Finland giftings - for the record

Finland giftings - for the record - June 6, 2006 16:43
The spring has been somewhat magical in many ways, the human consciousness is rising higher than ever and thanks to gifting on a global scale the ethetric body of Earth is recovering from the illness cast upon it, God knows for how long
We here in Finland have been doing our share as effecticvely as our resources have permitted. Even here in the west where prosperity is the dogma it is not so for many. That said, however multiple gifts have been placed to where they have been needed. When it comes to my giftings alone, I'd say during the year and a half period of my awareness about the importance of gifting, some hundreds of orgonite devices have been gifted around my country. That is a start at least. 

This year I have mostly been gifting the southern areas of Finland, though last Easter during my trip from north to here I gifted from the train all towers I could possible see. That was kind of my nicest train trip ever. When a tower was seen I just flashed to the toilet and flushed my orgonite down there with some kind of holy baptism you could say ;-)

We also have gifted a small sized nuclear plant, but a few still remain ungifted, at least by us which I hope we change soon.

Also at the easter in the EW chat blast we paid attention to what is going on here in Finland. It was discovered by the skillful psychics some Russian activity is taking place underground, and that some of our previous gifting had made them a bit upset. A huge counterclock wise vortex was also perceived, with the help of cetanceans it could be healed and later on we brought there EP and hhg, in addition to some tbs already present. The vortex was under a cathedral, surprisingly. We took some photos before and after, let's see if they can be put here too at some point.

Some sea gifting I've done too, Helsinki-Stockholm route received a few hhgs and tbs, that particular sea I know to be gifted previously too. Also orgonite has been tossed in the shore waters.
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The famous EP campaign is soon to start off too which should help the case, we are expectinhg to kick the beast's ass and banish the thing this year from these lands.
Some promising reported phenomena in the news:

1) No bird flu, even though according to what was said in the media last winter and spring one almost expected the only thing to come this spring was this manufactured disease. We have mainly been making jokes about it in the radio broadcast and having a good laugh, which is not to say I would not feel sorry for those in Asia who suffer from the virus. Hope gifting becomes their new national sports soon. The yellow race (this I say with respect) and Asian people in general are famous for their collective effectiveness.

2) Decreased rate of crime in the capitol area.

3) less illnesses like flu during the winter

4) smaller expected amount of blue-green algae but we yet need to take care of east coast 
Of course, we do receive our own personal confirmations no news media probably is going to report. Like that one we had during our trip to Hanko for a music event. When you are heading to some place, it's always good to bring some gifts with you, for is it not rude to arrive with empty hands? During that trip, over twenty tbs were tossed from the car. Hanko is a small town of 10,000 population, the utmost town in southwest direction of Finland, some sort of tip of a toe. There we found a nice church, next to it a light house which while serving very practical purpose is also a well-known symbol of you know whom. The church was gifted one tb at each side and a hhg on the front side. For the light house we sacrified an ep. When leaving, I sensed a strong 'relief', energy blocked maybe for centuries was shooting up to heavens, so to speak. For some reason, I also felt the site was somehow celestial, I don't know for sure if this means its geological location for it was my first visit to the place.
There was going to be a mass on that Sunday in the church, when we tossed the gifts it was early in the morning. I bet the mass will be different from those they used to have. I had spent my night sleeping in a car and I tell you, it was not the warmest nights in Finland :-) Usually the churches are good spots for orgonite, for spiritual activities take place there which is a nice combination. Not to mention orgonite quite probably ends the condemning etc. which then sets people spiritually free, if they choose so of course.
We have constructed only one CB by now and should be workikng on for the next soon. It was destined for Lahti where my brave friend Tapani has encountered the representatives of the brotherhood on their site physically and even discussed openly about many things. Such a nice place that Lahti... One of the world's oldest mind control sites with subtle technology, since 1928 at least. I am sure the gifting he has done there all by himself has done lots of good to that city. I am still excited to visit the place myself at some point. Who would not wish to meet our opponent in person? Tapani has the chance almost everytime he goes there. Some day we will gather our instruments and go playing some music. With drums and didgeridoos and throat singing I wonder how will they feel about that? That cemetery of theirs would be a nice place I think. It has one of those nasty vortices. Yet it is so hard to understand what are they expecting to gain with all that shit they are doing? Each one is responsible for their own actions, and illuminatives make no exception. We shall be a hand of mercy finishing their games before long so their misrey ends
So this is what is going on in Finland. Just thought you would like to know ;-) 
God bless you all,

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Some eye-food here. First, a close-up of DOR-machinery, situated next to me friend's apartment. He's sleeping three meters away from this! (Don't worry, loads of orgonite in the place)

More of this

One more. Admire Finnish (MK)hi-tech

These photos are from Lahti, a place for lots of suspicious activity. Here I am having a good time with CB on my friend's 'balcony' where the DOR stuff are also.

