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 Dr. Reich Legacy 
Does anybody know about dr.Reich legacy... his hous/archive should be opened in november this year...has this already happened ?

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 Re: Dr. Reich Legacy 
Hi Meta, apparently the files have been opened but you have to go to Maine to view them, you would think they could digitalize them so they could be avaliable to people all over the world, but no, of course the museum just wants to keep their little niche of importance.  This demonstrates that these orthodox Reichians are more interested in their own prestige than in diseminating Reich's legacy. All they have online is a index of the archives, and if you want access to them they will decide if you are worthy enough for seeing them. I garantee none of us is worthy enough  Wink  http://www.wilhelmreichmuseum.org/archive_access.html     I'm pretty sure Reich would detest these people that claim to represent his legacy, fake scholars and parasites. A decent museum would have all this material digitalized before the big date, which created alot of anticipation, and could of charged a nominal fee for downloading them or have them avaliable for free. That would of given them alot of prestige indeed, more visits and more interest in Reich. Instead they created a big anti-climax.
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 Re: Dr. Reich Legacy 
I had a chance to get  copies of Reich's more arcane writings (these were originals and Eva apparently didn't keep any copies) from a girlfriend, eight years ago, who told me that Eva Reich nonchalantly gave the handwritten pages  to her not long before. I had the impression that Eva couldn't wait to dump all of her dad's priceless writings on the CIA, who are probably the ones who had him murdered in the first place.  I don't generally tell stuff like this but Dr Reich, himself, wrote that Eva had betrayed him frequently.  He chalked it up to a bad divorce from her mom, which is sure understandable.

Like a lot of lonely, stupid American activists and potential activists,  I kind of fell for that smart, pretty (but not funny) CIA honeypot for a little bit but that's when I was in the process of figuring out that the only lasting, healthy love relationships exist between two genuine people, not between one genuine one and one scammer. I was recovering from a short, doomed marriage to X2, a glamorous, self styled con artist and a pretty good psychic.    

I lost interest in that secretive, skewed one who dangled the Reich hook in front of me and a few months later Carol and I got started together in Idaho.  I think Carol was my reward for finally getting it right. Some of the people the honeypot got close to, including Dr Ann Wigmore, ended up dead not long after her extended visits, so I guess the danger element also held my interest a bit  Rolling Eyes

She wanted to persuade me to move to Santa Fe, New Mexico (where she had a house at the time, along with one in  London and who-knows-where-else) and made sharing the documents conditional on that.  When she told me that Laurence Rockefeller got her into a career I got my first hint that she was CIA. I forgot her name but she was probably lying about it, anyway.

I'm hoping that Peter Reich, who is apparently not connected to the bunch at Orgonon, will eventually publish what his dad told and showed him the day before his murder. I think that will be worth more than anything Reich's other progeny could share.

When Carol and I made that gorgeous, blue hole in the blizzard above Orgonon, almost six years ago, the folks at the museum were quite unfriendly toward us and wouldn't let us on the property, though it was during the hours when the museum was supposed to be open to the public.  We were a little surprised by that, though we didn't have any expectations other than to share some good news and a demonstration with people who were apparently also Reich's supporters.

The night before, as we were getting into  Rangeley during that incredible March blizzard (probably HAARP-generated, since the more aware sewer rats were already getting a clue what we were about), Carol saw an artificial vortex over Orgonon that resembled the spherical, 'Atlantean' vortex near Rogue River, Oregon, where there are gravity and time distortions.  She looked underground, there, and saw a spinning engine, apparently buried by Reich when  he was alive.  That night,  I met him in a dream and he apparently explained that device to me, though I immediately woke up (3:33AM) and forgot what he told me.  When we were coming out of the cafe the next morning people were standing in the parking lot, staring at the blue hole in the sky--the clear hole was surrounded by very dark, DOR-laden storm clouds--and perhaps noticing that the wind had stopped.   We had stood the brand-new orgonite cloudbuster up beside the car when we went inside for breakfast and the blizzard was still raging around us, then.   New Englanders, especially people in Maine, are a closed culture so we weren't privy to their conversation but I bet they were talking about Dr Reich, then Wink

What an incredibly nice way to show up at Dr Reich's favorite bit of earth!  We felt a lot of gratitude for him under the circumstances and Carol talked with his ghost.

I don't feel angry at Eva Reich  or at Dr James DeMeo, who acts like a vengeful pitbull toward us on behalf of the mystical consortium who had latched onto the Reich legacy, perhaps in an effort to keep it obscure and discredited.  I think it's okay to state for the record how they behave, though.

I've written and posted this a few times over the years but some things bear repetition, especially since most of the posted accounts were destroyed by the sewer rat agencies' professional hackers.

We were aware, that day, that we were making history. I want you to be aware that you're also making history by disabling the world odor's horrible infrastructure and foundation with your own gifting efforts.

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 Re: Dr. Reich Legacy 
Dr Reich wrote (tongue in cheek), "Three kinds of people should be shot: sycophants, fake scientists and businessmen."  In the context of the fascism that reigned in America in those days, 'businessmen' can probably be restated as 'corporate businessmen,' since they were in firm control of the NationalSocialist economy, public opinion and politics in this Land of the Once Free in those dark days.

He openly detested the sleazy hyjinx of popular mystics, too.  I'm pretty sure that if he were acquainted with psychics who have personal integrity he'd be eager to employ them in his research.  There are many more of these good folks around, now, than there were in the 1930s and 40s, when they were generally ostracized and feared. In those days, only the psychics who aligned themselves with Theosophy were given a public voice.  I wonder if Reich and STeiner would have gotten along. Steiner, after all, didn't encourage others to scrutinize and objectify his own work the way Reich encouraged everyone to question his own findings.  The latter approach is a sign of intellectual integrity, of course, and the former is a characteristic of the world odor's paradigm of leadership.

I don't know whether Dr Reich would be comfortable about our research reliance on reputable psychics, even though there's a huge psi component in his own research.  I think that mainly he didn't want to be institutionalized and exploited by any of the three groups mentioned above.

He considered materialistic science to be sham mysticism, since one had to be irrational to accept that  lopsided paradigm.

By the way, I'm stealing a little time from Dooney's chat session right now to report to you that STevo knew the moment that Norman Mailer died.  The confirmation of the time of death came later on.  It's this sort of accuracy, combined with their willingness to work together and with the rest of us,  that makes our psychics so reliable.