Cbswork - June 2004 Blogs 2

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By cbswork

*** Blogs for June 21, 2004 ***

Solstice...I used to enjoy these, just lies and misery. You can tell the weekend i had, eh?


The contents of all the phenom pics from january through yesterday, were wiped out, including back up drives. So, all that phenom pic stuff is gone, save for some cds that were sent out a few months ago...

How about that...


So, because i'm being played, no more personal viewpoint blogs. No inner thoughts. Who needs those rants, anyway? Just be used later against me in court, when they try to run me up as some kind of radical. "Manifesto" spins and the like, that people suck down. I'm not anti-government - you need a certain amount of professional services, always have - just anti-evil, wherever it rears its ugly head in my world.


Is your phenom produced AFTER the airforce neatly lays some horizontal strips of chemlines nearby? Is it? Cuz if it is, you are LOOKING AT FALSE LIGHT images. Wraiths...soul stealers on the etheric plane...very bad. Look too deeply into their eyes and you can get hypnotized - be very careful - look deeper, behind the pretty, my pretty. Their reptilian core will show through and every time. Half my 80% of my sylph pics were these demons.


Indigo and Crystal children. Sounds nice, right? Wonderful. Very accurate and the truth. My, very and I mean the BEST graphics too, all mixed with pictures of crystals and the like. How nice. Put together on the highest quality of graphics there are on the web, hands-down...articles to the point and accurate. Can this be too good to be true? Oh my, is there finally a place on the net that will help us? Finally?

Well, they are telling it. Glad to see it. So i kept digging, that's my way, being a slow-learing and needing a ton of facts in my face before i many of you, no doubt.

Then, I see, that low and behold the one and only meditation they offer has you opening your head center to the God or Goddess of your choice, if not, they'll supply it. Really?

I've been watching the old gods and goddesses materialize on the etheric plane since the last solstice...spooky. Had pics of them, too. Whatever. Then, i find Michael Aquino is rapping it up about indigo children, and so is the Lucis (latin for lucifer) Trust, and, and, and...all the GWB big-bugs are singing that song right now. The old LLP gang. It's accurate about the indigo kids. But i'm not sure i would do any meditation that has AN EXTERNAL GOD coming in through my head center. Unless, of course, that feels right to you. Always a personal choice, that.

Someone gave me a bag of square brass chips and when I "accidentally" put the zap-checker next to the bag, it screamed out. The little square chips were RFID transponders. Wondered why the brass always had a weird energy signature...fortunately, i didn't put any of that in any gifting tbs or the like. I was literally given 5 pounds, or half a million, of these tracking devices, pretending to be these little perfect brass squares.

A great many people are going to a great many lengths to get me and my friend, Don Croft, to become enemies. We spoke at length last night. Our love and friendship is solid, regardless of what happens down here. Leave us alone.

But's that's how they do it. I know this because I wrote the books that did that, too. We give you the truth in toto, then at the end, point you in a direction. See, the way that scam works is, you heart will overtly resonate when confronted with any truth or real fact in space-time. Unless you have no heart, but that's another story. Anyway, after say, 60,000 words on the truth, you are on board, with it, going where they want us to go. You are loaded with the truth and your heart is singing out. Then the critical moment approaches. A little lie, at the end. Just a tiny one. One small fracture in the whole ice-castle of truth. That fracture will alway send you into the abyss. I know this. Because that is exactly what happened to me. Many times.


What you do is, is tune that that heart and pay ATTENTION TO EVERY SLIGHTEST DETAIL, ESPECIALLY THE SMALL, VERY HIDDEN ONES, BUT STILL VISIBLE, because of the rule of evil has to be VISIBLE AND IN YOUR FACE. With all these sites, what you need to discern reality from fiction is RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU. Don't read hoping to find WHAT YOU WANT. Rather, read with objective discernment, and weigh all facts in the chamber of your heart. And especially do this with people, too. Especially the ones closest to you, your intimates. Really. Half the people I've allowed in my world are monsters - because I laxed on discernment.

Any time...ANY make a conscious concession to evil, your heart shrinks. So does your does the voice of truth in your head...because every agreement on any level, freezes the interplay of higher etheric energies among the petals of the heart. I just watched someone this past weekend do just that not once, but on three separate issues, and watched them shrink, then try to sell me on the compromise, i should, too....really? Have you lost your mind? Your soul? Take a deal, even a small one with darkness? Are you fucking insane?

