Federal Eejits Sabotaging our T-Rx in the Mail

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New post Federal Eejits Sabotaging our T-Rx in the Mail 
  Jan 2009
This is a peculiar opportunity to advertise our new zapper modification Cool and I wish it would stop but several of our customers and friends have emailed to say that their T-Rx arrived with the orgonite block loose and one of them also got a T-Rx with a ripped battery wire.

I say they're idiots because detaching the orgonite plug to analyze Carol's coil/gem configuration isn't necessary and their psychics are too degraded to identify the positive effects, anyway.  They're comical in this case but of course it's not funny that they disappear and/or murder a million North American kids every year and engage in wholesale slaughter around the  world, otherwise.  

Our business site, worldwithoutparasites.com is down right now. I think that's part of the current sabotage package Wink

Those of us (vendors on EW)  whose packages have been sabotaged by the criminals of Langley, Ft Meade and the J Edgar Hoover Building in DC have learned that the the FBI are mostly heavy handed--destroy a lot of our stuff-- and the CIA/NSA criminals are slightly more genteel when they sabotage our packages.

The shipments to Joe in Basrah and Griffon in Baghdad are being delayed but in that case the entire postal system involved with getting mail to the invaders in Iraq has just been tampered with.  The CIA/NSA routinely shoot down an entire passenger jet to take out one person so this isn't surprising Wink

By the way, Doc Kayiwa had supplied a Uganda driver license to me, a few years ago.  He was in the process of getting me an international driver license from there, last year,  but the clerk he was getting it from went to Iraq to fight the Americans. I wish I knew who pays that guy's salary--I bet it's the Mossadomites, MI6 or the CIA.  

The MOssadomites are known to blow up buses full of Israelis and blame Palestinians for it (lots of Israelis are finally getting wise to this, thank God) and the CIA loads up unwary Iraqis' vehicles with bombs at checkpoints, and then sets them off when the vehicles reach crowded public places.  Imagine the infrastructure required for all that! I think CIA bought Al Jazeera to shut them up.

The rash of package sabotage over the past couple of months seems to relate to the way several of our psychics are being severely assaulted around the clock,by the way.  Manfred, who has ethericresearch.com is also getting hammered, 24/7, and it's been frustrating to me that we've been unable to help others in the chats, lately.

By now, most of us are confident that the federal gov't is going to fall apart under its own weight before long, so we've felt less pressure to go after their more aggressive predators in the chatroom.  The ludicrous,  backfired 'terrorist attacks' in the past week are a case in point: even teh PJ folks are laughing up their sleeves at the obviousness of that.   The aim of the Fatherland Sekurity apparatus was to cause these PJ folks to want the US, Brit and Israeli Air Forces to turn the sands of Persia into glass, of course Wink

We're just no longer worried that the corporate world order can achieve WWIII because Peking's more powerful than those old families are, now, and Peking's mandate is to keep increasing China's middle class.  The lovliness of this irony is that the middle class in China is sure to discard that tyrannical regime, eventually.  The growth of that middle class is entirely dependent on the increasing global sales of Chinese products. In order to achieve this, Peking has to guarantee that there will be no economic crash.   The old corporate families thrived on their periodic, induced global crashes over the past 150 years, of course.  Note that Peking refused to loan Nathan Rothschild the money to buy a failed bank last year, by the way.  That speaks volumes to what's really happening so I hope you're not still sucking at the disinformation doom teat Cool  --shades of Y2K?

I've asked some of the targetted psychics to consider a midweek chat just for knocking the NSA & Jesuit freaks off their backs and to get back to doing more proactive work in the weekend chats.  I've also asked Steven J and his wife, Deborah, to attend those midweek chats because they've learned so much over the past years by countering (mainly) NSA psi assaults against them.   They're incredibly skilled and experienced psychics and Steven J has the intention to develop a free energy device to further undermine the corporate world order's parasitic hegemony.   He asked me to finance it but al my discretionary money is going to East AFrica so I promised to promote him in case someone else can foot the bill. I believe he'll succeed, as many others have, but the difference with STeven J is that he knows how to avoid being murdered for it, I think, especially if we can help him survive after he achieves it.  Engineer Gene noted to me that the most accessible and affordable free energy engines will be the simpler ones and I agree.

A lot of folks are telling me that they believe 2010is going to be an interesting and very productive year.