Paul A. Drockton vs The Illuminati


 I am writing this article because most people don't really understand what happens when you become a "target" of the Illuminati, or how their system really operates. First though a little background:

The Illuminati Cult is organized on the International, National, Regional, and local levels. At the local level, you have what may be referred to as a "Cell", "Family", "Coven" etc. normally composed of 13 individuals. When the population of the group exceeds 13, a new cell, or family, is created with the help of other families or cells. It is not unusual for an individual to belong to two families or cells until the number 13 is realized. Each cell has a "Father" who also serves as the High Priest or "Director" of the cell. This individual also sits on a regional council that coordinates with other "Cells" through their Directors. One "High Priest from the Regional level sits on a multi-regional or National council. Everything is coordinated and well organized.

Each "Family" or cell also has a "High Priestess" or Mother.

She also sits on a regional council etc. She oversees the "Training" of the members of the cell and the upbringing of their offspring. "Training" involves planning the child's position in the Cult prior to birth based on genetics, bloodline, parentage etc. Tasks are usually multi-generational and based on the individuals ability to "disassociate" in the womb. Disassociation is prized because it forms the basis for all Cult programming.

Within the Cult their are various assignments. The one I will focus on today is "cult assassin". Assassin training begins in childhood and is "trauma-based" programming. Think "Matrix", "Chuck", Jason Bourne etc. Through Satanic Ritual Abuse and actual "Training" conducted in a clinical setting, the child is forced to disassociate and assassin type templates are "programmed" into a multiple (alter) that has been broken off of the main personality. This "alter" can be called up by the "trainer" or "handler" when needed. Women will disassociate better than men and are often programmed using "assassin training" among other things, usually as "sex slaves".

As I wrote in my previous blog, I became an Illuminati target when I decided to run as a reform candidate in a very corrupt city. I exposed, among other things, a scheme that involved the city's self-insurance fund that allowed the local Illuminati to siphon off millions of dollars through over-payments, duplicate payments etc. Unable to generate media or political support for an investigation (even the FBI bowed out), I took my campaigns to the people via literature etc.

I was tailed, received harassing phone calls, forced from my job. They tried to kidnap my son, force another son into "Special Ed" for a slight lisp. I was audited by the IRS, slandered, maligned, threatened etc. When they tried to take my life I fled the city with my family, thinking that things would get better in a new state.

Only they didn't. When I moved to Fort Wayne Indiana, I was surprised that the cult had set up its base of operations right inside my Church. I was the men's leader and was victimized by local leadership after I hired one of their members as an Insurance Agent. At the time I was a manager for Farmers Insurance and a very successful one at that. In fact, one of the best, if not the best, in the country. I now believe this individual was sent to infiltrate my business operation. He did his best to undermine my operations and influence my superiors in a very negative light almost immediately after I hired him. This I found out later.

The individual I hired seemed more than deserving. He had a large family, good education etc. I discovered, however, that he also had some type of pornography thing (business?) going and was using one of my office computers as his base of operations. My secretary made the discovery and I took the issue up with local Church leadership. Surprisingly, I became the outcast. My kids were physically and verbally harassed. One young man, who had a great interest in watching the "slicing and dicing" of others on TV, took it upon himself to publicly expose my son's genitalia, and not let him pull his pants back up, while they were at Scout camp. To my surprise, after I made a big stink, this very same boy received a Boy Scout "Good Conduct Award" for his behavior at an awards meeting organized after the very same camp!

Yes, there were attempts on my life in Indiana. Not much was different there than what I had experienced in Ohio.

I then took a higher paying Manager's job in Utah, thinking that, maybe things would get better if I settled my family among real Mormons. Little did I know that the Illuminati were just as firmly entrenched among the Mormons there as they were anywhere else. I lived in Catholic communities, and they were there. I lived in Protestant communities, and they were there. I have lived in Mormon communities and they were there. I soon realized that I was at war with an organization that was more highly skilled than anything I had ever imagined. Both national and international in scope.

I also learned that once you are on "their list", you only come off after you are dead.

A higher ranking member of the Illuminati, who contacted me in Utah, told me to my face that the Cult itself was amazed at my ability to both endure and survive. To quote him: "It is as if you were supported by the hand of some god that we don't quite understand." I explained to him that my God was Jesus Christ and that I owed my survival to Him, although, considering my miserable circumstances, I was definitely not all that grateful for the "Blessing".

He responded by saying, "It was definitely worth further study." For whatever reason still understood to me, he explained how their system worked and told me why I could never escape it.

1. The Cult has a national and international database of targets. These are individuals who have bounties placed on their heads by Illuminati members they have crossed. Bounties can be as low as a few hundred bucks or as high as hundreds of millions (although very rare). When an individual moves into an area he is picked up by Cult members employed by the Post office, Utility Companies etc., who screen all new arrivals against "the list".

2. Local and Regional cells are notified and an assassin or assassins are sent out in pursuit of the target for a low-profile hit. For a high-profile hit, they prefer to surround the target with their people, who will gather the intelligence necessary to make the hit look like a random occurrence or an accident. Preparation can take days, months even years, depending on how difficult it is to access the target.

3. Some targets have separate bonuses attached based on the amount of misery they can cause the individual before they destroy him.

When I asked him why he was sharing this information with me, he told me he felt that "I had earned it". He also stated it wouldn't make a difference because he was certain that I would be liquidated in the near future regardless and the info would die with me.

This individual educated me as my experience in Utah was near its end, and I thought, so was I.

It seems that, because of my "activities" in Utah, my bounty had risen quite dramatically, as high as $100 million dollars. Partly because of the damage I had done to their Utah operations, and largely because they could not bear the fact that their god is not as "Supreme" as they would like to believe. Here are just a few of the "problems" I created for them in Utah:

1. I cost them $85 million dollars on Geneva Steel alone.

2. I canceled a tenured Congressman's lifetime membership on Capital Hill.

3. I forced the resignation of a high level Illuminati Editor.

4. I cost them numerous lobbying contracts.

5. I forced out the CEO of Farmers Insurance and the CEO of Farmers Financial Services.

6. I exposed their homosexual agenda and now have successfully impeded its advancement in Utah.

7. I forced a Senator to resign for DUI after he said he wouldn't.

8. I exposed an alleged Narcotics operation in Utah County.

9. I exposed the links to Jack Abramoff and Utah politicos.

10. I have forced others to resign and leave the state for a variety of reasons.

11. I have written and published numerous exposes' on the Illuminati.

All of the above is well-documented, and so is the fact that I am still here to tell the tale. I share this with you not because I am boasting in my strength (which is nothing), but that you might know that there still is a God that watches over the affairs of men and is currently active in the fight against evil.