Don't you see it? Any compromise makes you a whore...then, its all about price. Isn't it?

The reason for the tracking RFIDS was to obviously locate each gift for retrieval. The big reason was the find the Undine enclaves, which the navy hoped these trackers would be used to follow them back to where our water angels live, in their dominions, deep under the oceans. That plan was foiled.

Strange...whenever a darksider comes to the house now, a grey cloud envelopes at the door, letting everyone know who can see, just what is waiting on the other side. And then the small ones start crying...

See, part of the problem is the agencies are controlling the flow of information to and from my web sites and email. All of the local routers here on the PacTel hubs have 4th gen DSX1000 black boxes, which are all digitally controlled from Maryland. These boxes restrict things. Like emails from one point to another, like that. They don't just siphon off data, they INTERDICT THAT DATA AND PREVENT ITS FLOW. Carnivore, dude. Visible and in your face. A carnivore doesn't observe, IT EATS. And that's what these dsx boxes do, eat my data. Yours, too, you know. Fact.


I don't do predictions. Just plans. A VERY BIG difference. Hear about a thing, put it on the table with the usual disclaimers and affirmations of courage, hope, and love, of course. That's what wise people do, look at the facts and maintain their high levels of these qualities where fear cannot go. Playing that "fear" number is also a way of suppressing information and the feds use that ploy with great success. You can't be blind to evil - just don't let it control you with fear, is the thing. Be proactive.

Yes, got the chromatic tuner, thou i've tried to email you that. People have what they have, but the stuff sent me was reptilian, so we burned it. ANd it went up in smoke in under twenty minutes, with a simple log-fire. Didn't know that mineral had such a low flash-point...did you? It went right up, putting out a sickly yellow glow and nasty ecto-green flame. The salamdars evaporated the stuff - no ashes. See, these monsters will go to any lengths to destroy human beings. Any lengths. How can anyone in their right mind, ever make a deal with that?

Seen Earthwalker's pics - genuine phenomena and yes, the angels are all around her and the little one. See, a gentle pure heart... Say what you will about me - deservedly so, we are in agreement - but when sweet flowers like her have the same experience, than the whole slander stuff starts missing some beats. But, she's in that same place, too. Going through tests of discernment and heightened listening to the heart, telling you what is and isn't. Also this, dear, expect every play thrown at you. Friends appearing out of nowhere with exactly the same interests, seeming by that. Ask for everyone person you meet, "Heart and Soul, reveal the character is this person." Bing, within moments or minutes, their TRUE self will flash over their face - or if they are under possession, the entity. Spooky at first, but you'll get used to it and then be grateful for it. Also, too, you'll have to erase half the people you know, but....

Randy's such an angel - he turned three last week - i've been showing him how to work the tape player and now he's got early beatles blaring all over, a big smile on his face. And doing it correctly, turning it on and off and all the steps. Kids learn so fast. He learned all the steps in a single showing, complex steps, too. Just a dad bragging after a reflective father's day.

And you always catch that little lie at the end. Always. But we suppress, cuz the rest - the other 99.9% is so very wonderful, didn't you know... When we accept that tiny fracture, it spreads to the rest of the ice castle, eventually shattering it into a million pieces of BROKEN LIFE. Of this truth, i speak from personal experience. You end up living in some CIA contrived reality, where even cameras are aimed at your bed and pornos of you making love to your wife are passed around the degenerate FEDS while they jerk off and do cocaine. For real. Watch out for the fractures...tiny...but there nonetheless.

*** Blogs for June 22, 2004 ***

Still sorting out computer and online problems, narrowing things down. So, here's a new and hopefully usable email account for me. I have far too many problems with ALL my old accounts, so here it is.

And thanks for your support, everyone.

Please do not send emails with attachments, even friends. I delete attachment emails upon receipt, unread. Sorry, got tanked a few times recently.

Gifting report. Went out to Emmawood Beach in Ventura tonight and dumped about 40 orgone creations into the drink. It was wonderful, very special moment and time, and, regrettably, a private affair. However, the gifts were instantly taken to wherever these things go - no brass rfids for tracking, either - and spent the last two days just making them for the pacific ocean.

Still sorting out computer and online problems, narrowing things down. So, here's a new and hopefully usable email account for me. I have far too many problems with ALL my old accounts, so here it is.

And thanks for your support, everyone.

