How Satanist Professional Killer Squads Work


(June 21, 2010) This week's Geopolitical News and Analysis has been slightly delayed because a South Korean professional assassination team was spotted around this reporter's home in Tokyo.

The team has now been withdrawn after we warned South Korean President Lee Myung-bak that he would be held personally accountable.

However, the Satanic pope Ratzinger and the Khazarian Satanists (who are never to be mistaken for Jews) are desperate and have been lobbying professional assassination teams in Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan, South Korea, Italy and elsewhere to murder truth-seekers in Japan, the US and elsewhere.

We have therefore decided to dedicate with week's report to outline how these assassination teams work. The information below comes directly from interviews with over half a dozen professional assassins.

Unlike the Hollywood version of lone assassins, in the real world professional assassins work in teams of 8-10 people. These teams usually include women and children as a part of an effort to allay the suspicions of the intended victims.

According to a South Korean assassin who claims to have personally killed over 80 people, the assassinations are made to look like an accident as much as possible.

The most common method of assassination is to twist two locations on the neck of the victim in a manner that causes almost instant death.

Most victims are hit when they are most relaxed and vulnerable: typically when they are relaxing in a bath or else sleeping at home. The deaths are made to look like heart attacks or strokes. If the assassins are unable to access the pressure points, drugs are used to induce heart attacks or strokes.

When they murder females, they usually drug them outside of the home in a manner so that the victim will go home and die in bed. Children are typically killed by asphyxiating them with a pillow.

In messier cases where the killing takes place in public, the assassins will use whatever tools are available.

One common method of killing is to stab the victim in the nose with a disposable chopstick. The assassins even know how to slice someone's neck using a piece of paper.

The assassin says that the South Korean murder team made a decision to kill former South Korean President Roh My-hun because he wanted to disband South Korea's assassination teams. The decision to kill him was made a year before his actual death, the South Korean assassin says.

In more extreme cases, a person is assassinated in an extremely public manner as a warning to members of the political/financial/military/journalistic elite.

One extremely public case was that of Japanese lawmaker Kouki Ishi, who was stabbed to death with a Japanese sword in front of his own home in 2002.

Although the killer has confessed he did not act alone, and although the judge in the case ruled the killer did not act alone, the police have refused to further investigate this highly public death.

Ishii was killed because he was about to expose to Parliament information "that would turn Japanese politics inside-out." Before he was murdered Ishii tried to enlist the help of former Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama.

However, he soon realized Hatoyama would not help so he turned to Naoto Kan, who is now Prime Minister. Although Kan was given the vital information by Ishii before Ishii was killed, he refused to go public with it. In other words, Kan is at least partially complicit in the murder of Ishii.

The fact that Kan is now Prime Minister is a sign the Satanic cabal is trying to reassert its control over Japan. According to a senior Yakuza boss "Kan took dirty money from wherever he could so he is easy to blackmail."

One look at Kan's recent economic "manifesto" is enough to reveal his actions amount to treason. He has said he wants to raise the consumption tax rate to 10% from 5% while lowering the tax rate from 40% to 25%.

Since the poorer a person is the higher percentage of their income goes on consumption it means Kan wants to tax the poor. Also since close to half of Japanese shares are owned by the Satanic cabal, lowering the corporate tax rate means increasing Japanese tribute payments to the Satanists. Kan's regime will not last long, of this you can rest assured.

Meanwhile, the Yakuza are now breaking ranks with the Satanists and have begun an unprecedented expose.

One of the top Yakuza assassins told this writer his job typically involves chopping peoples fingers of with pliers until he gets the information he needs. He then wraps the bodies in lead and dumps them in the ocean. This killer said he has a direct line to the Chairman of Tokyo Mitubishi UFJ Bank.

The head of a CIA assassination team, meanwhile, confirms the CIA uses similar methods in the US and Europe. The world of professional assassins is a small world and most of the teams know each other, he says. The CIA assassins are also now turning against the Khazarian Satanists, he says.

This writer has personally survived at least 5 assassination attempts. We will not go into much detail expect to note that the same team responsible for the public execution of Kouki Ishii was deployed against this writer.

We know their names and we can expose the entire chain of command behind the attempted assassination all the way up to Henry (Heinz) Kissinger and beyond.

These are the same people who ordered the highly public murder of my former colleague Paul Klebnikov, the former Forbes Moscow Bureau Chief.

The same group also ordered the beheading of Wall Street Journal ace reporter Daniel Pearl. Just before Pearl was killed I wrote an expose of the murder-made-to-look like suicide of Japanese banker Tadayo Honma:

Buried in the Books

Immediately after that article appeared, Fortune issued a cover story saying Honma "committed suicide." This is typical Satanist modus operandi, i.e. issue contradictory reports in order to create confusion. I was then ordered by Forbes to go to Pakistan but I refused to go, which is almost certainly why I did not suffer the same fate as Daniel Pearl.

There is now a clear trail of international murder of prominent individuals that can be traced directly to prominent Khazarian Satan worshipping financiers.

We have so far kept the evidence to ourselves but we remind the Satanists that we have tape recordings, videos, documents and other extensive evidence that leads straight to the cabal of old men who refuse to relinquish their Satanic plans. Our sources, of course, include the killers themselves who now work for, or are protected by, the White Dragon Society.