The Fourth way

[The Fourth Way sure looks to be a Path using psychedelics like the Warrior Path (called Power Plants).  That doesn't mean they rely purely on Power plants, just that they use them as tools, as Don Juan mentions often.  "Many teachers" is similar to the Warrior Path credo, which is the Path of Truth or Knowledge.  Knowledge was scattered around the globe.  The biggest hindrance to Truth is Religion, gurus and groups/groupthink.]

Carlos Castaneda
Don Juan
Leary, Timothy
Lilly, John

Wilson, Robert Anton

3rd Way
Yogananda, Paramahamsa

In the fourth way there are many teachers".---Gurdjieff

"In March 1980, the month in which these lines were transュmitted, I was presented (under the usual dusty backroom circumュstances) a volume purporting to be the long-awaited Fourth Secret Teaching of Gurdjieff. For the past twenty years, we Gurdjieff fans had been titillated by rumors of this Fourth Book, which supposedly listed secret techniques and practical methods for attaining the whimsical, post-terrestrial levels obviously inhabited by the jolly Sufi Master. We had always assumed, naturally, that the secret methods involved drugs. So it was a matter of amused satisfaction to read In this newly issued text that not only were brain-activating drugs the keys to Gurdjieff's wonderful, whirling wisdom, but also that the reason for keeping the alkaloids secret was to avoid exactly the penal incarceration which I was enjoying when the following essay was penned."--Tim Leary (Changing my mind among others p192/3)

"Much of the alchemical literature of Europe now appears to be a coded tradition of drug-and-sex programming.....This code is especially notable in The Chemical Marriage of Christian Rosycross (1615), which forms the visible link between traditional alchemy and modern Rosicrucianism. The mystical rose and cross from which the Rosicrurians take their name are, in fact, no more or less than the vagina and the penis, respectively...(For the curious, here is the rest of the traditional symbolism, as given by Louis T. Culling in his Manual of Sex Magich Cucurbit葉he vagina; retort葉he same, during copulation; eagle葉he vagina, or the female mouth, depending on the context; lion葉he penis; transmutation葉he sexual "peak experience"; elixer of life葉he semen; quintessence葉he semen as transmuted by ritual and ecstasy.) ----Sex and Drugs by Robert Anton Wilson p66