Here some shots from a satanic site where you get company very easily. How sad they couldn't join us when we had the camera! Later on we sure had some folks following us there, not so warm-hearted people. We were just about to perform a ceremony after I had drawn the symbol of the enemy on a paper, we were going to burn that paper on their site with some spells and prayers, had also blessed water and sea salt. They did not welcom us then. Three men were quite interested in what were doing. I had also brought one more Hhg on their vortex. Believe me, that site has been receiving more gifts than good children on christmass.

I apologize the picture isn't so sharp. Those towers were put there already in1928. One of the world's first electronic mind control experiments. But recently they have met an opponent who will give them what they deserve. The judgement of all their deeds.

A more revealing pic from winter:

Here's the place we performed our ceremonies.

Last Lahti picture. Joyful art here:


Other business. Of course we are very interested in policies and want to give our vote for building this wonderful demo(n)crazy. So we vote with orgonite. Hhg that is. The building in the photo is the House of the parliament.

Here's a place with an EP. The photo was taken right after gifting.

Here the church of doom literally translated before gifting. In Easter this year we did a chat blast here in Finland, found out a vortex spinning CCW directly under this church. The direction was changed and later on we brought there one Hhg and EP.

The following photos are taken after gifting the place.

And later on:

All in all, about ten EPs are placed on the capitol area, and more is to follow. The famous EP campaign of Finland Wink

God bless you,



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Pekka, thanks very much for the excellent photos and especially for reporting some of the  confirmations of all that gifting work in Finland!  The Easter chat session was one of the first in which the psychics found an ancient stone wheel, deep underground and turning CCW, by the way.  Those have been found in key spots all over the world and a lot of them are still undiscovered.  I"m sure it's not a coincidence that the church in the photo is built on a typical 'Temple of Moloch' design, similar to the US Capitol Building, St Paul's in London, etc.  You guys sure know how to pick your special targets!  

Mind control and HAARP seem to be intimately connected and that technology's been around for quite awhile, perhaps since Tesla introduced radio broadcasting tech.  I'm about to post Karlis' account of what was probably one of the premier HAARP facilities, outside of Riga, Latvia--not very far from you guys.   I had assumed that the facility was mainly for waging weather warfare on humanity but what he told me indicates taht there may be a strong mind-control component, too, so I'm glad you featured the two big radio towers in your report.  All of this tech, including that DOR-emitting panel pictured in your post, are well-guarded military secrets, of course, but fortunately orgonite turns all of that weaponry into life force generators and we don't really need to know how they work.

It will be fun to find out, though, after the World Odor has finally been discarded (& punished) and their archives published.


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here's an update for the work being accomplished.


an island with very interesting features is located not far from the church of doom mentioned earlier. You get there by boat. Once upon last spring we made our journey to there. The place was called Viaborg but then changed to Sveaborg which for some reason does not actually mean what its Finnish translation, 'Suomenlinna', the castle of Finland. That island has still some military activity, mostly navy I think.

I had a pretty good hunch about its location and the meaning of it. We had some tbs, hhg and ep brought with us. The church in the next picture was gifted with tb at each side, except the side facing north (I think) got hhg. I hope to get more of the photos we took of that place soon. With Tapani we also inserted the EP in the ground in a place that had clear proof of having witnessed. Cannot remember how many tbs we left there, must been a dozen or so.


gifted church

I believe we did a good job with the gifting. The location (read: vortex, yet now I thought if the smaller ones are situated next bigger ones?) felt pretty important, as there are also underground entrances on the ground. We actually found some kind of stone which had writing about Vatican/the pope on it. That was not far from where we dug our EP.

Next photos are from Helsinki, the capitol of Finland where I live now. Some implications to the worship of ancient demon gods perhpas? At least at the time the buildings were put up. These days at least the official front has been taken over by business of many sorts. See it for yourself:


owl house

owl house


and more freemasonry


Check also what lies below the owl:


No goat's head no masons, right? Also the lion is well displayed image here. Of course, the symbols themselves not necessarily were of dark origin but have been used in that way. You don't get to see that many lions in Finland, but the symbolism is even seen in my homelands near the arctic circle! I am sure some of you can offer a profound explonation about the history of this symbol. Personally I like lions (haven't met one the wild which may explain this?). Animals in general seem to act in a more intelligent way than most humans many times, at least if they have not spent their life time in a cell but that applies on the humans too, of course. The cell can be made mentally so people think to be free, you know how it goes.

