower right. You can see the energy cone she uses, when hovering and doing stuff. As it happens, she's looking after the rose in the pic, which is happily glowing in full womanhood - she's beautiful! Both the rose AND her attendant. Enjoy.

The fairie is sitting on a bud, but look at the energy she's pouring into it, so it will grow like the other, nearby. You can tell this, by comparing the bud leaf surface to the surface of other nearby leaves. See the etheric energy shimmer going over and through the bud? She's giving it love, dude...angel style.

Angels love babies. Love any kind of newborn anything anywhere. Angels cry over abortion clinics, you know...

A friendly tip from Dork the gardener. We don't cut buds, that's killing a baby, as everyone knows, but we do cut roses when the OUTER ring of petals start to wilt. Then, ask for permission from the rose, she'll be happy to spend her last day before becoming a bud again, in your warm and loving home. We don't cut young or mature flowers, ever. Only retiring ones...Keeps everybody in the garden kingdom happy and on the same page. If you want to make friends, that is, with these little darlings.

Sorry about yesterday's warning thing. Hope you understand, I had no choice. Hate that when that stuff happens, but it happens to me all the damn time. I still don't like it. But, hiding from darkness won't make it go away, and, if we function from a place of inner love and connection, these issues only increase our capacity for greater love and understanding of world events and what's happening. Or something like that.

Now, what's happening is, the little angel is empowering, working with the plant's permanent atom (dna blueprint) and, if she chooses, she can ensconse herself right into the bud, as this one is doing, and be its Higher Self. Which is a good thing for the plant, the plant's elementals down in the trunk and root system, like that. That's how it works and all, pretty cool and they're just beautiful as all get out.

Yeah...Pro-choice advocates are about to get a rude awakening into how the angelic kingdom views abortion and mass, state-sanctioned murder.

Not to beat that one too badly but...(here he goes again, bitch, bitch, bitch) but a great many social tragedy's a great many people have been buying into are about to be revealed as to what they really are to the human temple - acts of horror. Like a horror show or imbalance, farged wiring, and gaping holes in the etheric. Nasty business, that...

However, the good news is, a loving heart heals all things, starting now. No matter how much we screwed the pooch on our lives, we can get a right quick fix on things by making these inner connections now. This is a big opportunity to get with the next spiritual step for all kingdoms - our shift into the higher etheric from the lower physical, as was foretold.

And the whole time y'all were thinking I was just gay-bashing and all that noize. Hardly, dude. Love the the guys, just don't want to sleep with them. Ever. EVER.

And, as things continue to rise in frequency - hook into love and your day becomes like ours are, every day - you'll be also witness to the lies and horrors of this so-called cultural and sexual freedom. You are going to see who the hideous toads are out there, that pray sexually on women, pretending to be men. You'll see the black widow types, women who feed on men's money and what that does to a woman's heart center, a real tragedy, if you ask me...things like that. And, you'll have to face your choices, because you'll see all these errors IN YOURSELF FIRST BEFORE OTHERS. When that happens, you might want to be sitting down...

Look, do what i do. Avoid my blogs and go straight to the pictures. The simple beauty of the Angelic Kingdom needs no voice to say what needs to be said. These lovely dear hearts radiate all that is good and holy in the REAL universe. This is the matrix. Not some evil construct, like the illuminati had all those poor fools believing - quite well, really, the pulled that Op off, in my mind. The matrix of life is one of connected beauty between all living things. The distortion is the evil. That distortion is dying. And like all vampyres, the little shits always make a mess of things when you "expire" their presence upon the physical plane.

Oh yeah, the big rose above and to the left, has the face of the deva, as she becomes a full woman, radiating purity, love, affection, and warmth, as only a loving woman can express, bar NONE. Which is cool. Sorry about the angle, and you can only see her eyes and part of her smile. My bad.

And that's how it happens, as the bud matures, the deva descends deeper into the heart of the bud, becoming source of Spiritual Food and Vitality from...well...God. I don't understand it myself, but that's the only word i can think of. DIvine breath, maybe that's better, but that sounds more limited. Then, the rose petals, etherically of course, then reveal the spiritual self of the inhabiting deva on its outer form. Until now, the usual rose just blooms into petals that look pretty. From now on, the deva overshadowing the rose will now be visible at both birth, youth, maturity, and of course, expiration. Isn't that awesome!

