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After debating on whether or not to publish this information, I have finally decided it should be known. Both Remote Viewing, psychically derived information and common sense have confirmed that the car accident we had was no accident.

On the morning of July 4th this year our son came running into the living room and excitedly told his mom that after he woke up he heard a man's voice whisper in his ear "It's time to go." This quite upset him but we thought it must have been a dream. He insisted that he was already awake when he heard the voice.

That night we were almost killed in a severe car "accident".

We left for our friend's house and drove about 80 miles north that morning looking forward to a happy 4th of July with barbeque, fireworks and friends. Our intention was to sleep over and avoid the holiday traffic coming back home after the festivities. The party was great, lots of fun, sun and friends and then when the party was over it seems now in retrospect that something had influenced me, my wife and my friends into forgetting that we were going to sleep over. We actually got into our car at 11:30 pm, completely forgetting that we were going to sleep over, and we tried to drive home on the freeway. And Highway 5 is dangerous enough without holiday traffic and drunk drivers. Only ten minutes after getting on the freeway we came upon an accident up ahead and traffic was slowing down and then stopping in all lanes. We slowed and then stopped behind a big black SUV with plenty of space between the front of our car and the back of the SUV. Then we hear screeching of tires and I looked in the rear view mirror and a truck is bearing down on us at a high rate of speed and the braking doesn't seem to be doing anything and then "BAM" we're rear ended at about 45 miles per hour and pushed into the rear of the black SUV. This was the result.

The Ford Ranger that hit us had swerved at the last moment and hit the left rear of our car and my wife was sitting in the left rear so she got the worst of the impact. The impact was so hard that she was pushed into the rear of my seat. Our son was in the right rear and was not seriously hurt, thank God. My wife thought she was going to die though. The airbags deployed which saved me from getting seriously injured. I wasn't able to get out thru the door because the frame was buckled but I was able to get the window down and crawled out and saw the driver of the truck running up. I said, "Dude, what happened?!?" and he said "Dude, I don't know, I was just driving along and then you were just there and I couldn't stop in time. Is everyone OK?" I just said I don't know yet and to call the police.

In the commotion, the black SUV left the scene. Strangely, it didn't seem damaged at all. And only a week before a black Hummer with "DRAQO" license plates almost ran me over in Las Vegas. Coincidence? I don't think so.

An off duty paramedic just happened to be there and helped me get our son and my wife out of the car and then lying down as far on the side of the freeway shoulder as possible. He checked their vital signs and they seemed to be doing OK and not going into shock. My son was pretty calm considering what just happened. He's a real trooper. Then the cops and ambulance showed up and my wife and son were strapped onto the back boards for safety and transported to the emergency room. I rode in front. I didn't seem to be hurt at all. Just a few cuts from glass. No pain anywhere. But then I had a bunch of adrenaline flowing through my veins so I wasn't feeling any pain. We're all treating with our chiropractor friend and should fully recover according to him. It is a real comfort to have him working on us as we trust him completely and he's so knowledgeable not only in his field of training, but also in many other healing arts. He's a great guy!

Lots of friends have been very supportive in helping us to get over the trauma and we love and thank them very much.

Several days after this incident I began to let our closest friends know what happened to us. After explaining the circumstances surrounding the "accident" one of my friends felt that the driver of the Ford Ranger was probably an MK kid programmed to take us out and that the black SUV was the control vehicle. I didn't tell him the age of the driver, but when I checked the police report it turned out he was only 19 years old. My friend felt this was probably the case due to the nature of my research and the public talks that I give on various topics that we are all concerned about on this forum. I had not considered that viewpoint and was still under the impression that it was just an accident. Then my wife expressed her feelings that it was probably a set up, independently from our friend's opinion. Then we had some psychic friends look into it and they all confirmed that it was not an accident, and that the orgonite in our car messed with the MK kid's programming and didn't carry out his task as planned. The psychics got that we were only supposed to be intimidated by this and not be pushed into the black SUV. However, our Remote Viewing sessions (done blind) revealed that we were supposed to have been killed, that the orgonite did indeed mess with the MK kid's programming but in a different way. He was supposed to ram us full speed and slam us into the rear of the black SUV which had a reinforced rear end to take the blow. And the kid was expendable. We were supposed to have been squished. Common sense tells you that they wouldn't go to all that trouble to set something like this up unless they were going to go "all the way". I'm really glad we had the orgonite in the car. The Remote Viewing data provided that when the MK kid got into the orgone field surrounding our vehicle it woke him up and that's when he saw us and slammed on the brakes and swerved to the left. And that's exactly what he told me at the scene as stated above.

The Remote Viewing data also told us who is responsible for this attempted murder and why. We know who set this up and it's because we know too much. And not only about orgonite, reptilians, the NWO, chemtrails, UFOs or alternative healing. Although I do research and give lectures on these very subjects, the one subject that "they" really don't like me talking about is Remote Viewing and Healing. We find them peaking in on our meetings each week and they're always trying to block our Viewing. I teach a very empowering form of Remote Viewing that is threatening to the powers that be and I'm the only teacher that has their Viewers use grounding and running of energy techniques to protect them while out exploring the Superconscious. I have pretty much reverse engineered the CIA/SRI system of Remote Viewing and found out and teach a lot of secrets. Someone with NSA connections called in a favor and tried to take us out. The orgonite woke up the MK kid and we're thankfully still alive. And I believe the only way to remain alive is to expose this kind of wickedness in a public forum like this. Thanks Sensei!

I know the people who did this are reading this forum and we're not afraid of you. We know that fear gives you access to our personal power. You have been misled, mind controlled and you're following the path of destruction and hate. We only hope that you will wake up before it's too late for you and follow the path of love and respect for fellow human beings. I ask that all orgone warriors reading this post connect through me to the perpetrators and send them a big boost. Thank you all, and let's watch each other's backs.


"All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them." ~ Galileo Galilei