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by Sherman H. Skolnick

They all seem to have three names, or words as names. And the three wirds somehow seem to have a rhythm to them. Lee Harvey Oswald. Russell Weston, Junior, Benjamin Nathaniel Smith. And the monopoly press described each one as a "lone assassin".Why is America hung up on lone killers? Elsewhere, such as in Europe, they speak of killer teams, Propaganda Due, known as P-2, Gladio, the Red Brigades, and other government and semi-government murder squads. Likewise, Central and South America, with their death squads: El Salvador, Quatemala, Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, Chile. The theme of the Warren Commission was that a lone nut killed President John F. Kennedy. Thereafter, the pundits and politicos hollared "Gun Control!" as the remedy. It took years and years until some brave souls dared speak up and say that there would be less political assassinations if they took away the guns of the CIA's covert teams. Oswald's handler/controller at FBI reportedly flushed a key document down the toilet, or was it down the dark hole of secrecy and history? [Describing the CIA plot against JFK was a booked under under a penname by the French CIA, called "Farewell America", a best-seller in Europe, in the 1960s and 70s, BUT BANNED FROM BEING SOLD IN BOOKSTORES IN THE U.S. I and another assassination researcher were the only ones to distribute some copies of the smuggled in book, at speeches, etc., one book at a time. Alas, no more copies of the book are left at this late date.]

Russell Weston, Jr. supposedly left southern Illinois and drove all the way to Washington, D.C. It was July, 1998, and he arrives at a key point in the Monica Lewinsky scandal. He parks his vehicle in the Capitol near the House of Representatives [some question how he was able to avoid scrutiny since cars thus parked are carefully examined by the local police]. He goes right past the guards and heads right for the unmnarked door leading into the office of House Majority Whip Tom DeLay (R., Texas]. DeLay was known as a loud critic demanding the removal of Clinton. Next door was the office of then-Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich [R., Georgia], not so loud against Clinton. But Weston was NOT heading for Newt's office. Weston got into DeLay's office, shot to death a guard there, and came within a few seconds of blowing away DeLay who was walking right toward Weston.

Quickly thereafter, DeLay fled Washington for his home district of Houston. Getting off the plane, he told a confidant there was an assassination plot against himself and his family. DeLay returned to the District of Columbia under heavy guard. And the press pundits and politicos, as is there habit, hollared "Gun control!" as the remedy. Suspected of being a "plant" or FBI orchestrated agent provocateur, Weston has fallen into the limbo of the mental hospital machine. CBS Network verified our story that Weston was part of a circle of FBI robots or provocateurs. BUT, the monopoly press suppressed the story. The FBI/CIA has a way of making use of those who are partly unbalanced and talk in extreme rhetoric, real or otherwise. If they were candid and honest, which they are not, would the FBI bosses admit that their provocateurs, who are carefully tracked by the Bureau, somehow run out of control and bomb and kill people? Or, like some "Manchurian Candidate", are such robots used to protect, for example, the president from being further scandalized so he can continue to be of use to the Bourbons, the worldwide ruling elite? The press sort of made light of what Weston's sister later said: "April Callahan said her brother told her recently that he was working for the FBI and was 'on a secret mission to protect the president'". [Chicago Tribune, 7/27/98].

Then there was a fellow named Benjamin Nathaniel Smith. Because of his showing up in a variety of places to raise hell, some suspected he was an FBI "plant" or provocateur, used by the Bureau to identify other dissidents, mislead others, track others, and such. Someone planted an item on a popular website that violence was expected on the Fourth of July weekend holiday, 1999. Smith had a very common looking face. Experts on faces said he had a choir boy look. Smith was supposedly the "lone gunman" on a shooting spree in Chicago, suburbs of Chicago, elsewhere in Illinois and downstate Indiana,, starting on the Friday leading up to the weekend holiday. He supposedly used a .22 caliber weapon to shoot, from a distance, six Orthodox Jews on the way to and from a Synagogue in a mostly Jewish neighborhood in Chicago. Smith then reportedly shot Ricky Byrdsong to death, a former Northwestern University basketball coach some of whose team members were caught up in a point shaving scandal. If the shootings were all random, "drive by" shootings, hate crimes, how did Smith happen to pick out and murder Byrdsong? Did someone want the former coach knocked off because he might have known something about the sports gambling scandal? Others shot included some orientals, a Korean shot to death in downstate Indiana, and others. The FBI circulated alleged pictures of Smith. One problem. A highly important descriptive and distinctive feature is the ear of a person. The ear and other facial features were not the same on the FBI pictures. Did the FBI circulate the photos in such a hurry that they forgot to airbrush the ears so that all the photos matched?

Smith supposedly did the shooting from a distance. One problem: the .22 caliber is the favorite political assassination weapon of the FBI/CIA, and others in the secret political police, to shoot someone in the head close-up, not from a distance. And like other strange, apparently orchestrated events, after the three-day shooting rampage, supposedly by one "lone nut", the pundits and politicos, as is their habit, hollared, "Gun control!" as the supposed remedy. With an expected financial collapse in the wake of an expected market crash, gun control will become the method to control the anguished populace of the U.S. Do the FBI/CIA have a warehouse of these "plants", or robots, set to put into motion some secret agenda, to defeat and cancel the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights? Some think so. Do not bother sending this story to your local newsfakers---you know who I mean, those with the fifty dollar hairdoes and the nickel heads. The liars and whores of the press. They will go on singing the same song for the FBI/CIA/NSA/NRO, and others in the secret political police, as ever. Stay tuned.