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D.U.M.B. In Gaithersburg MD

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Post D.U.M.B. In Gaithersburg MD 
My gifting buddy in Gaithersburg who has experience in large cooling and heating systems for commercial buildings confirmed to me that on visual inspection of an office building in the Kentlands section of Gaithersburg today that there is no way that the system installed in this one building is anything but a large scale cooling operation for something other than the office building itself that it resides in and on top of and which is only feet from one of these interconnected ponds.

The massive cooling pumps circulating the pond water through it's system has to be being used for a larger application other than the everyday use to cool and heat an average size office building of which the system resides in .
Besides, the size and scope of the cooling system takes up nearly the entire office building leaving little space for
people to have their offices.

This only can suggest that the ponds are cooling ponds for an underground base that would require the use of these ponds and the cooling equipment to circulate water for their underground power needs.

It's a little bit like science fiction, but I knew when I gifted these ponds with tb's that something didn't feel right about them.
They are man made and were built as part of the Kentlands residential subdivision to hold the rain run off from the storm drains that are spread along the neighborhood roads. That's the official story anyway.

For the ponds to be connected to a large scale cooling system for a private office building doesn't add up, when that system is overbuilt to begin with and why would they need the pond water anyway and to circulate it other than to cool
a D.U.M.B. (deep underground military base) below ?

I'll get a close up photo of the cooling system when I get back to Maryland in 2 weeks, but for now I wanted to post these and my related observations and it's all going on right in every ones faces.






That is the cooling building in the background, sorry for not having a close up of the building, but I will soon enough.  Laughing


Situated next to RT 28, Lake Nirvana, Lake Inspiration and Lake Placid above. The D.U.M.B. Cooling building I should add also houses GSX a private software and mainframe data storage and retrieval center once owned by GE, so the building isn't completely nefarious, however that is not to say it is not hiding mechanical systems for an underground base that uses and circulates the pond water.  It is also possible that the mainframe computer system for GSX requires the use of large amounts of water to cool it's CPU'S, so the only way to really know would be to get inside the building and spook it out, no pun intended  Laughing .

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I am in a financial pickle right now while I straighten out the IRS mess and bank account levy they have on my checking account. It's true according to the IRS I have an IRS obligation(tax) of over $400,000.00 on income of almost $2,000,000. from 2004-2007 that they came looking for on Monday via seizing and freezing my bank account. I should say the $3300. in my checking account has only been frozen and not yet seized, that happens in 20 days if I'm not able to get my 2004-2007 tax returns completed and looked at and accepted by their auditors by then. In the mean time they have my money and it's going to be a little tuff going for me during the next 3 weeks. Thank you for your support,  UltimateVision.us
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It is my sloppy financial reporting that got me into it and it will get resolved either privately or publicly, I haven't decided if I want to dialogue the drama as it unfolds yet. I will say the IRS ladies in the IRS Palm Beach, Florida office were very helpful to me today in getting the correct forms I need to complete as part of my tax return filings.

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Post Re: D.U.M.B. In Gaithersburg MD 
Carol looked at the energy in the photos and told me that you're right about the ponds being for cooling 'unregistered' nuclear powerplants underground, Eric--good work!

There's a big lake around part of Stone Mountain, near Atlanta. The top of the mountain/rock has a 'bad haircut' of death towers on it.   We knew the lake was used for cooling a nuke plant for those towers and we got the oddest confirmation when we tossed a towerbuster which loudly 'clanked' on an intake pipe just below the surface Wink

The IRS thugs could have come after you any time, of course.   We consider their current bothering to be timed to coincide with a dozen other assaults on 'front row' gifters here and abroad, Eric.  I think the current trouble started after Dooney's chat bunch went after the London banker trolls in October Cool and that the Warburgs lately took charge of the trolls' 'defense.'  I suppose that means that we need to hit them twice as hard, ASAP Wink

As we see it, the corporate freaks are poking and prodding 'the network,' looking for weaknesses to exploit.   Carol feels that this is preparation for an upcoming move toward martial law after O'Bomber is deposited in the Oval Office.   I think we're fortunate that they're doing this now, when we can easily focus on the problem and figure out how to deal with it.