Two murder attempts by the feds on us, yesterday
Don Croft
Two murder attempts by the feds on us, yesterday - January 4, 2007 16:13
I was going to post this later on but Carol remarked that the feds are afraid of us posting it, so I'm doing it now, instead Cool

The attacks on us have generally been gettting less frequent and weaker over the years (except for the poison attacks on Carol during her airline trips) and yesterday's events had an air of desperation about them.

Carol, Jeff and I went to Montana on Tuesday to meet up with Stevo and Dooney and bust a primary weatherball, west of Flathead Lake on Black Tail Mountain. I think Dooney's going to post about that successful exposition and what followed.

We all had a sense that we hurt the world odor pretty badly that day, even though that spot is quite remote. I think I mainly wanted Jeff to see some Big Scenery that day, since he's visiting from Florida and hadn't seen any mountains bigger than the Great Smokies in North Carolina. It's pretty spectacular in Western Montana.

We came back to Idaho over Lolo Pass, which is not far from Dooney and Stevo's house in Montana's Bitterroot Valley. It had snowed a lot, so we drove pretty carefully. On the long down slope, on the icy highway, a truck and car were parked in both lanes with very little space between them. The occupants had both gotten out and were standing by their vehicles, though they obviously weren't having any trouble.

Jeff was driving and gently applied the brakes about 200m uphill from the two vehicles & the Jeep began to slide and even accelerate. A large truck was right behind us and if we had hit either of those vehicles the truck probably would have killed us.

Jeff wisely opted to attempt to steer between the two vehicles with what little control he had on the ice and we missed both of them by about an inch.

After we had supper with Kelly, Ryan and Linda in Pullman, Washington, hours later, we all went to Kelly's shop, nearby, and discussed some research he'd been doing.

We got back to near Coeur d'Alene, Idaho (80 miles north) around 10PM and on the way down a hill Carol hit a patch of uncharacteristic ice and spun out of control, eventually hitting the end of the guardrail and hitting a cliff face with the Jeep's rear end.

We were all unhurt and after we replaced the blown back tire we were ready to leave the scene.

A couple of vehicles were parked in the road, just downhill from where we ended up. One immediately left after the driver walked over to see if we were hurt but the driver of the other one stayed and parked on the shoulder directly in front of us--backed up nearly to our bumper--and began to officiate, including calling the cops. I think the first guy was doing damage assessment for his Fatherland Security Administration boss in the other truck.

When an FBI fedmobile drove Jenny off the road by charging at her in her own lane, a couple of years ago, someone was also parked nearby and went down the ravine to check on her. He said, 'I'm calling a towtruck right now!' but of course that was a lying fed and Jenny had to climb up to the road and find her way home. Of all the Fatherland Security sewer rat agencies, I think FBI are the sleaziest, by far, not counting the CIA's secret kidnapping and molestation of millions of infants and children, of course.

Two more vehicles hit that ice and then the guardrail, so were parked uphill where they hit the guardrail, then each other and two cop cars showed up. We went thru the rigamarole of filling out an accident report and the cop told us we could leave but the guy who 'officiated' was on his cellphone the whole time, watching us.

Last night, Carol had a vision of that guy pointing at the three of us, laughing, and knew that he was a fed Cool and the event was a murder attempt. The cop was astonished that we didn't roll off the other side of the road and down into a deep canyon. I reckon the feds were astonished, too.

Tonight, we'll do our requisite reprisals, starting with the two guys who were waiting for us to die, and working our way up the federal foodchain to whomever ordered those two hit attempts.

Jenny, Carol's daughter, has been staying with us and stayed home when we went to MOntana. yesterday afteroon, shortly before the first hit attempt occured, a man in a suit showed up across the street when she was on the front porch, smoking a cigarette. He was talking loudly, allegedly into a cellphone, and when he looked directly at her, said, 'They're not going to make it back tonight!' then he walked away and entered the garage of the house, one door down from the house across the street from us. --Another fed house in the neighborhood to gift Wink and we'll get that guy tonight, too.

I think that if we were angry about any of this we'd be unsuccessful with our 'balancing efforts.'

Otherwise, this level of interference is the best kind of confirmation that we're doing a good job taking down the world odor and paving the way for world peace and prosperity.

Fortunately, very few gifters ever encounter this level of opposition.