Please do not send emails with attachments, even friends. I delete attachment emails upon receipt, unread. Sorry, got tanked a few times recently.

Gifting report. Went out to Emmawood Beach in Ventura tonight and dumped about 40 orgone creations into the drink. It was wonderful, very special moment and time, and, regrettably, a private affair. However, the gifts were instantly taken to wherever these things go - no brass rfids for tracking, either - and spent the last two days just making them for the pacific ocean.

*** Blogs for June 23, 2004 ***

Informational articles for gifters, once read, are deleted. Remember, these posts are for a very small group of orgone-aware people. Some gift, some don't, but all are in the group, serving freedom in their own ways.

The gifting thing last night at the beach has stayed with me, even this morning. It's so very strange, I have to tell the story, only so you all can call me a liar and a fraud and have a good laugh. Well, i was there. No other witnessess, sorry. To make it believable, i'll cut out all the extreme stuff and keep the elements that would be believable. Hmmm...

Well, got at the beach late, abouts nine in the evening. It's dark at the beach, you know. The moment I pulled off the highway towards the water, they swarmed me. That's not entirely true. When I hit kimball rd in Ventura, they were lined for miles, waiting for the gifts, making this avenue of love and protection - asked for by moi, given the last five days i've had - all the way to the water's edge.

Well, being an idiot at best, I had forgotten the tidal flows at night. The tide was out and at Emmawood, there are no coastal lights of any kind, on any road, anywhere. It occurred to me as I passed the 33 highway heading north, that I might have a problem getting to water, given my direction. So, there I was, standing with a HUGE bag of water stuff and no way to get down the boulders into the sand, then out to the sea.

Then, the tide came in, right up to the rocks, and I literally didn't have to move, just plopped them into the water, then the ocean moved back to the sea, 200 yards distant. What I witnessed was impossible. Shouldn't of happened. But it did. I'm still reeling from the experience.

Then, in some palm trees to my right, a whole series of sprites lit up the tree with the physical plane fluorescent smile and eyes, winking a thank you. Fifty feet high, for everyone there to see, if they were looking at palm trees at the moment. Damndest thing i ever saw im my life...put a glow in the heart that will be there forever, to be sure. And touching. They're grateful for the gifts, undines are.

"I'm a Dapper Dan man."

Me, too.

That's a little, small thing between some friends. What it means is, its code. It means we serve freedom. Dapper Dan is movie code for Freedom. FOP is movie cod for slavery. Which do you serve?

I'll always be a Dapper Dan man. Always.

I'm so grateful the Crofts brought orgone to the world. Everything good that has come into my life in the last three years, and bad too, but...anyway, has stemmed from that. And, weighing it all, its been a wonderful blessing. Thanks, Don and Carol, for all the sacrifices you make.

Loving the family, making orgone, and gifting. That's all that matters any more. Life is that simple now. Completely so. I'm tuning out everything else to the background, until the final day of victory. Everything else is a distraction. Every day counts. Every moment counts. Every thought, feeling, hope and dream, count. And by cutting all those attachments and distractions, finding a little peace and freedom. I'll leave the mayhem to others, it's too much for my dorkish little nature.

We've been listening for a few years now about the slander regards moi. I'm just glad that others gift and are having next-level etheric experiences. This makes this slander moot. So, don't send it to me in email, either. I consider just spreading poison and will shut off the vector at once, from now on. I've been called john the baptist, christ, lucifer, a reptoid, a nsa handler, an mkid, and every single name in the book, except dupe. That one...DUPE...that shoe fits very well and for being an idiot who didn't use his powers of discernment until AFTER the fact, then I certainly deserve all slanders. It's a hell of a thing to wake up and realize your whole life has been a manufactured lie. Like that movie about the guy whose life was a soundstage. When that one hits you, its the bitterest pill to swallow. Ten years later and I still can't look in the mirror without feeling shame....

Your protection from darkness and its attacks is maintaining an equipose of love and strength, in balance. It's been my biggest lesson since the equinox, and I'm just mastering it lately. Test yourself, as I do, myself. Every crisis that comes...

Was I emotionally ruffled? No, not the last four times, but the previous two before that, though...

Did I use discernment? Listen to my heart? Stay out of other's messes? like that...

Then, each day, i see how I handled things. From a balanced, intelligent and loving perspective, or a reactive, angry, dickhead routine? This year, I'm 4 for 2. Now, when evil rears, its dealt with decisively and thoroughly, and F O R E V E R . . . . back in, after you've revealed your real nature. If you are aligned with dark forces, YOU ARE GONE. In any way, no matter how slight. Those are my new rules. Keeps me out of messes...

