Gifting in Nairobi...

Gifting in Nairobi... - June 2, 2006 08:20
Early this week, I made my first 100 TB's and yesterday, we had fun going on our first gifting run.  It being a holiday meant there were fewer people in town.  I bust 10 death towers and had the pleasure of leaving gifts near the entrance of the British Embassy, the Police Headquarters, main P.O., the main university, national broadcasting station, a church and school.  My neighbourhood was certainly not left out of the fun.  Too bad we ran out of TB's.  I'll bust 4 more towers today and get materials to make more.

I noticed that orgone seemed to follow us everywhere, as we gifted and there was a sense of elation and dynamism, which was particularly noticeable in my partner Solomon, who seemed to have inexaustible energy and sense of mischief, as he secretly gifted before the wary eyes of security guards.  He certainly walked a lot without tiring or complaining, which I found gratifying.

I intend to make enough orgonite to supply everyone else in this region that would need it, because from my own experience, (and I live in a metropolitan centre), its not easy to get the materials together to make orgonite.  It will certainly give me a lot of pleasure to enable those in Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya to gift with ease.

A couple of days ago, I met a MD who works in Tanzania.  He was very, very eager for us to find ways of working together to bring this technology there.  He has a lot of patients suffering from HIV and finding no relief from ARV's (is one meant to?).  He was also recently diagnosed with terminal cancer without the option of chemotherapy, so I imagine that he's quite desperate to get a zapper. 

I actually know about 10 people who want zappers, so I'm finding ways of getting them made here, as that will be cheaper and at the same time, it will probably earn the money which will keep up gifting.

I've been lending out the zapper Don kindly gave me and its truly done the rounds.  I first gave it to a person who had been paralysed on one side from AIDS.  With its use within a month, he was able to start having sensations on that side and to start walking without crutches.  It's also been used for a couple of weeks by a guy who was in pain from gout, who found relief and gave it back.  Then my friend who was suffering from toothache.  He started zapping once a week, whenever we met, and found he didn't need to spend money to see the dentist after the tooth fell out, of its own accord.  Then there's the lady friend who always seems to get chest/cough infections, but quickly recovers whenever she meets me and zaps.  Most of my family have just found relief from the symptoms of flu/cold and not had to wait for the seven days or week to recover ;-)

I for one, am grateful that I don't need to contend with tummy problems any more.  I'd thought that an upset stomach was something I was going to have to get used to as my mum had it and I thought it run in the family.  I'd spend many sleepless hours at night because of pain/heartburn/gastritis, and spend the next day feel a little off from lack of sleep and probably lower levels of energy.  My sleep was in fact becoming so erratic that even when I didn't have tummy dramas, I'd find that I was restless when I was meant to be enjoying beauty sleep like everyone else.  That is all history, am glad to say, since I made orgonite pyramids and put one under my bed and since I started using a zapper.  When I did the former, I found that even though I was still not digesting well, at least I was sleeping throughout the night, soundly.  AND I was having lucid dreams, for the first time in a long, long time.  When I started using the zapper, I first reacted to it negatively for a couple of weeks, then my stomach problems went away.  I can now enjoy my favourite chillie cuisine without angst ;-)

Don mentioned that maybe I'd been poisoned at some time or other, but was puzzled over there being no chemtrails in Africa.  That is a little off the mark, I think.  I recently confirmed with a couple of friends on what I thought was the truth: that chemtrails have been with us since the early 70's or earlier.  At least we noticed them throughout our childhood, and I often wondered why some planes left a trail behind them.  About a year ago, I met a group who shared with me that they'd been told by a wise old man that chemtrails stole our rain and created deserts out of fertile land.

My personal desire is to see the entire continent gifted, and turned back into the garden it once used to be, thus I feel grateful for what Georg and Doc Kayiwa are accomplishing. 

I believe we will succeed.  

Don Croft
No Subject - June 6, 2006 09:06
Nairobi was the most polluted place Carol had ever seen--worse, even, than LA was before orgonite's arrival. Coming in on a plane, she said the city looked like a big, brown lens sitting on the ground and the predominance of dirty-diesel vehicles constantly bolstered the DOR, the exhaust all remaining suspended in the air. She said breathing was a chore, there, and the sheer volume of human misery, strife and hopelessness overwhelmed her.