Another symbol we get here alot is bear, not to mention eagle. Both of those I think relate to Russia. We still have lots of Russian activity underground here. This was also confirmed in that famous chat blast that gets mentioned in this thread. Apparently, our gifting has caused lots headache ;-) And that was before we poured the EPs. Every now and then I go sitting next to the house of parliament and give a good boost to the regions. The whole Finland is full of underground caverns. It is known by now there exists a portal somewhere in the southern coast that has connection to Ural mountains our intel has told to be one hell of a place. I saw some strange alien command there, scientific order but also confronted some (ir)religious groups. The highest operative I faced seemed like a bigger gray, highly evolvedf telepathic abilities. It is always a bit weird when you get in the ethers smelling around, but ok as long as you keep your feet in the ground and your reason running for you. Ie. not to get lost with all this stuff and lose your focus. There is more important work to do that get sucked in the channels. Keeping it in low volume also helps to guard your personal vortices that are used when gathering the intel.

Lately I have come to think of that each moment is a portal, just as what we call death, alongside every breath. We can use our precious given moments, time, to navigate to a better future via certain checkpoints if you like. Opportunities rise at every turn. Make good use of them, to collect some heavenly capital. As if Creator who has given you an account to use likes to see how you wisely invest the money and get it multiplied in return, thus glorifying the miraculous nature of its source. Personally I see no better way of doing it myself and it should work for everyone who so chooses. The portals for these rising opportunites are everywhere, all the time but still we success in missing the chance once it knoks on our door. It's a lesson of life-time learning to handle this.

But back to gifting: here's an church of Kallio(=(bed-)Rock), gifted with a couple of tbs near by and EP. Have a look:

church of Kallio

The reason to take the photo from distance is I want to get some of the surroundings in the photo too, thus making it possible to detect the DOR/POR fields around the target.

Here's the house of parliament from distance. By now the effects of the devices tossed around it should be detectable:


A true viper's nest. Been there once when younger. Mason is as mason does... The remains of a building in the right have an interesting story to tell. There used to be a place of urban culture but it ordered to torn down for some music house to build there instead. Few days before, we had these reclaim the streets party going on where people were dancing on the streets. Afterwards, a night or two before they were suppose to tear that building on the right down, there was a fire. Actually, I think the place got burnt twice. It was specualted in the news who did it. Some restless youth who were tried to be linked with the organisers of thereclaim the street event. I wouldn't be surprised to find out the committer of the crime belongs to a totally different wing of the 'crime syndicate'. Just guessing. The funny thing however is, that all this happened right in front of the house of the parliament, not long before Finland started its chairman season in the EU. A good start to me ;-) Or was it our reichstag haus 911? At least we are not in a bus on our way to a concentration camp so their plan must have failed, whatwever it was. But that's the way it goes these days. We are after them not the contrary so have no fear, be as one. There is still justice to be served for the ones who deserve. You cannot go on showing mercy endlessly because there are creatures who shamelessly act against it. Do not waste the pearls for swines, though comparing pigs are much more intelligent creatures than our beloved parasites of all offices. In your face dear parasite who probably are reading this right now. Fun time is over, no more mr. nice guy.


Weeks ago in Lahti we actually got to talk to one of our fans keenly watching our activities as we were about to perform that ceremony. So we went to have a chat with him. Unfortunately, had no camera with us. The guy seemed pretty harmless, maybe not very aware why having come there in the first place, you know the MKids. Tapani has witnessed some obscure behaviour from them (how weird is that then?). When in last winter he had took his phone to give me a call to tell he was being followed this man spying him from a bush had took a spurt to near by cliffs which actually are a pretty dangerous place to run on. So it seems that dreadful I am in their amidst, I jokingly have thought.

Anyway, we chatted for a long time on that summer day with this man who came to spy us doing the ceremony there weeks ago. We sure preached him well, and he seemed to take it all quite well. His appearance was so harmless actually, that at times I thought if he was after us at all. But the amount of attention we received from certain individuals it left no place for doubt. Tapani has also spoken with a higher ranking guy from their hierarchy who seemed to have wider angle of what they are doing. Most of the ones we have had physical observations however seem to working under some command. I am sure Tapani's work there has reduced the control dramatically. At least after the next step.


Our next gifting project should the sea bed, using EPB of which we get the first results soon thanks to Tapani. However, his target remains in Lahti, apparently having connections to Gobi desert, a probable home ghetto for the brotherhood of the rotten liars. Also, I figured out, there is a jesuite organisation near Lahti which surely needs to be gifted too, and heavily I prefer.

There is also a surprise that hopefully gets finished during the next couple months. You will love it if we success doing it ;-)

Will post more of the photos in time.


Finland salutes you, God bless,