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Fightin' Lemurians/Cetaceans & Dungbeetles from Space 
Ever wonder why dung  beetles (scarabs) were sacred to the reptilian-based, declining parasitic hierarchy of the later Egyptian empire?

In yesterday’s chat session  we apparently got more confirmations that the world odor is in a fast decline and I think it relates to all that.

While I need to remind you that  these sessions are not authoritative I hope you’ll keep what I’m reporting in your ‘wait and see’ file and perhaps think of some of this when you watch and read the What To Think Network’s misleading representations of  ‘news.’

Dooney and Stevo were in full form and took the  rest of us on a pretty wild ride, starting our hunting session by  seeking the murderers of the 150 dolphins on the Persian Coast at the Straits of Hormuz, then finding a connection with the insectoid parasite species’ ‘death star’ that the What To Think Network is calling a ‘fast-approaching comet.’  Eric Carlsen directed our attention to these two things, by the way.

The US Navy apparently used four submarines in a coordinated  sonic assault on a huge pod of dolphins and 150 those ended up giving their lives.   Dooney felt certain that they sacrificed themselves in that spot so that we would focus our efforts on the region, again.  Pravda reported that the US had detonated a small nuke device on an island not far from there, a few weeks ago.  The psychics were seeing that in order to create the condition for another  US-Government terrorist assault in the region requires that the ambient energy of the natural vortices be turned negative, again, and the dolphins and whales  in the region have apparently been working on their own (and with us) to keep the energy positive, hence the assault by the US Navy on them last week.  The simpler solution would be for someone to drop several hundred tower busters along those coasts, into the sea for the dolphins to distribute but there just aren’t many people doing this in that region, apparently.  I still hold some hope that a US serviceman or woman will get the courage and awareness to do something like this, as a Canadian diplomat’s wife had done in Kuwait, some years ago.

Our efforts to ’balance’ the human culprits who slaughtered the dolphins  led us to the discovery of some underground, prehistoric crystal city sites that were part of the very ancient Lemurian global civilization and this led us to a large number of hyper dimensional portals that the world odor was in the process of using to bring a huge army of bugs into our dimension from that big ship that looks like a comet.  

The biggest city/portal is apparently in central  India but when we started boosting this site our effort was joined by a large number of whales and dolphins, who showed the psychics all the rest of the portals: around two per continent, then they led the way out to the fleet of bug ships, which were apparently destroyed/disabled, then to their home planet, where we and the cetaceans really cleaned house, as we’d done repeatedly on the draconian’ home planet around the star, Arcturus, over the past year or so.  Stevo told us that he’d never seen whales creating dodecahedrons around ships in space,  before this.

You might realize that the bottleneck for the world odor’s ancient plan to destroy most of humanity (and all of the cetaceans) and to enslave the half billion or so human survivors depended on massive numbers of enforcers and, lately, the global death tower network.   The Russian and Chinese armies were apparently set up to do the enforcing in the rest of the world but those two governments apparently opted out of the agenda a few years ago, in favor of their own joint agenda.  Since they have the biggest armies, who would be in a position to punish  them, especially if (in the case of Russia, apparently) enough orgonite has been distributed to prevent the detonation of nuclear bombs?

 Also,  China is by far the richest nation on earth, by now and therefore the most powerful, politically; certainly the most efficient at oppressing/controlling its populace.  We believe that they now own the United States Government through their purchase of the Federal Reserve Corporation from the European bankers, two years ago.  That means they own all of us (Americans) on paper, which means nothing at all unless they can enforce these commercial contract codes that they  inherited from our treasonous government.  

The PJ folks all over the planet are apparently running  out of patriotic zeal, judging by how few of them are waving flags these days.  Inappropriate patriotism, usually promoted by clergy and other sorts of charismatic pimps for patriarchy,  has been the hook through the nose with which the world odor has always led the PJ folks to  slaughter and slavery, of course.  The one thing that the world odor apparently never counted on is that the PJ folks are liable to lose interest in all of this ugly theatrical stuff  in the absence of official terrorism and engineered economic disaster.  

 I was happy to read that  Persian fishermen tried their best to move the dolphins back into the water, as many of  the Tanzanian fishermen tried to do in Zanzibar, a couple of years ago when the US Navy conducted a similar slaughter, there.

