Gaia Hypothesis
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[This was the creation of James Lovelock, and you can tell by his comments that it is BAAL in disguise.  God and healthy mothers doesn't do revenge, which was why he used that term instead of  Mother Earth, and they couldn't use a vengeful God as they promote Atheism religiously.  Useful for Satanists to hide behind.]

This is BAAL not Mother Earth
“Just as the human body uses a fever to fight off an infection, Gaia is raising Her temperature to expel a harmful parasite – humans. Unless humans renounce their destructive ways and rejoin the diverse community of living beings in Gaia’s loving embrace then Gaia will be forced to act in order to secure Her supreme reign”. “the human population will be reduced to a few breeding pairs by the end of this century."--Lovelock

"By the end of this century climate change will reduce the human population to a few breeding pairs surviving near the Arctic." - Sir James Lovelock, Revenge of Gaia

According to what I've picked up by hanging around Indians is that their cultures revere the planet and everything on and in it, which isn't the same as the sort of Babylonian cult that Lovelock sponsors.  The latter seems to be based on human sacrifice, which is the basis of what passes for religion with the Illuminati hives.  Most Indians, like most anyone else,  find human sacrifice to be repugnant and anti-spiritual.  They also didn't focus much on the spherical 'earth' entity but rather seemed more concerned about the world around them.  
    The infantile 'Gaia Hypothesis' treats the globe itself as a willful, petulant and vengeful entity that needs to be placated by sacrificing the 'ingrates' on it. I credit Theosophists with the skill needed to put a lovely face on this horror story with appropriate pseudomystical  doublespeak.  If you want to see some less saccharine Theosophical preaching, read some of the anti-population literature published by their Lucifer (they changed that telling name to 'Lucis' but I'm calling a spade a spade) Trust for the United Nations.
    I've long had the impression that these few very old families (I refer to them as 'hives,' rather), who owned the corporate world order until the Chinese bought them out, descend directly from Babylonian families, hence the continuity of their beliefs and practices.
    Their practices don't seem at all like the Roman ones, which only used part of the Babylonian paradigm--mixed in with Greek, Persian, Egyptian and other practices.  The inclusion of the Babylonian Dagon (fish god--origin of 'the pope') worship with Mithraism (consider the Mithraic-ritual  snuff film, PASSION OF THE CHRIST) and Helenism as the basis for modern Christian dogma is a clear example of Roman religion and the  less adulterated Moloch (Babylonian owl god) human sacrifice rituals at Bohemian Grove are a case in point for how the Illuminati apply Babylonian infantilism as a distinct belief system, I think.  The Gaia model lines up pretty clearly with the latter, in my view."--Don Croft