Anyone see the NATO Secretary-General, George Robertson, Build-a-bugger and former British Defence Secretary on tv last night (5th October 2001). Obviously talking about the present crisis with Blair, Bush, bin Laden etc and how they would bring about peace, love and harmony by bombing the crap out of any country that doesn't immediately submit to their demands?

I was gobsmacked by the back-lighting that consisted of a number of spotlights arranged in the shape of the constellation DRACO.
Now I am not convinced by the reptillian thing, but stunts like this...they really make your spine tingle.

If we are talking constellations, George Robertson's name is interesting. When lookig for codes we can dismiss nothing until after further investigations. so:

The name George means farmer, tiller of the ground, equating with the constellation THE PLOUGH
The Plough has various other names and correspondences, among them The Great Bear, Osiris, Set, Wodan's Wagon. It is perhaps the most easily recognised of the constellations.

Robertson - The son of Robert. Robert means famous, brilliant or luminous. So Robertson may be code for the son of the luminous-the Illuminati. alternatively we might read it to Famous son or even Luminous son.

Together George Robertson may be code for a brilliant sun in the constellation of the Plough; which may relate to Alpha Draconis, which is also called Thuban "the Subtle One" which appears to have been (or be) a Set cult title.

Or is it Famous son of The Plough, which associates with Horus, who of course is also 'the Brilliant sun'.

Who is George speaking for?

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