This time, the psychics saw the Navy  hierarchy being directed by the insect race that’s apparently been replacing the defeated  draconian as ‘advisors’ to the world odor.  It’s kind of funny to us that the world odor’s version of  ‘Operators’ are simply more efficient offworld predatory and parasitic species while our Operators are very  wise, advanced, benevolent species and people, including  the dolphins and whales, of course.  Any  determined, constant gifter who will pay attention to his/her hunches and instincts is blessed with a close connection to The Operators.

The overwhelming impression the psychics got yesterday is that the draconian are no longer major players in this parasitic global hierarchy, though they had been an essential part of it for many thousands of years (all of recorded history).  The bugs are apparently late comers and opportunists and are much less able to understand humanity than the dracs had been, so they’re less able to defend themselves against the tactics and strategies that The Operators are suggesting to us.  Since they’re not  quite 3D, they’re even more susceptible, of course.  As the higher frequency realities are coming into sharper and sharper focus to humanity, I think the predatory species are in a hurry to regain some of the ground they’ve been losing for decades, so they’re getting sloppier.  Putting people like Condoleezza Rice up as talking heads for the world odor are probably a sign that  this organization has run out of charisma.  Without personal charisma, they can’t hope to hold the PJ folks in thrall any more, even if they were able to successfully carry out terrorist assaults, like the demolition of the World Trade Center and the burning of the Reichstag.   Even their newage gurus are failing to keep their followings,  now.

Another glaring flaw of the world odor is that they  essentially destroyed  nationalism, institutional religion  and even communism in the world in the past seventy years or so. It took a long, long time for them to develop destructive forms of nationalism and clergy-based parasitic religious institutions in the first place Wink and they utterly failed to generate a similar devotion in the masses to their Theosophy-based  form of globalism, which was developed in England along with infantile communism in the 1800s.   The genuine urge toward globalism that they attempted to pirate goes a lot deeper than they were able to affect: a cordial desire in every living being to strive for  a more genuine, synergistic form of personal responsibility and empowerment, characterized by real, dynamic grassroot unity.

Considering how messed up the  world odor is I’m not surprised that there aren’t more convincing disinformation sites.  The worse things get for them, the more they try to ‘own’ the movement toward real information, after all, and even the What To Think Network outlets, like the History Channel, are constrained to air things like the Philadelphia Experiment because even the PJ folks are getting genuously curious, now.   Of course the media whores spend the latter half of programs like that ‘debunking’ or otherwise trying to confuse the PJ viewers but that’s not working out for them any more, apparently.  The proof is that nobody’s laughing at conspiracy information any more.  Lao Tse said, ‘When the foolish man hears of the Tao, he laughs out loud,’ and if you grew up when I did (1950s and 60s) you recall that the Depression Babies’ incessant drunken laughter effectively drowned out the very small voice of truth in those dark days. You may have noticed that things have changed a lot for the better, since then.

The psychics in yesterday’s session often remarked that  it’s getting easier and easier to see the hidden realities, now.  The Lemurians are particularly active, now, and have even begun fighting the bad guys with the cetaceans and ourselves.  Until very recently, the Lemurians only showed up to heal us.  I think they needed to be sure that we were completely committed, first.   Can you imagine how fine this life will be after their cities are visible again and they begin interacting with us in our own dimension?  Until now, only a few people have seen them in 3D, of course.  I personally know two of these lucky ones and Carol and I heard Lemurians singing all night when we were camping near Panther Meadow on Mt Shasta, six and a half years ago. Carol also saw them, then, and I at least saw a lot of their little craft in the sky.

To us, this is another signal that the war is being decisively won by our side, after thousands of years of  parasitic patriarchy’s oppression throughout the world.   I think we’ll know that the war has finally finished  because centralized governments will have lost their power to oppress and exploit their populations and commerce around the world will not be interfered with, any more.

It’s possible, in other words, that the PJ folks will never have been aware that a war was fought at all and that will be the most delicious confirmation, to me, that this has been a successful, essentially non-violent, global revolution.