Judy emailed me when she first made some orgonite a few months ago and the atmosphere around her neighborhood cleared immediately, just from the fairly small amount of orgonite on her table, and rain was induced, ending a long drought.

When one hears from Judy there's no hint, in her writing, that she lives in such a place but her gifting efforts were met, initially, with frequent police harrassment/extortion of her family and violent crimes escalated in her neighborhood, even right outside her own home. Some timely interference by our chatblasting group ended that but I mention it to demonstrate what East AFrican gifters sometimes must contend with.

 Georg and Trevor risked their white hides to gift Soweto, near Johannesburg, three years ago and a month later Georg took a Ugandan friend there and they encountered a transformed, friendly town.

We in the West enjoy relative security in our towns. Carol and I don't even lock our door when we go on errands. The only criminals who molest us from time to time are the feds who break and enter, then rifle through our belongings when we're out, sometimes stealing relativcely worthless but sentimental items, and their MKids who steal selected 'message' items from outside our home from time to time (Carol caught one of those and scared the Bejeezus out of him, yesterday, so I think MKid infestation will subside for awhile). Other than that, the constant police and fed surveillance isn't more than a minor irritation. Over there, gifters have to consider their own physical safety. For that matter, Georg has come close to death a few times due to dirty magic shennanigans and his business has been savaged worse than anyone's from time to time. If it weren't for our collective ability to intervene when one or another of us is overhwelmed by the occult/corporate world order I hate to think what our lives would look like, assuming we'd still have lives ;-)

I think historians will look kindly on Georg's fruitful labors in Africa and their global significance in terms of reversing deserts and restoring peace and prosperity. It's going to be fun to see what transpires during his and Axel's very, very long gifting safari to the north and the networking they'll do, then.

I rather envy Judy for living in the middle of such a wonderful test bed for orgonite's power to heal and restore the environment and society. She's got some heavy duty protection around her, the psychics discovered, and this has been obvious in light of what's been thrown at her from Day One of her expressed interest in gifting and, apparently, for a long time before that.

One thing that constantly amazes me is the thoroughness of the occult/corporate world order in singling out individuals, as early as birth or even before that, who have consciences and rare ability in order to prevent them from developing a suitably fruitful life. That agenda is obviously failing, more and more. That was their way of making the odds in their favor for their ancient agenda of parasitic exploitation and tyranny. I bet they all cheat at cards, too. It's startling to see that the CIA really didn't do anything new when they set up the vast Monarch Program in the 1940s; they were simply riding the coat tails of filthy magic societies around the world, including China and Africa. The only new thing the CIA and British MI6 added to massive-scale mind control programming was electricity-driven gadgetry, including television. Otherwise, the AFrican and Chinese versions are a lot more subtle, pervasive and refined.

Some of us found out, four years or so ago, that orgonite disables mind control infrastructure and programming. That was just a peek at what's being more fully revealed in Africa by our cohorts, there. I'm beginning to suspect that one reason orgonite gets more bang for the buck in Africa is that the people, there, haven't succumbed to materialism the way we in the West have, so their etheric sensibilities are simply sharper. A few generations ago that was the case in the West, too. I think WWII was the watershed event for the destruction of the last vestiges of spiritual culture in the West because it introduced National Socialism on a grand scale, communism being the other pillar of materialism in the world.

Both of those paradigms (communism and fascism) require massive, costly infrastructure and the ability to extort the entire population. I think the world order gave up on trying to set that up in Africa and I also think that they expected AIDS to have decimated the population there, by now, to a small, manageable fraction of the 1970s numbers.

Let's see what happens when Judy developes a full stride, soon. We're deeply grateful to her for agreeing to post her ongoing, erudite, firsthand accounts on EW.



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No Subject - June 22, 2006 15:43
Yesterday and today I went downtown, and was amazed at the ambience.  It feels so much lighter energetically, like it was depressive before and now its cheerful.  I kept thinking: "Can't people feel this?" 

 The sky was a clear blue with a few clouds.  There are areas I didn't manage to get to and gift and those still look hazy and kind of ugly.  And I did see sylphs a few days ago.  This is truly amazing.  Solomon also noticed the changes and can't wait to make more orgonite and gift it.