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I know what happened to the Air France Flight 447

by Dick Eastman

Written by www.daily.pk   
Wednesday, 10 June 2009 00:00

According to Air France CEO Pierre-Henry Gourgeon the Air France AirBus flying from Rio to Paris transmitted "a succession of a dozen technical messages" indicating that "several electrical systems had broken down" which caused a "totally unprecedented situation in the plane."

Gourgeon is wrong. The events that resulted in the death of 128 people over the Atlantic were precedented. There have been several similar events.

Reuters has reported that AirBus is claiming that the Airbus A330 has a good safety record, with no fatal accidents on a commercial flight. This is a falsehood that Reuters did not bother to correct.

Oct. 31, 1999: EgyptAir Boeing 767 crashes off Nantucket; the NTSB blames actions by the co-pilot. 217 dead.In Miami in 1999 pilot and co-pilot of an American Airlines Airbus A300 about to land suddenly lost control of the plane to an exogenous agency. The rudder moved several times on its own. "The rudder movements were extreme" said the NTSP.

On Novemeber 12, 2001 American Airlines flight 587, an Airbus A300, lost control to a remote agency resulting in the rudder suddenly swinging back and forth violently, beyond the normal range that can be effected from the cockpit. The flight data showed "unusual sideways movements that slammed passengers back and forth," repeated banging which caused tremendous strain of the vertical stabilizer until it broke off, despite the strengh of the lamination construction. The passengers were slammed back and forth prior to the crash in Queens, New York. But that was not all. After the rudder was gone the remote controller began playing with other equipment. With the rudder gone the rudder could still fly, however now the ailerons and elevators (the "flaps") began moving in fatal ways. At one point they were made to turn 10 degrees in just one second, and 180 degree turn in 18 seconds. The plane banked left, even though data shows the pilots were working controls to move in the opposite direction." The black box contained pilot and co-pilot and tower dialog on this but it was never released. (Marion Blakey, head of the NTSB, a Bush political appointee with no experience for the job, who was also heading NTSP a month before when the WTC was hit by two planes, the crash in Pennsylvania and the alleged crash of a jetliner at the Pentagon.) After these turns the remote controller put the plane into a nose dive and cut off the voice recorder, both the plane's regular power and batteries. The plane was brought to full throttle and then the flaps were brought down, causing the engine pods to rip off their brackets and keep going as the plane slowed down. The N.T.S.B. offered only two possible explanations, either "the pilot made the rudder move intentionally or by accident" or the plane was brought down by "butterfly effect" turbulence from a Japan Airlines plane that had taken off ahead of the AirBus.

Now perhaps we can begin to suspect that there was someone on that Air France Flight that the people who benefited from the remote-control crash of the 9-11 planes and the 11/12/01 plane did not like.

By the way, Dov Zakheim is the man I think is responsible for the 9-11 crashes and one more crash which occured on the early morning of October 31, 1999.

That Halloween morning EgyptAir 990, a Boeing 767 took off from JFK for Cairo, Egypt. The plane had aboard 22 top Egyptian military that had just received special training in the United States -- lured into this trap by the bait of the unusual sharing of military information. At about 2:00 a.m., from the vocie recorder, the Egyptian pilot excuses himself to go to the toilet. The pilot and co-pilot are Egyptian and they speak Arabic. But suddenly there is heard on the voice recording, in English, the words, "Control it." Then the plane deviates from course on its own while still on automatic pilot. The pilot responds to this event with an exclaimatory prayer: "Taw ak kalt ala Allah," roughly equivalent to "Heaven help us!" "May God protect us!" if not "Jesus Christ!" The co-pilot attempts to disengage autopilot, but the remote controller will not yield. The co-pilot is in a panic and again praying for help. The plane, still on auto-pilot goes into a nose dive. After 16 seconds of remote-controlled hijacking the pilot re-enters the cockpit and asks the co-pilot what is happening. Both work to pull up and as they are both trying the plane goes full throttle. The co-pilot cuts the fuel lines. Then, again under remote control the right and left elevators move in opposite directions. Ailerons on both wings move full up. The pilot orders, in Arabic, "shut engines." The co-pilot replies: "They're shut!" The last words heard are those of the pilot calling out, of course still in Arabic, "Pull! Pull!" Then, exactly as happened with Flight 587 over Queens, the voice recorders are remotely shut off -- before the crash event. The US NTSB reached the conclusion -- against all of this evidence -- that the co-pilot was somehow responsible.

Some passenger in Miami in 1999 needed to be fightened by a demonstration of power. Someone aboard Flight 587 was a problem for the criminal conspiracy now in control of the US and Israeli governments. And someone on the Air France flight was equally a threat or target of vengence for the same interests.

You will notice the lame excuses why the Air France black boxes cannnot be recovered.

9-11 was not the work of "Islamic Fundamentalists" who "hate our freedoms" and therefore hijacked four jetliners on September 11 and crashbombed the WTC towers and the Pentagon. No one can argue the REAL evidence proving this. (They can and do of course argue, for example on Fox News, with people who have impossible theories about no planes at all hitting the WTC or absurd tales about energy beam weapons in orbit bringing down the twin towers and Building 7 -- but that is part of the pre-planned disinformation obstruction of justice psy-op the perpetrators are using.

I suspect the target of the crash was French and an opponent of Sarkozy, the very close supporter of the agendas of both the Bush and Obama presidencies in international financial matters and Middle East and war on terror policies.

The victims of this murder were from 32 countries. 61 were French, 58 were Brazilian and 26 were Germans. No Israelis or American Jews were aboard. Sarkozy's French Environment Minister, Jean-Louis Borloo, has declared officially that hijacking has been ruled out. How in the name of Allah could they possible have done that in the light of the facts I have relayed to you which are certainly known to them?

One more point: The international killers crashed the Air France plane in part because they were secure in the knowledge that the Sarkozy government, like the Bush government in 2001, would do all that was necessary to keep the truth from being told. The black boxes will never be produced -- I haven't been following the news for since the day of the crash, but I feel that is a safe prediction.

Please post this, read it aloud over the phone, put it up on your blog. It is up to them to embarrass and shame the French into investigating this act of mass-murder.

Death by airplane has been the preferred method of eliminating individuals without drawing suspicion to the specific background and connections of an "isolated victim." We can't let them continue to get away with it.

Dick Eastman
Yakima, Washington
Every man is responsible to every other man.