Anyways, the angels or devas are pretty cool beings, and really respond to folks that are trying to be as decent as they can, under whatever circumstances they have found them in. Love reveals and releases all from prison. I'm finding this to be true for myself, and so is my family. It's working for us, so far. The love thing. Lots of angry people don't like that vibe at all, doesn't affect you, only increases your radiance as you include them as well into your circle of blessings and good wishes. That's what works for us, and Tink and her friends just love it here abouts.

Angels love children at happy, creative play. Like animals, except trained animals that have been brainwashed by humans to kill. That crime is so henious, don't get started... Anyways, saw Paul today, and he's doing well and is just a radiant, happy guy. Which is a good thing to know, considering the viper's nest we live in. Elain and James, Stella and Fred's two children have moved into the Eastern gardens, just down from their parents, spending most of their time getting under foot and making themselves at home. George and Ringo stop by several times a day, and all in the gardens miss Doggie and his family. It was a real tragedy, for us and the whole hillside. Everyone is in mourning over it. The shits. But, life goes on, and he'll be back again soon, after he has some time in "doggie heaven" with his family, that he missed here. So, a happy ending after all for our family's pet squirrel.

*** Blogs for June 17, 2004 ***

Do not believe this event will be allowed to happen, personally. I don't see creation allowing a few dookey-boys setting fire to the planet, no matter how deep they are in the sewer with darkness.

I'm planning for a NON-event. But also, watching to see if they actually go GREEN on this, at the last moment. Be watching. Very closely.

It's true - I don't believe in fictions, when made aware of them. As a former Masters in Religion pursuant, most of the bible is a theft job from the Chaldean, Macedonian, and Sumerian civilizations, even down to the three wise men. I only believe in what i can see. Being a realist.

First, just documenting the emergence of the etheric kingdom. All i'm doing. I am not the mouthpiece of the sylphs, no one is. I am not the Voice of God, nor any of that. Sure, i have contact with them and prove it and not with "there's going to be an email from japan" scam. Don't fall for it, dude.

A great many of my "friends" are claiming this is all a hoax, the pics a fraud, and i'm under control and influencing others.

First, i've pretty much cut all physical contact with this group and probably reply to less than 1% of any correspondence it get, and rarely that.

I don't do mass mailings, set myself up as any great being or any of that. I document and comment on what i see. If you don't like the pics or the rants, stop COMING HERE.

Mainly, people have no access to me and even that, is limited to people I'VE ONLY KNOWN FOR 5 YEARS OR LONGER, FROM NOW ON.

Unlike other egos, you won't see a book from here, or any other stupidities. Other's want the illusion of fame and world travel because their self-esteem requires adulation and they are small souls with no real vision or experience in world affairs. They have TV experience and that, not even.

You don't need a book, or Teacher, or Guru, or Master of Wisdom, or BIBLE, or any other mind control vector to find your heart. You only need a sincere aspiration to discover what is inside you, and always has been, all the time.

Anyone claiming i am doing this to setup some kind of cult or book or some crap is simply working for dark forces, esp when they know better about the situation. As they do. Which amazes me.

And, with no physical contact with anyone who I've known less than five years, how can I possibly be a cult leader?

Don't you have to have a cult to be one?

Going to stay off the boards, too. Won't be starting one, either. My family has no need of any kind of fan club, or gathering, or any of that crazy bs. You guys can have it.

See, its not very hard to comply with a friend's inner longings...just bitch at me and I'll happily remove myself from your world. The best rule is, never be where you are NOT wanted.

The three plans for hijacking are with a gay guy, a woman ala Leider, or this black guy, Lonnie. That's the hijacking plans. They are even profiling my blogs for language traits and the like. Well, the gay is reptoid, so is the woman, and the black guy is possessed and mkid. FYI.

This is why AB and I left the boards - to get away from personality games and "dramas." Ending that two months ago restored my sanity and saved me from a world of unneccesary grief. I've been happily at work making orgone and exploring wonders of creation.

