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by Sherman H. Skolnick

"They are willfully blind". That is the way some describe the Federal Bureau of Investigation in Chicago. Of course, minor gangsters ARE targeted. Long-time FBI dicatator, the late J. Edgar Hoover repeatedly claimed there was no Crime Syndicate. Big-time criminals were blackmailing Hoover on his homosexuality. And hoodlum bigshots in the liquor industry even set up a Foundation for Hoover's financial benefit. (See, Anthony Summers, "Official and Confidential: The Secret Life of J.Edgar Hoover", Putnam, N.Y., 1993.)

In 1974, there was a 25 million dollar robbery of a vault used to store large sums of money in transit for an armored truck business, at the time a division called Purolator. The money was supposedly recovered by the then U.S. Attorney in Chicago, James "Big Jim" Thompson. For him, FBI agents carried the recovered loot in the trunk of their cars but somehow reportedly "neglected" to count how many bags of cash there were or to mark the bags with identifying markings.

Guess who did the counting? Why, a reputed gangster-linked enterprise called Amalgamated Bank of Chicago, politically and criminally tied to Big Jim and his cohorts in the federal bureaucracy. They counted and counted and counted, and said they find only two million dollars. Really? The rest went apparently to further the political ambitions of Big Jim who was elected Illinois Governor in 1976 and stayed there for 14 years.

Although Thompson was a close pal of the Rockefeller family, he had to supply a lot of "his own money" for political campaigns.

An accused vault guard in custody kept saying the money was twenty five million dollars and was grabbed by Nixon's pals, a left over detail of the Watergate Affair. In jail, the guard was pumped full of forget-me drugs to silence him. An apprehended reputed minor gangster hired private investigators to help with his court defense. As shown by the voluminous, undisputed federal court records, the gumshoes unraveled vast FBI criminal enterprises, including stolen farm and construction equipment taken across state lines, and converted by crooked FBI officials in Chicago for re-sale for their own financial benefit. A top FBI inspector in Chicago, who apparently helped Thompson divide up the recovered Purolator vault loot, was quietly allowed to escape prosecution and take an early retirement.

[From the tremendous undisputed court files in the group of cases known as the Marzano matters.]

One of the times Big Jim was re-elected as governor there was massive vote fraud, to favor him, covered up by the FBI n Chicago. After 14 years as Illinois Governor, Thompson became the head of a huge law factory, Winston & Strawn, headquartered in Chicago, with offices in Washington, and worldwide. Their overseas offices were reportedly part of the international dope traffic tied to Red China. They reportedly had an inner circle, not in the law business at all, but links to nefarious activities. [Through a relative, Beryl Anthony, there were reported links to Vincent W. Foster, Jr. and his law partner Hillary Rodham Clinton. Before his short-lived, ill-fated position in the Clinton White House, Foster was a super bank money launderer with Hillary. Read about Foster and why he had to be murdered: GREENSPAN REPORTEDLY AIDS AND BRIBES GEORGE BUSH and FAMILY, Part Three

In 1994, we did a one-hour public access Cable TV show about Big Jim and the dope traffic, confirmed by sources within his law offices and corroborated by us elsewhere. Of course, the Chicago FBI did nothing to pursue these details.

Little understood are the links of Bill/Hillary to the REPUBLICANS as well as the Democrats. Their GOP crony has been George H. Ryan, a reputed long-time criminal who was for several years Illinois Secretary of State, and in 1998 elected Illinois Governor.

The office of Illinois Secretary of State has a long history of corruption. Holding that office in the 1960s, was an enterprising criminal named Paul Powell who dressed in dreary black garments like a mortician. Those applying for drivers licenses and car and truck title registration and such had to make their payments payable TO PAUL POWELL. Since it was made out to his name, he figured it was perfectly okay to pocket those checks and money orders. [Some people just made the remittances TO PAUL POWELL, not Paul Powell, Illinois Secretary of State.] Powell kept shoeboxes full of those payments in his hotel apartment. One mistake. Being a cheapskate, he did not tip the maid who discovered the shoeboxes with the loot in his closet. She turned him in.

