Finland giftings - for the record
Finland giftings - for the record - June 6, 2006 16:43

The spring has been somewhat magical in many ways, the human consciousness is rising higher than ever and thanks to gifting on a global scale the ethetric body of Earth is recovering from the illness cast upon it, God knows for how long
We here in Finland have been doing our share as effecticvely as our resources have permitted. Even here in the west where prosperity is the dogma it is not so for many. That said, however multiple gifts have been placed to where they have been needed. When it comes to my giftings alone, I'd say during the year and a half period of my awareness about the importance of gifting, some hundreds of orgonite devices have been gifted around my country. That is a start at least. 

This year I have mostly been gifting the southern areas of Finland, though last Easter during my trip from north to here I gifted from the train all towers I could possible see. That was kind of my nicest train trip ever. When a tower was seen I just flashed to the toilet and flushed my orgonite down there with some kind of holy baptism you could say ;-)

We also have gifted a small sized nuclear plant, but a few still remain ungifted, at least by us which I hope we change soon.

Also at the easter in the EW chat blast we paid attention to what is going on here in Finland. It was discovered by the skillful psychics some Russian activity is taking place underground, and that some of our previous gifting had made them a bit upset. A huge counterclock wise vortex was also perceived, with the help of cetanceans it could be healed and later on we brought there EP and hhg, in addition to some tbs already present. The vortex was under a cathedral, surprisingly. We took some photos before and after, let's see if they can be put here too at some point.

Some sea gifting I've done too, Helsinki-Stockholm route received a few hhgs and tbs, that particular sea I know to be gifted previously too. Also orgonite has been tossed in the shore waters.
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The famous EP campaign is soon to start off too which should help the case, we are expectinhg to kick the beast's ass and banish the thing this year from these lands.
Some promising reported phenomena in the news:

1) No bird flu, even though according to what was said in the media last winter and spring one almost expected the only thing to come this spring was this manufactured disease. We have mainly been making jokes about it in the radio broadcast and having a good laugh, which is not to say I would not feel sorry for those in Asia who suffer from the virus. Hope gifting becomes their new national sports soon. The yellow race (this I say with respect) and Asian people in general are famous for their collective effectiveness.

2) Decreased rate of crime in the capitol area.

3) less illnesses like flu during the winter

4) smaller expected amount of blue-green algae but we yet need to take care of east coast 
Of course, we do receive our own personal confirmations no news media probably is going to report. Like that one we had during our trip to Hanko for a music event. When you are heading to some place, it's always good to bring some gifts with you, for is it not rude to arrive with empty hands? During that trip, over twenty tbs were tossed from the car. Hanko is a small town of 10,000 population, the utmost town in southwest direction of Finland, some sort of tip of a toe. There we found a nice church, next to it a light house which while serving very practical purpose is also a well-known symbol of you know whom. The church was gifted one tb at each side and a hhg on the front side. For the light house we sacrified an ep. When leaving, I sensed a strong 'relief', energy blocked maybe for centuries was shooting up to heavens, so to speak. For some reason, I also felt the site was somehow celestial, I don't know for sure if this means its geological location for it was my first visit to the place.
There was going to be a mass on that Sunday in the church, when we tossed the gifts it was early in the morning. I bet the mass will be different from those they used to have. I had spent my night sleeping in a car and I tell you, it was not the warmest nights in Finland :-) Usually the churches are good spots for orgonite, for spiritual activities take place there which is a nice combination. Not to mention orgonite quite probably ends the condemning etc. which then sets people spiritually free, if they choose so of course.
We have constructed only one CB by now and should be workikng on for the next soon. It was destined for Lahti where my brave friend Tapani has encountered the representatives of the brotherhood on their site physically and even discussed openly about many things. Such a nice place that Lahti... One of the world's oldest mind control sites with subtle technology, since 1928 at least. I am sure the gifting he has done there all by himself has done lots of good to that city. I am still excited to visit the place myself at some point. Who would not wish to meet our opponent in person? Tapani has the chance almost everytime he goes there. Some day we will gather our instruments and go playing some music. With drums and didgeridoos and throat singing I wonder how will they feel about that? That cemetery of theirs would be a nice place I think. It has one of those nasty vortices. Yet it is so hard to understand what are they expecting to gain with all that shit they are doing? Each one is responsible for their own actions, and illuminatives make no exception. We shall be a hand of mercy finishing their games before long so their misrey ends
So this is what is going on in Finland. Just thought you would like to know ;-) 
God bless you all,