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Here's just the link for our forum about the gifting work we have done in Finland, I hope it's alright. At some point I'll add updates with photos and so.


Recently we have made good progress with networking, namely with Estonian folks. That is good news for the Baltic Sea. Will post some stuff about this later on.

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Finland giftings on map :

This includes over 1000 TB´s, 200 HHG`s, 70 EP`s and over 10 CB`s

...and this is just giftings of few people....

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In 1926-28, Germany and Finland built first MK-tech (read- DOR-tech) in the world. Together in Berlin,Germany and in Lahti, Finland, these guys erected their new inventions, which was called "Radio masts" (note RA=sun DIO=God ---> Radio = Sun God)

These electrified obelisks really tear and destroy the ethers (phucking phone booths!!!) and their range extends well over this country. What we believe (and some fellow psychics believe too) is that these are built on important earth chakra points. Finland is located on between "red" east and "blue" west, in the middle of the horizontal section (connector plug-in, if you like) and if you travel straight down (south) you end up on the Giza (pyr-amids) line. On the vertical scale, we believe that these lands with these masts are on the brow (6.) chakra of the earth.

On the Germany-Baltic countries area, (which is our beliefs) these stations link (or more like prevents nature from connecting) to upper points of the throat (5.) chakra of the earth

Why the first MK-tech here in Finland ? Well, on one day in EW-chatblast, we found out that there are "lines" travelling from Finland to Gobi desert (Mongolia, China area) and as Don and other people have mentioned, we think that the oldest brotherhood is located on Gobi desert area, where we have found some wheels too.

What our fellow psychics saw here in Finland, is that under and around these twin towers, there are not just one vortex, which is corrupted, but multiple vortexes, which are in layers and not connected to each other. We saw black, red, orange and yellow vortexes which were very ill, but most amazing thing was that we even saw blue energy that was corrupted and that the black-blue energy was used against nature too, not only the colours from the lower chakras. I believe that this confirms the mis-use of the energy at the brow-chakra level too, and the positioning of Finland on the brow.

There is tech over and under of this hill and a cemetary too, it may look small and "nothingworthy", but it is oldest MK-tech structures in the world and has been not the easiest job to do...

(from Wikipedia)

"The watt (symbol: W) is the SI derived unit of power, equal to one joule per second. A human climbing a flight of stairs is doing work at the rate of about 200 watts. A first class athlete can work at up to approximately 500 watts for 30 minutes. An automobile engine produces mechanical energy at a rate of 25,000 watts (approximately 30 horsepower) while cruising. A typical household incandescent light bulb uses electrical energy at a rate of 40 to 100 watts."

This is the Twin Peaks blasting us at 17 000 kWs = 17 000 000 W = 17 million watts...can you imagine how much is that...on the air, on the ethers ?

Another twin on colors -

Blasting the city on highest point -

Fake clouds on lab rats -

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This is how we treat our problems underground.

It is a combination of eight earth pipes, all with clockwise copper coils in a copper pipes, orgonite and resonant cavity space (hollow ends pointing ground). This special gift was designed to give a special boost to the world odors first MK-machines, which are also located under the hill, shown at the pictures on the previous post. There are about 20 EP`s (including the  package of eight) on the radio-base-site and a lots of TB´s and HHG`s.

Unusual flight patterns for normal aircraft traffic, but so normal for chemical spraying planes.... a view over the city of Lahti

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Not long ago we visited Riihimäki, a place 40 kilometers from Lahti and brought with us some orgonite. In the beginning our intention was to gift fields of a local farmer we know whose crops have been decreasing for over ten years. For this, we built a small three piped CB, a couple single piped devices, and Hhg in a glass jar for the well of the property. The whole household gets the water from there, including the drinking water for the family and the plants. They should feel energised by now Wink

Our 'staff'

Of course, we gifted all the towers along the way. Who wouldn't? As for the field, immediately we had started to put our stuff on the ground, it started to wind, sufficiently enough for us to recognise it being caused by our orgonite. I believe this is a pretty common phenomenom, especially now that we had some copper pipes standing against the sky. Not the first time however it has occured during my giftings. One and a half year ago I was gifting with my friend in Turku, the same thing happened. Extremely strong wind and rain, just like that. Later I heard his psychic friend had been walking around where we had been gifting that day and had seen black figures (etheric) flying with the wind, trying to hold on lamp posts etc. in vain. This is what we call local global cleansing Wink

On this property, we also made orgonite grid with some tbs. Have not heard from the fellow since, but he received lots of information that day, also about free energy tech in general.

Here's well at distance:

A funny thing happened before we actually found his fields, for no apparent reason we missed the correct road which was right there in front of our eyes when we later came back. I swear I kept my eyes focused finding that road and still we just drove by. The reason of course, was a tower we spotted rather far away after driving awhile. Gifting is fun, because this kind of things happen quite often. You just cannot understand why you seem to be lost, until you find the local tower in the middle of nowhere, after which the way to your destination is available again.

The second and certainly no less important target of our journey I heard of only two days before we hit the road. A military area in Riihimäki. We had to hurry a bit to get some devices done, ran out of metal too. We made coiled orgonite with copper pipes and snow quartz from the arctic circle, Rovaniemi (very powerful stuff, it was energised by the ice age, and I believe, before that was used by an ancient civilisation because there are a lot of ruins. This was also confirmed by a psychic friend of ours in Rovaniemi, Lapland).

Mainly, we put these devices still pretty close to towers and gridded the area. Naturally, we also gifted the whole town. I felt very good after doing, also while doing it, even though it was also clear some others did not Wink

Finland giftings continue