The whole thing is right in front of many are missing the point of orgone and the terms they like to throw around like "OR or DOR or high-frequency." When they finally learn what that high-frequency is, and the kingdoms that live in that frequency, they run from it, taking shots at ME! as they run.

Hey..."I" didn't create the angelic or etheric planes. Why are you angry at me for seeing what you can't see yet? But, what others are plants, the sky, in themselves, changes...positive changes...

If you cannot learn love from the children placed in your path to teach you love, then your heart is in danger of DYING OUT.

Don't you see it? This is the New Moon of the Solstice, 72 hours each year, when darkness is at its most powerful. Stop being played by your links to you, which you allowed. Cut those links. Be a free person. Don't let them "game" you, dude.

I'm sorry, no exceptions, save for a select few friends. If we haven't known each other at least five years, the chances of face time or phone time from now on are pretty much nil. Email, maybe, orgone topics? Sure. But, on any other level other than basic orgone, that time is over. The family i have needs my full attention right now, not problems. We don't consider orgone a problem, so that's where things are. And digging up some GWB handler from my past won't play either - looking for just that move and warily so. I already know who's who from my past. Don't even. If orgone is on your mind, we can talk. Any other reality, and...

Only way i can end this childish crap.

Oh...regards angelic contact. You don't need an intermediary. At all. Any messages say, from anyone from the angels to you, IS A FRAUD, A FICTION, A LIE, A HOAX, A SCAM, AND SO ON. They do their communications with humanity DIRECTLY to the individual.

This is why no one, and i mean no one in this group or anywhere has ever received an email or call or anything claiming AN ANGEL HAS A MESSAGE FOR YOU. This would be a lie and anyone doing that is serving EVIL. PERIOD.

Messages...for heaven's sake, people. Remember, i'm just documenting, LIKE EVERYONE ELSE, just as a slightly more advanced stage than others, that's all. No mouthpiece. No messages. Don't be played. That's old school. All attainments are within each of us, by ourselves, according to who we've allowed ourselves to become, after a lifetime of choices. It's that simple. All else is intrigue.

And, you'll love this one, fido...angelic contact? Unlike darkside contact? We don't get VOICES in our heads or any of that possession crap.

Want to know a secret? A really big secret? I've asked them a THOUSAND times, if they had anything to say to us, being the doormat and all to this new paradigm thing. They said this, and made me actually memorize it word for word, that one day i might say it. Turns out, it is today. Here it is:

We are the message. Just tell them about love.

That's it. Nothing else. They said their presence alone was the message.

Now you have it. You either respond or react to that.

*** Blogs for June 18, 2004 ***

Tree deva in upper right of tree, top.

Today's POTD has yet another tree deva, which is about 25 percent across from the left to the right, and about 30 percent down from the top, you'll see two letters, Q and P. Plus, to the right, are four tree devas, but you get to find them on your own. Don't know what QP stands for at the moment, or what it means. No idea.

A tree deva becomes more tree than deva, save for an etheric face, just like the trees dorothy ran into in Oz, like that. ALl higher life forms have and retain, their faces and expressions of their inner self. And that's what we're all looking at.

Had to do some air clearing, mainly for my own head, lately. The further I go into the future, the more simple my day seems to become. At least, trying to get it that way, on very simple terms of expression. The angels are very sensitive to ugly things, ugly vibes, and ugly people and AVOID THEM. So, we tend to find that shutting off vectors that disrupt that harmony and energy to a GOOD THING for us and our friends. So...

The good news is, we get better angel picture opportunities which we all look at and learn from. These pictures help us understand the new etheric realities emerging, a kind of social primer, when you think on it. For me, i get new and endearing respect for the life all around me, you know. When you realize that plant you just stepped on has a beating heart that feels, you might stop and say "sorry, dude," next time, like i do, ALL THE TIME, being a klutz of the fifteenth magnitude.

Going to stay with a whole minimalist thing, too, saying as least as possible about them, except in cases of helping to ID their location in the pic and slightly explaining what we are all looking at. Like that. Everyone knows, my rants are my rants. But also, they are direct FIRST-HAND observation of this kingdom. But still, it's me, not them, to be clear. And to be sure, no one is laughing behind my back anymore, glad that's all done with. Have a good weekend gifting, everyone.