From an Exemplary Gifter in New Hampshire

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Post From an Exemplary Gifter in New Hampshire 
Hello Don

I wanted to send in a report on six months of gifting the Monadnock region; south central New Hampshire and north central Massachusetts.    We live right in the middle of New England.

We have also started gifting in Long Island Sound; last week my husband went out in a fishing boat around Millstone Nuclear Facility (Massive Haarp site???) in Connecticut and got 9 tbs in a ring in the water around Millstone Point.  It's just a start.

Joyously, I can tell that Boston, places along the New England coast and the main highways have been gifted.  Saturation is the next step there.

Inland things are more sparse.  We found your website around Christmas 2007, and after  filling our house and property with tb's and hhg's, and building a CB, my husband and I first gifted the 4 cellblock towers in our small town of 3,000 people.  One tower is in the steeple of the picturesque Unitarian church on the town common.  Next we went for saturation.  There are many small ponds, lakes, streams here, and we tried to get a tb in as many as possible.  I've seen a “LightTower” repair truck around, but there are so many gifted bodies of water near the towers I think it would be tough to keep the the towers negative.  We also re-gift as needed.   There is a returning sense of optimism in the air since this spring.

Next I  gifted in the form of gifts.  Our neighbors and friends all want orgonite. Dinner guests, parents of my daughter's friends, visiting relatives ask for some, and I made a lot of hhg's.  The owner of the local crystal shop traded me free crystals for an hhg.   I made hhg's as gifts for my daughter's nursery teachers; everyone wants one now.  Two other parents ordered supplies for gifting.  I have NOT met with negative responses.  People nearly grab me by the shirt collar for more info.  I direct them to your site.

Back to tower “renewing”.  We border the City of Fitchburg, Mass, which I hear calls itself the “satan worshiping capital of the world”.  Clearly they haven't heard of Beijing, London, or a lot of other places.  But so it is with the Occult Little League.  We took out most of a massive haarp array on a hill over the city on a spectacular summer morning.  The violent thunder storms have lessened.  We are systematically visiting the towers around us, in a greater increasing circle.  I wish we were faster.

My husband's parents live on Long Island Sound, near Millstone, and across the water from Montauk.  We gift when we visit.  My mother in law surprised me by telling me she used to visit Reich up in his lab in Rangely.  When we first showed her some orgonite, she laughed and laughed until it seemed like she might be sobbing.

I contacted Dooney in April to help me with “predator boosting”.  She invited me to join her chat and I participated in May and June (I've had family weddings, etc, every Saturday this month); once while you were on it.  David R from Hawaii said he had a good ocean bottom cb he made.  My husband and I would love to know more.  Could you send me some info or connect me with him?

Thank you for the inspiration.



Francie, I posted your report because I want our readers to see what can be done by just applying the simple and empowering information that's available on EW.

I think you're referring to the 18 that David made.  It's just 18 ordinary towerbusters arranged in the hexagram pattern described in another thread.  I haven't been promoting it because Cesco and Kelly, who are developing it, say that it's not a finished project but  I had an 18 in the shop when Kelly visited us, last week  and he really liked it.  That one is slated to drop on the US Navy's toxic underground/underwater base in the big, beautiful lake near us, shortly.   Been waiting for Carol's arm to mend enough for her to go sailing with me, again Cool

Special devices have a use but, as in war, the bulk of the useful work is done with the simple stuff, widely distributed.  We don't even drop HHgs any more in most of our gifting sorties.  I dropped 300 ordinary towerbusters along 90  miles of water from my little rubber boat last month, for instance--no HHgs and no 18s, that time.

Carol and I apparently caused a major commercial nuke plant in Washington State to shut down just by spud-gunning a dozen TBs into the Columbia River where that plant was getting its cooling water.  The river wasn't easy to access around the nuke but it was within range of the spudgun, fortunately.  A couple of years before that, this was the nuke where we got definitive proof that orgonite puts out more healthy orgone in the presence of ambient poisonous energy.  Carol was nearly blinded by the 'bright blue blobs' of orgone that were suddenly flowing out of my orgonite-loaded truck as she followed behind me in the car, driving on the interstate past that nuke Cool

A few months later, near a Florida nuke, we were at a beach, 20 miles north of the nuke, and the Terminator I was wearing on my belly was putting out a large fountain of bright orgone, which aroused Carol's curiosity. She then tracked the DOR source as coming from the south and we found that nuke plant on our little hunt after that.

A single HHg in the bushes not far from the entrance of the plant halted the dark DOR field at that point, which marked, for Carol, a visual sphhere of DOR, surrounded by bright orgone.  They probably found the HHg, eventually, and did something to power up that plant becuase when we moved back there, years later, it took several water-gifting sorties, mostly with our boat, to halt the spread of DOR and to clean up the ocean in that vicinity. It was pretty bizarre and we're  still not aware of how they did all that.

That nuke plant on Florida's coast got over a hundred TBs in all the surrounding water in our more recent sorties but it has kept working. At least it's not poisoning the surrounding environment, any more.  

It's been pretty consistent for us, though, to 'turn off' the unregistered little underground nuke reactors by just tossing a TB or two in each of the rectangular, gravel-lined cooling ponds on site. I think those are the plants that provide power for the death towers adn HAARP arrays, though sometimes they apparently use ordinary ponds and rivers for this if the water isn't too mucky.

The world order uses their nuke generators to produce DOR in the atmosphere adn to sicken the populace, of course.  Free energy tech will end that problem and will also end our dependence on fascist cartels for our energy requirements. It will also shut down the Rockefeller-funded environmentalist brain police.  We're the real environmentalist, of course Cool