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Don Croft
'How's THAT for a Tittie-Twister!?' - January 4, 2007 20:06
Carol said that right after we busted the big mountain-top array (including a weather ball) east of Flathead Lake in NW Montana on Tuesday (two days ago) Wink.


Actually, Dooney's going to write the report and post some photos but we agreed that I'd start the thread, since the title is apropos.





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No Subject - January 4, 2007 20:53
And here's the report....

Our target was a weatherball on top of a mountain on the western shore of Flathead Lake. We spotted it a while ago while gifting the lake in Don and Carol's boat. We decided to make it a gifting party so Carol, Don and Jeff met us at the lake on January 2nd.


Here are some of the towers that surrounded the weatherball.

The weatherball is conveniently located at the Blacktail Mountain ski resort, so we just had to drive up the mountain and turn in at the access road to the tower, which was not gated. As we drove up the access road, we noticed a black pickup stopped in the middle of the road about halfway to the tower. As we approached, a man standing outside the truck hurried to get back inside the truck while the driver backed up and off to the side to let us pass. They were obviously waiting for us and couldn't get all the way up to the weatherball complex as their truck was slipping and sliding in the snow as they tried to get out of our way. The driver of the truck had a face like a bucket of worms as we passed. They wanted to be up there before us and catch us in the act....too bad! They weren't there to ski, because the ski resort was closed and deserted.

This gravlev ship (the long pointy cloud) followed us all the way up the mountain and hung around while we did our gifting.


We parked at the top right near the weatherball and Stevo, Jeff and Don threw out a bunch of gifts. Stevo braved the snowdrifts and went all the way around the complex, then signed his name in the snow with....well, you can guess how he did that. Men do like to mark their territory after all! Wink

The wind had started whipping up and it was extremely cold as we gifted the weatherball and all around the tower complex, but I managed to snap this shot of the gifting troupe, left to right, Stevo, Jeff, Carol, Don:


We jumped back in the car, and Stevo drove into the complex (which was conveniently left open and unattended), spun a doughnut and we took off laughing our heads off. We got back down to the lake and treated ourselves to some great Thai food. When they brought the rice to the table we thought it looked suspiciously similar to the weatherball we had just busted. Laughing


By the time we got to the restaurant, Stevo was being attacked energetically, so we blasted while we waited for our food to be served. He kept getting attacked intermittently while we drove home, and I noticed a triangle cloud that stayed above our car for the whole 2-hour drive home. Carol, Don and Jeff drove down to the Bitterroot Valley with us and stayed at a nearby hotel overnight, then came over for breakfast in the morning. We took the opportunity to do some more blasting, and we took out that triangle ship and another ship that was hovering about 20 miles south of us. Stevo has been fine ever since.

Carol, Don and Jeff were attacked on the way home and nearly killed, which you can read about in Don's thread in the Specific Targets session. We will be in a chat momentarily to punish their attackers. This was a major "titty-twist" of the Rothschilds, who have a lot of underground hidey-holes up here. After we busted the lake a few months ago, we got attacked big time.

Here are a few photos of the sky after busting the weatherball....blue holes started to appear all over the place.



A few friendly ships showed up as we drove down the shore of the lake to the restaurant. They are the light colored clouds in the middle of the photo. All in all, a great gifting trip...


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No Subject - January 4, 2007 21:34
Just to complete the report for accuracy sake, we also gifted all the towers we found along the western edge of  Flathead Lake.  Three were grouped together on a mountain top that had a snowy, icy jeep trail leading up to it.  After seeing tire tracks in the snow indicating a previous vehicle that slipped off the trail into a ditch, I knew we were on dicey footing, and the return back down would be even more treacherous.  Fortunately the Operators were apparently looking out for us and we made the trip with nothing more than a few white knuckles among the lot of us:)  After finishing the last towers, night was falling and it was time to head to dinner, we were all VERY hungry and were glad to enjoy a tasty meal. 

We enjoyed tremendously having Jeff along and getting an opportunity to network and socialize with a great etheric warrior.

I also wanted to comment tha earlier in the day, upon seeing Flathead Lake in the morning  (the first time I'd returned back since the boat gifting run Dooney, Don, Carol and I did a few months ago) I was VERY impressed at how  the environment seems to have improved so dramatically without all the oppressive DOR that was there previously.  The air looked 'clearer' and distant objects seemed closer like a strong optical enhancement has occured.

We  also noted on our trip up to Flathead Lake our dog, Jack, was uncharacteristically antsy, anxious and inconsolable.  After completing our  etheric business, he was calm the whole drive home.  By the way, Jack is very sensitive to energy, and we have picked up on energy attacks just by watching his behavior.


No Subject - January 5, 2007 08:33
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