By: Uri Dowbenko

Ted Schwarz is an apologist for CIA mind control atrocities.

His book, Secret Weapons, is chockfull of specious reasoning, flawed logic and outright lies. Its intent is simple -- to make CIA mind control programs appear to be "science," rather than illegal Soviet/Nazi-like torture and an outrageous abuse of human rights.

Schwarz writes like a hack hired by the CIA to deliver a story on mind control atrocities by government perps. As a CIA spin doctor, Schwarz has definitely earned his blood money.

The book Secret Weapons is well-crafted disinformation. It glosses over egregious human rights abuses, as well as the illegal activities of the CIA.

The cover blurb claims that Schwarz is the "best selling author of more than 100 books and over 2,000 articles."

For the record, Schwarz has written a biography of dead Illuminati Grand Dame Doris Duke, world-class scammer-businessman John DeLorean, and Cuban CIA asset "Marita."

As a propagandist (the CIA actually has a job title called "strategic writer," or writer of disinformation for public consumption), Schwarz muddies the waters of CIA crimes and cover-ups by framing the life-long abuses of Lynn and Cheryl Hersha in the context of "training" to be a "female James Bond secret agent."

Schwarz's conceit, in effect, whitewashes the realities of trauma-based conditioning, mind control abuses, and the horrendous sexual and physical abuses endured by the sisters under the guise of "national security."

Rationalizing the continuation of CIA mind control programs into the present, Schwarz writes: "This is not to say that all other researchers had the appropriate war mentality so pleasing to the CIA elite. Many were simply looking out for the financial welfare of their families."(p.63)

In other words, don't judge them too harshly. Maybe Sidney Gottlieb, Jolly West, Allen Dulles, Ewen Cameron and the rest of the CIA criminal elite were just trying to put food on the table.

If he wrote a biography of Nazi mind control monster Josef Mengele, Schwarz would probably point out what a sensitive cultured man Mengele was since he played the violin so well.

Schwarz's own words will convict him.

"The scientists who designed the [mind control] project to which Cheryl had been assigned probably would have preferred to work in a less offensive manner," writes Schwarz. "Few wanted to hurt children if there was any alternative. That was why there had been feverish activity on the part of the Central Intelligence Agency's Technical Services Staff (TSS) to develop remote control killers. The idea was to use an implant in the brain that could be stimulated to create behavior. Unwitting adults, unconnected with any of the intelligence agencies could have devices implanted that would stimulate the desired behavior without the person ever knowing what he or she had done." (p. 56)

(As if creating "remote control killers" by implants was less of a crime than traumatizing a child and creating a structured multiple to do the CIA criminals' dirty work.)

Schwarz's book is full of zingers. Here's another one: "In the last few years, a number of individuals have come forward to reveal being locked in cages and used as laboratory rats. According to the thinking of those who conducted and approved the original experiments, the relative handful of people whose stories have a basis in fact were not deliberately mistreated any more than they thought Cheryl was being mistreated. She and the others were involved in pure science. All conditions had to be identical for both the primary research subjects - the primates in this case and the comparison control group of children."

"Pure science"? Locking up children in cages is "pure science"?

Schwarz's twisted arguments are simply beyond belief. He writes that "in order to have human lab rats for the experiments who were children and thus minors, a form was developed called proxy consent. It was created at a time when Americans were sure that parents knew and should decide what was best for their children."

Schwarz's serpentine logic is impeccable.

"The young are often self-centered, their knowledge limited to little more than home, school, the neighborhood and any religious institution to which their families belong, he continues. "They cannot understand that there are times when it is necessary to think of the greater good of others [Huh?] They cannot understand the important role a child can play in preserving the future of democracy and the western world as we know it. [Like being a programmed assassin?] Only a parent can understand all that, especially a parent who has served in the military and understands the concepts of honor duty and sacrifice." (p.89)

"Cheryl and Lynn's father Dick was such a parent," Schwarz concludes. "When his children were selected [?] for experimentation, he signed the proxy consent form without hesitation."

Schwarz doesn't reveal if Cheryl and Lynn Hersha's parents were compromised, blackmailed or co-opted, or even under mind control themselves. This so-called proxy consent form would still be null and void, despite the legal dressing of an unconscionable and illegal contract.

Schwarz also has to get some Internet bashing into his book, since the Internet is one of the few uncontrolled venues of information in the world.

"The problem is that some people, undoubtedly having troubled pasts, are seeking attention through the Internet," Schwarz exits whining. "Their troubled reasoning was that just having been molested by their fathers was not enough. They had to have been through something more horrible than that. They had to have been victims of religious cults, government experiments and even pedophiles in the highest offices of the land.(p.323)

This sounds just like the party line of the False Memory Spindrome Foundation, another notorious CIA front.

But Schwarz is a top notch spin doctor. He even knocks online survivor support groups as much as he disdains the Internet.

Schwarz then puts in a good word for shock "therapy," trying to explain why the sisters can't remember so well.

"This may have come about because such memory lapses are generated by the use of electro-convulsive therapy (ECT) which has also been used with some frequency in legitimate psychiatric treatment for many years. It is a controversial treatment and the correct amount to be given difficult to ascertain." (p. 326)

Obviously frying the Hersha sisters' brains to "help" them forget has worked out just fine.

For an excellent first-hand account of mind control and recovery, read Paperclip Dolls by Annie McKenna, an intelligently written book about survival in the face of absolute evil (

On the other hand, Secret Weapons is a great example of disinformation and a spurious rationale for the US Police State. The book's future is clear. Secret Weapons is a textbook for PsyOps (Psychological Operations) -- how to fool people about mind control and get them to pay for it too. Sounds like a twofer for the Agency.
Secret Weapons: Two Sisters' Terrifying True Story of Sex, Spies and Sabotage
By Cheryl and Lynn Hersha with Dale Griffis, Ph.D. and Ted Schwarz
(2001, New Horizon Press, 426p. $25.95)
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