By the time he was put on federal criminal trial, Powell had bladder trouble. You could see his accidental urinating down the carpet to the courtroom. A group of reporters one day asked me if I would shake hands with Powell who was walking near my wheelchair. "Look, outside I sometime get dirt on my hands from wheeling this chair. Now you want me to shake hands with a pisser criminal? No thanks. Tell Powell to shake hands with his lawyers, the judge, and the jurors. Not me." I said in my sometimes sarcastic tone.

In later years, the Illinois Secretary of State was Alan Dixon. As his predecessors, Dixon reportedly continued a tradition of catering to the bigtime mobsters. He apparently arranged for them to have secret car title and license registrations so that the FBI, even if they wanted to, could not trace the license plates during surveillance. Also, Dixon reportedly had a close relative in the "chop shop" business in which like-new cars are stolen for their parts used through certain mob-favorite auto repair shops and such. Typically, the mobsters then and now grab cars from shopping malls, using innocent-appearing tow trucks taking away supposedly disabled cars. Nobody notices. To re-sell the stolen car motors, the car-kidnappers have to file down the car motor number. For this, of course, they need the corrupt connivance of the Illinois Secretary of State since such number has to appear on all manner of auto and truck vehicle forms.

According to our investigations, we found out that there was a secret meeting of "chop shop" owners including reportedly Illinois Secretary of State Alan Dixon's close relative. One of the more "independent" car choppers bitterly complained that Dixon was favoring his relative and allowing that relative to horn in on other chop shop owners' territories. After all, criminals are supposed to have enough honor to stay within their own alloted fiefdom. Any jackass gangster knows that much.

The loudmouth "chop shop" owner was appropriately dealt with. He was found murdered. As a father, he left behind more than a dozen children. The FBI failed to investigate. And with the blessings of the willfully blind Chicago FBI, Alan Dixon went on the become U.S. Senator from Illinois.

About 1980, the head of a vast, interstate chopshop racket was thinking about saving himself from prison by fingering corrupt Chicago FBI officials and FBI agents assigned to the Justice Department's joke, the Organized Crime Strike Force. On the way from court, the chop shop kingpin and his girl friend were murdered on a relatively quiet road by a killer team from the government Strike Force. Mobster assets in the press had been at the Court hearing. They knew what and who really killed the chop shopper but they remained silent.

One of those who was in a position to know about such things was a mob mouthpiece at CBS' Chicago outlet, WBBM-TV, Channel 2. That media mobster once came to my house supposedly to interview me. He wanted to photograph the contents of my house. "I want to see how you live, Sherman", he said. "I am not convinced you are going to say anything good about me," I told him bluntly.I made this Las Vegas-style dressed TV reporter talk to me on the street. He put on the air a three-minute piece made up mostly of how I wheel my wheelchair down the sidewalk of my residence. What the devil is news about that? I thought. Most all I said on film was edited out.

An honorable member of the Strike Force, retired from an intelligence agency, was repeatedly marked for murder by the criminals within the Justice Department team. They suspected he was passing details of FBI/Justice Department corruption to certain independent-minded commentators. We have his highly detailed confidential report of this high-level corruption, which he have on our own also corroborated, in our files.

Among the other duties of the Illinois Secretary of State, similar to other states as well, is keeping records and charters and such, of corporations. Those headquartered in Illinois are called domestic corporations. Those out-of-state (NOT overseas) are called "foreign corporations". The Illinois Secretary of State, similar to other states, is in a wonderful position to blackmail. Important records of criminal enterprises that are "incorporated" are conveniently NOT available to be retrieved from the computer of the Corporation Division. That type of black-out service for criminals is, of course, not for free. Over the years, I and my associates got into the Corporation Division more or less "secret" records, supposed to be "public records" but really not available to the public. We are convinced that the Illinois Secretary of State traditionally shelters criminals. And the Chicago FBI knows about all this and is willfully blind. They sleep with the bigtime criminals.

The Chicago FBI has been supposedly investigating a scandal involving the Illinois Secretary of State's personnel reportedly taking numerous bribes to issue licenses to would-be truck drivers who are not really eligible, because, among other things, they cannot read or understand English as required by law to be able to read traffic signs and such. Some of the bribes were passed along as campaign contributions to the previous Illinois Secretary of State, George H. Ryan, since 1998 elected Illinois Governor. He claims he does not know anything about it.

In the process, the Chicago FBI has dodged looking into the real stuff, like the foregoing details. More in this series. Stay tuned.