UPDATE, 12:30am Tuesday September 27

Great news! *I* found a recent backup from a couple week ago… The data loss will be minimal, and the entire site should be back up soon… with major improvements too!

However hacked the site clearly underestimated us, as this will do nothing to slow us down but quite the contrary we’ll end up with a better, more functional EW site.

Please allow 24-48 hours for the new site to be up and running.

In the mean time, you may find the following sites to be of interest to you:

Etheric Patriots: a great orgone board!
Quebec Orgone: Orgonite, psionics and more Forums, auctions, webmail all in one place


1st Announcement, 6pm Monday September 26 has been effectively taken down by a hacker naming himself "fluffy".

As a result, ALL MESSAGES and USER ACCOUNTS have been deleted, and are lost "permanently".

The hacker was apparently able to run some type of exploit on PHPBB, our board software. All database entries have been deleted, the forum is unusable.

I'm taking the site down and will start assembling a new forum ASAP. In the mean time, ANYONE who has a recent, saved backup of EW's messages please contact me at

Please visit soon to obtain more details.

Steeve aka sdbmark Forum admin on behalf on Don Croft