Stevo expressed the hope that hundreds of people will eventually do what we few are doing each week and I wondered whether the work is not, in fact, already being carried out in the etheric realm by many thousands or even millions of human souls during sleep.   I think we’re all uncomfortable with the notion that there are so few of us doing this in 3D.  Maybe the world of dreams will be found to be as substantial as our  species’ collective, Einstein-colored view of reality; Einstein being the last of the aggressive materialistic-science vanguard and much more fashionable, these days, than Newton and Descartes.   I had read that Newton was sponsored by the City of London (the world odor’s centuries-old logistics center) to plagiarize his much, much more gifted contemporary, Leibnitz, then edit out the spiritual content of Leibnitz’ more comprehensive body of work in order to bolster the then-new paradigm of materialistic science. The world odor isn’t very inventive, by the way, which is why they used the same scam to block public awareness of the real pioneers, like Tesla, Reich and  Rife, in favor of their grand-scale, neo-religious promotion of less gifted, less aware people like Einstein and Freud.

Another trend that we don’t mention much is that we’re gradually earning a new view of the energy dynamics underground.   The psychics have always been blocked from a clear view of the nature of the center of the earth, apparently, but maybe The Operators are slowly teaching us to be able to comprehend this by showing us the interconnected hyper dimensional portals and vortex wheels underground  throughout the world which very, very ancient civilizations had put in place.  We actually work on these things, and working is the best way to get new information to ‘stick,’ after all.  Those of us who aren’t particularly psychic provide a lot of energy for the process, which is why we can get a lot more done in the group sessions than  in sessions with fewer participants, even if most of the participants are the psychics in the latter case.

The nice thing about approaching  new information in a more piecemeal fashion and in a work environment  is that the urge to speculate idly doesn’t come into play.  I think the proper use for our imaginations  is to figure out how to piece together the information we’re getting rather than to spin out into merely ‘theoretical’ pursuits, which is what characterizes the world odor‘s sponsored disinfo sites and groups.  See how the world odor honors ‘theoretical’ scientists over real scientists, by the way?

I doubt our psychics would be effective if they weren’t genuinely humble.  The desire for leadership, I believe, is the very worst human quality and needs to be trained out of us when we’re small.  The world odor rather strengthens this heinous trait, also trains ambitious people (mostly males) to be charismatic. What you might not know is that these traditional training methods are also trauma-based so that the world odor’s ‘leaders’ and fake gurus are genuinely schizoid and self-loathing, so are easy for their handlers to control.   All of the politicians, ‘notable’ clergy, academics, military leaders, etc., who are favored by the world odor fit this mold.

About a year ago, Carol told me that by spring I’d be entering a period of a few months in which there was a strong potential of illness.    When I took my flight physical in May, I failed it on account of pretty severely irregular heartbeat and I’d just started a weightloss program in April.   It’s possible that several years of being poisoned by the feds was taking its toll on both of us, in fact.   We’re doing fine now, I’m happy to say, largely from the help of Dr Stevo, who has performed his magic on us from time to time when we got together and has prescribed food supplements based on the formulae of Dr Royal Lee, who was a giant in the fields of nutrition, physics and other pursuits during Reich’s lifetime.

The supplements helped me get over the worst of the heart symptoms within a few months but  it was Dr Steve’s latest treatment in October that suddenly caused my heart to beat more regularly.  I hadn’t been taking the pills for six weeks before that because I was building my little airplane and the pills had made me feel a little nauseous, before.   I told him this but he’s still inclined to think the pills did that.  That’s genuine humility.  When he decided to be a physician he apprenticed himself to the real pioneers for a number of years after graduating from school and he can do things with a combination of healing ability, psychic training and cutting-edge technology that probably can’t be beaten. I’m taking the pills again and they’re not making me nauseous any more, by the way.   These are simply essential, food-based nutrients specific to rebuilding and repairing the heart, by the way.

He dislikes typing, though, so I’ll plug him from time to time.   If you’ve got an illness that none of the doctors where you live (or even zapping and ChemBuster) have been able to cure, a week or so in the vicinity of Dr Steve Smith can probably get you the dramatic results you’re hoping for. is his website and he’s affordable.



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 Re: Fightin' Lemurians/Cetaceans & Dungbeetles from Spac 
> Hi Don,
> Here are the locations of the crystal cities we worked on yesterday:
> Greenland
> France
> New Zealand
> Russia - 3
> Antarctic
> Arctic
> Africa - 2
> S. America - 2  (Peru and Brazil)
> Australia
> US - Southwest desert, 4 corners area
> Northern Canada
> Netherlands
> China - 2
> Easter Island
> Malta
> I bet we'll find more in the next chat.   Smile
> Dooney