The Reign of Evil  Evil

Evil or Ignorance

By Don Bradley

For many years I’ve pondered upon the question of evil, its adherents to such a system, the soul-races so inclined, and why any rational being would openly choose something that in the long run, can only lead to dissolution and self-destruction.

Why would any sane and intelligent soul, make known choices that openly defy the natural order of reality? To what end?

Is hate, brain-washing, and self-indulgent glory so very powerful as to override any deeper sense of caution and foreboding for choosing those realities that guarantee oblivion in the end?

What manner of soul can even remotely believe that All that is Holy would ever abandon them, as they are constantly taught and as they teach to others?

How can someone get themselves into a place where any and all manner of atrocities can perforce be committed in the world and think, I am above the Laws of Order and Divinity?

How do they convince themselves that the Lords of Earth can protect them from such karmic retributions, when they see even in the smallest of instances, the hand of justice and balance working out in their own lives and in the lives that recur amongst themselves?

How many instances of cancer, deformities, mental illnesses, insanity, violence, self-destruction, and countless other indications that “acts come home to their maker” are needed before they finally see that life is about consequences, for good or ill? What makes them believe it will always happen to the other person, but not them?

The workings of the Law are so very replete in our physical world as to be beyond listing; where does someone turn off that part of their mind and thinking to ignore what is so very patently obvious to all of creation? Is the mind control and brainwashing that good? Is hate that powerful? Are scorn, contempt, and resentment so strong that all other considerations pale to their apparent power?

Why do people dedicated to the dark arts and black magic seem the most emotionally dysfunctional souls on earth and also, the most unhappy and definitely, the most miserable?

For the better part of two decades I’ve wrestled with the above questions. Going hours a day for months on end at times, in seeking understanding to these most perplexing questions regarding the nature, path, and spiritual choice of the dark way and arts. What sane man or woman would do things that will pretty guarantee they will have a better than 90% chance of being born with a limp, withered arm, blind, or with cancer in their very next life, or…sooner. I’ve witnessed so many absolutely healthy people just dissolve from the most vicious of illnesses overnight, and upon searching, found they were members of the network, generation after generation. Disease, illness, deformity, and stunted soul qualities following them life after life. To what end?

A child could see the linkages. A child…

Hate burns away everything decent inside us and piles on nothing but sludge in its place; that built up poison needing some kind of outlet. It has to go somewhere. And, as all learning, experiences, and beingness have to be worked out from the physical plane, then the obvious that someplace is the body. Very obvious, indeed.

So, the material realm which is embraced wholly by the dark side is also the very place where reactions from actions—reaping what one sows—is also the same. It becomes confusing that one would embrace one aspect of reality, while wholly ignoring the factual and self-evident, other. Any other consideration is denial and lunacy. In short, it’s clear insanity to embrace any but the most obvious realities of the conditions regarding life on earth.

I freely admit this perplexed me to no end. Of course I knew that once one disconnected from one’s sense of right and wrong—one’s source of conscience, the spirit within—then what remained was the urges of the body (feed me, sleep me, sex me), the typhoons of the emotions (I am anger, I am sad, I am mean, I am jealousy, et al) and finally, the gale winds of the reactive mind (I am vanity, I am self-glory, I am smart, I am beautiful, I am great, all others are shit, etc.) Once these vapors control the soul, it’s like being tossed around in a blender, with each blade spinning on the bottom(mind, emotions, and body) all keeping the soul in total confusion and completely at the beck and call of its vehicles of expression, the soul’s bodies. This was always understood.

But, once someone actually had thought things through, wouldn’t they at least try to get through the other side of the tunnel, make a clean break, and find that inner linkage back to order, beauty, love, and peace? Does having more money really fill the void that a life without real love leaves? Does having power replace a connection with divine beauty, especially when such people seem to have zero power when it comes to acts of fate (in the form of “accidents”), illness, cancer, and other maladies? What kind of power is that, when you cannot even stop that uterine or breast cancer from laying waste to your body?

The answers to the above questions are amazing, simple to understand, and leaves one wholly in compassion with regards to any and all souls here on Earth. For we are bound, lizard, lizard blends, blue-bloods, off-world transients stuck now here and for thousands of years, humans, hybrids, etc. We are all in it together and understanding the nature of evil and its expression helps us be better souls as we plod through our daily lives.