Yeah...see...and how many of you were sent those little brass? And she said i wanted all my mail sent to her? Never happened. And, when i exposed a base out by Foster's bowl, she wrote me and told me i was wrong, but AB and I TOOK PICTURES OF THE FENCE, GAte, and everything. It exists. You can drive right up to it. And they hope the aura of a bright child will offset that black hole. Didn't you ever wonder dear, why i closed up around you and fed you disinformation of the wildest kind? From the start. RFIDs people... Everything sent me through her was spiked, gone through, and bugged, save for the tesla coil, cuz so very many of us were watching that little one...

I've been offered three bribes, so far, in five days. The amounts keep going up.

Save you boys some trouble...NO.

*** Blogs for June 24, 2004 ***

"You mentioned two way of gaining entrance in our auras, by evil. Are there others?"

Yeah, and the little buttheads even tell you, right in your face. It's the seven deadly sins in the bible. They just run you through them, and if you can get through them all and stay untouchable, you get a merit badge and a rope at the end of your life.

Just kidding about the merit badge.

The ends justify the means is bullshit and a trap, flat-out. When I was trying to break away from the GWB, my first thoughts were, "Well, I'm fucked. Okay. Well, why not use their forums and public access against them?"

See the entrance?

Sure. Now. Everyone sees it now. Try it yourself. Wake up one day and find out someone has been playing you since birth. Waiting for you. Just waiting. Little shits. You guys made a real enemy here, with me, you know. You stole my life. I can't do anything about the past, but I'm making up for it at the double-quick.

But it did no good. The more I tried to mix the truth in with the shill they had me doing - '97 alone, I did 23 TV shows, 35 radio shows, 20 public appearances and talk shows, and many other things - but, in the end, the mixture poulluted the message, corrupting the the good intentions, and getting me on a shitlist that gets worse by the day, still...

Only by completely severing all links did I find my soul, all hidden for years and napping, waiting for me to come home from a very long night in hell.

But, you can always make lemonade from lemons, if you look or listen, hard enough.

The Great McGinty was kind enough to send me a chromatic tuner, set for The Solus Wand. Which was spiked and bugged. Thanks boys.

So, there I be, sitting there with it hanging outside the thing and then I see the Input jack for a 1/4" RCA plug, standard guitar jack. Strap on Baby - a '62 Gibson SG - with a Kahler system on it and plug into the wand and start playing.

It was wonderful. And powerful. and it blew my mind, but that's what I do now, p[lug into the wand with a guitar and..."fiddle."

The rule of evil is, it has to be visible and in your face. That's why they do logos, and obvious sign stuff or give out the play in films and books, is to comply. Our job is to discern evil and then act in opposition to it, at every turn. Or we're screwed.

From one POV, the bible is the whole codebook on the fit, function, form, and limitations of modern evil, as it plays out in the human arena. They tell it all, right there, and even give you a bonafide list of historical players (read monsters) as they have come on down through antiquity. And, they are completely driven by it, too, like an obsession, to the letter - the Satanists.

Because its "their" playbook. Their script. They have to follow it, in hopes the thing works. Just don't attend the premier. Make it a no-show event for Hollywood, so to say. All dressed up and the only thing going is this planetary sized Arch Angel opening a dimensional door for their exit into their version of hell for awhile. A real long while, damn...

Because of this love, going to share this with fifty of my closest friends, over the world. You know who you are, all love.

My friends...this is not the year for fucking up. Using straight, plain language everyone understands, niceness aside. This year, make it the year you do all you can to get your aura cleaned up with the cleansing fires of right action and your heart.

We all have regrets in our lives of wrong choices. All of us. This is so.

However, here we are, doing what we can, learning about our hearts, trying to be whatever high ideal we may hope of ourselves, in each our own ways. This is the time to show yourself that all those mistakes can be changed. This time, make it a different ending then the last way things were handled. Choose another way. A higher way. Whatever that means to you.

ANd listen to your heart, in all things, or you'll not make it. The deceptions are far too grand and complete, without that guide, rudder, and navigator all in one. Dude...totally for real here about that. We can do it. We all can do it. If we want it. For ourselves, and more importantly, for those still in slavery and under the thumb of mindless oppression.