'Evil Empire' Hacking Tactics

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New post 'Evil Empire' Hacking Tactics 
  jan 2009
I think the reputable and very experienced psychic who sent me this informaiton (and whom Carol and I have met personally) is going to be helping a lot of us erode some of the barriers that the corporate world order is setting up in our path, 24/7.

He's on the technical competency/training level of DB but has no children that the NSA and others can threaten to harm and I think he's ready to go for broke with us Cool

When you get hacked, visualize these freaks when you're boosting back at them, okay?   One of the handicaps that we non-psychics operate under is that we don't see where the attacks are coming from.  The easy cure for that problem is more information, such as the following.   A little exposure probably hurts them a lot worse than a thousand gifters boosting them whenever they hack our internet connection or take our business websites down Wink




Concerning losing internet connections, this is a topic I'm very familiar
with.  They used to do it to me all the time (15 - 30 times a day), and even
now, they still try it every so often.

Here's the basic setup...

Every major city has dozens of houses, generally in the more dilapidated
parts of the city.  Each house has 3 to 6 people (generally males) that work
in shifts on a 24/7 basis as operators.  They monitor one or more computer
screen(s) that show 20 to 50 lines of information.  Each line represents a
current telecomm connection (internet, land line phone, cell phone, etc.).  As
connections are made or dropped, the lines of information come and go on the
computer screen.

Each line of information includes the source, destination, type, and
current connection time, along with other data that is still a mystery to me.
Sources and destinations are numeric.  No names are shown, so the operator
watching the screen has no idea who that line of connection data represents.

By highlighting a particular line of connection data, and pressing a key,
the operator can cause a range of problems.  These include dropped
connections, slow connections, static on the connection, un-responsive connections,
ring-ring-ring no answer, the list goes on and on...

These operators think they are acting in a random fashion, and sometimes
they are, but at other times they will be under the influence of a psychic
(unbeknownst to the operator) located some distance away who will be monitoring
the target, and influencing the operator as to when and how to disrupt the

If the operations at a particular house are disrupted (computer/electrical
failure, sickness, etc.) the connection data is automatically be transferred
(forwarded) to another house, thereby making this network very robust and
hard to neutralize.

Obviously, not every phone or internet connection in America can be, or is
monitored by these houses.  Only those people who are placed on a list,
maintained by the National Computer Security Center (the NCSC, another part of
the NSA) are targeted for this special treatment.

The center of operations appears to be a massive computer facility
collocated at Fort Gordon in the state of Georgia.  There's a rather nasty group of
psychics located in an underground bunker north of the main complex (cleared
area adjacent to interstate 10, US 278), so be careful when doing any
psychic investigation of this location.

This operations center acts as a distribution hub for the houses (note:
there may be other backup distribution hubs).

As far as eliminating computer / phone disruptions, neutralizing all the
houses in a particular geographic area will take some time and effort.  When
new ones are added around here, I find them by placing one hand on the
computer, and concentrating on visualizing the houses.  What you do from there, is
up to the whims of the particular individual.  Finding the psychic
influencing the operators can be problematic, but they are mostly female (at least
around here) and can be visualized as slightly above and nearby the houses.
Many have a large amount of pent up hatred for their targets.

Well there you have it, let me know if this helps...

Warmest regards,