Doc Kayiwa's Southern Sudan Report

Don Croft
Doc Kayiwa's Southern Sudan Report - March 27, 2006 09:00

It has has been some time since I last visited Southern Sudan, and when I returned from there recently we were involved in general and presidential elections in Uganda, which kept me busy.

Iíve just now had a moment to write down some interesting things that happened since I was there. 

Southern Sudan was a war zone for more than thirty years but peace has been made there after an agreement was signed by the government in Khartoum.  Sudan is primarily Arab, as you may know, except the southern part.

A year ago life started coming back to normal in Southern Sudan and I took advantage of the peace to go there a few months ago and distribute orgonite in the region.

When I arrived there was a severe drought and most of the people I met looked quite sick and hopeless. I spent a week traveling around Southern Sudan, handing out orgonite gifts.

When I returned, three weeks ago, life had returned to normal and it had been raining a lot. The animals are healthy, business is coming up well and people are are happy.

Most of the Sudanese I met asked me a lot of questions about what I was doing on the second trip, so I told them about orgoniteís effect and that they would continue to keep their health.  I can tell you that itís better that these folks have no access to conventional medicine and if we can educate them more about how to use local herbs and things like zappers they can be much healthier than people are in America and Europe.

I learned today from reports that the area I gifted is more peaceful than itís been in the past year.

By the way, Don, I can tell you that the lake [which the Doc and I gifted in December, Ď03]óit was like a sewer before.  ~D] at Namugongo has remained clear and there are more fish there than ever.

Now, Iím planning to go to Congo, the northern part where there is still a war. Iím not worried and I can get around.  Iím waiting to meet the President [of Uganda] so I think Iíll go at the end of next week.

I want to send my gratitude to our financial supporters!  The work is much appreciated here and they are partners in this great work of healing Africa.

Have a nice time and Iíll tell you more when I have time.

I remain,

Your friend,

Dr Rushidie