HAARP farm

Post# 24735 04/01/03 Dor2Or (Jon H.)

I stumbled across a HAARP farm within 2 miles of where I live. Hidden by trees but right there. Drove right by it for the longest time, years maybe. When I found it at night I could only see 2 towers. These 2 had flashing red lights on top. Thats how I found them. Took me an hour of driving around to find a road that took me right to them. When I came back during the day I stopped counting at 18 towers! They were all about evenly spaced apart, maybe 50 yards apart. Some of them looked like they were upside down because they had what looked like 3 struts attached to the tops. How many HHgs do you think it takes to neutralize this place? Four placed so far...

Also, there's an underground nuke plant within 1 mile of the HAARP farm. Stumbled across that too. Imagine a dirt pit with a barbed wire fence around it, puddles of water at the bottom. No cement though. Tossed some TB's in. Came back days later and they had bull-dozed out the pit. I could see the grooves and the pit was much deeper. So I tossed in some more TBs.

Post# 26978 04/17/03 Dor2Or (Jon H.)

Carol, welcome also from me! I, too, greatly admire your work and wish you well. Thanks for posting the images. I have a HAARP facility less than 2 miles from my house. I counted 18 antennas though there may be more I can't see because of the tall trees around them. I didn't find it until the last 2 antenna's they put up had flashing red lights on them since they were tall enough to be a flight hazard I guess.

I've noticed that all of the mapquest and yahoo maps aerial photos blank out the transmitters, though the blank spots are clue enough.

Is that Don in the photo reaching out to grab the 'High Voltage' wire?

Post# 29017 05/08/03 Dor2Or (Jon H.)

Lots of HAARP activity here. The chemtrails haven't stuck since early April, outside of one or two days of severely heavy spraying where they only stuck for hours and not days. Sky is continuously clear blue but the transmitter created 'clouds' are on full it seems. The sky will be totally clear and then in the hills where the big arrays are, the 'clouds' begin to form and take over the sky. The fog-creating function hasn't been used so much lately, just the 'clouds', which are low but not as low as the fog. High 'clouds' are rare. Then the HAARP kicks in and the low 'clouds' take on a pattern. I learned that 89 TBs and 20 HHgs placed around HAARP farms have a way of interfering with the fake weather effects, though ;-)