Jim Garrison (November 20, 1921 October 21, 1992)

[From reading Jim Garrison you can easily see the Kennedy killing was a government hit.  The evidence he presents is so obvious that only a huge media propaganda operation, along with the Warren commission whitewash, could keep it suppressed.  The Big Lie hiding such obvious evidence is a speciality of Big Brother similar to the Auschwitz hoax's absurd fake gas chambers that rivals the absurdity of the assassination weapon being an Italian rifle used by Oswald.]

[2007] A Farewell To Justice.  Jim Garrison, JFK's assassination, and the case that should have changed history by Joan Mellen

[1988]  A few excerpts of Jim Garrison's book On The Trail Of The Assassins

[1967]  Jim Garrison Interview

Opening and closing arguments made by New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison in the trial of Clay Shaw


Jim Garrison Tapes (Video)

Real Audio Interviews with Jim Garrison



11 min. clip
  Jim Garrison Street tour.
In this very rare 1967 interview, Jim Garrison gives a street tour of New Orleans pointing out the various buildings surrounding 544 camp street. The Office of Naval Intelligence among others. back at his office Garrison gives more details of his upcoming trial with Clay Shaw.



4:30 min. clip
  Clay Shaw interviewed.
Another very rare 1967 interview, Clay Shaw denies knowing or have ever met David Ferrie or Lee Oswald, despite the evidence, photos of them together for one.
Mr. Shaw gives his thoughts of John F. Kennedy and Jim Garrison and the Warren Commission



30 sec. clip
  Dean Andrews.
A small clip of Dean Andrews for those who wonder what he sounded like.
I'm not under in a position to comment, I'm under closure because of a court order directing those persons involved, the principles that is, prohibiting comment on the case. To my right, or the audiences left is my chief council John Doweling and to his right is his associate council Walter Kelly, and I would suggest that I turn the question over to my capable councilor



26 min. clip
  Jim Garrison (part I)
In this rare 1967 lecture, Jim Garrison explains facts and issues which lead him to question the findings of the Warren Commision. This was before the trial of Clay Shaw that Oliver Stone's movie "JFK" was based on. (Part-one)



17 min. clip
  Jim Garrison (part II)
From the same lecture, Jim Garrison answers question from the audience. (Part-two)



14 min. clip
  Jim Garrison interview (part I).
Another rare interview found with Jim Garrison two decades after the Clay Shaw trial.

Garrison pieces together his thesis that President Kennedy was the victim of a conspiracy and cover up, involving elements the CIA, the FBI, and State, and local officials.
All of them hell-bent on reversing the President's bold moves to lessen the tensions of the Cold War.


9 min. clip
  Jim Garrison interview (part II.)
Since I was DA of the city, I had a responsiblity to see what Lee Oswald was doing the summer of 1963.
I went down to 544 camp to look at it and see what it was. I took one look... and I said," Hell, this was the side entrance to Guy Bannister's office".

I knew Guy! He used to be head of the Chicago FBI office, and during WWII he was in the 'Office of Navel Intelligence'.



26 min. clip
  "Jim Garrison Responds"
In this July 15th 1967 television interview Jim Garrison responds to a previous NBC show slandering him. The time was made available for him to reply to what was basically a character assassination. None of the charges against him were true.
Thanks to Dave Stager for finding this rare interview.



30 min. clip
  "Johnny Carson interviews Jim Garrison"
The morning after this interview on "The Tonight Show", Jim Garrison back in New Orleans, received over 2000 telegrams by 9:00am from various District Attorneys across the country. People were impressed by Carson's nervous antagonism, and in effect said, "Garrison must have something judging by the number of times that Carson tried to interrupt or change the topic". It became so bad that NBC sent out thousands of form letters saying that, "The Johnny seen on TV that night was not the Johnny we all know and love. He had to play the devil's advocate, because that makes for a better program". When they apologized for him, Carson was furious and said, "Garrison would never be on his show again".



16 min. clip
  "Johnny Carson interviews Jim Garrison" (part II)
Jim Garrison concludes with this statement. " Am I asking the people of America to believe all this? I'm doing more than that! I am trying to tell the people of America that the honour of this country is at stake. And if we don't do something about this fruad. We will not survive. And there is no way to survive if we don't bring out the truth about the how our President was killed four years ago. And the investigation by the Warren Commission wasn't even close.



20 min. clip
  Oliver Stone Lecture
Oliver Stone with Col. Prouty and others at the National Press Club disscus his movie "JFK". Oliver goes through his movie point by point against the "Warren Commision" myth.



30 min. clip
  Oliver Stone Lecture (part II)
Oliver Stone answers questions from the audience regarding his film "JFK". He offered a good insite into the assassination, and put his film into perspective. He was very articulate attacking the media disinformation regarding the film, and defended Jim Garrison and Col. Fletcher Prouty. Very reasonable and convicing arguments.



33 min. clip
  "The JFK Assassination"
Who Killed him and why!
Dave Ratcliffe interviews Fletcher Prouty in his home in 1989. Fletcher was in fine form as he goes through point by point, the reasons John Kennedy was killed and where this opposition came from.

If you only have time listen to one of the many interviews, listen to this one!
See also: other interviews by Dave Ratcliffe Understanding Special Operations



10 min. clip
  Gen. Ed Lansdale in Dealey Plaza
Col. Prouty interviewed by Dave Ratcliffe, confirms the presence of Maj. Gen. Ed Lansdale in Dealey Plaza Nov. 22nd 1963. Gen. Ed Lansdale had a long history as a top CIA operator called upon for removal of governments around the world. Indonesia, Phillipines, Vietnam, etc. Although he wore an Air Force uniform he was CIA. He was in charge of "Operation Mongoose", and The Saigon Military Mission" among others.
See also Col. Prouty's letter to Jim Garrison regarging his views of Ed Lansdale's role in the assassination.

[2009] 'Homo International' Controls East & West -- Soviet Defector Klimov discovered that the Soviet system was dominated by a secret society of sociopaths bonded by a common pathology termed 'the power complex'. "This complex is usually associated with suppressed sadism, which in turn is result of latent homosexuality......Klimov observed that admission up the ladder of the power structure required membership in the usual secret societies - "Masons, Shriners, Illuminates,  Theosophy, etc......They rely upon a social structure of hierarchy based upon fear and covetous envy - the essence of sado-masochism.  It's the 'dog eat dog' rat race culture.  As a translator and communications expert, Klimov saw normal productive individuals like himself were essentially prisoners in the system serving these degenerate 'superiors' out of fear. .....Working inside the top secret level of the CIA it wasn't long before he recognized the same culture of degenerates operates both sides behind the scenes.
Klimov's discovery of a sado-homo-cidal mafia at the top levels of power whether East or West coincides with Jim Garrison's 1967 independent investigation into the Kennedy Assassination. Garrison was told of the Washington DC 'homosexual elite' which constitutes the secret government.  Garrison concluded that a primary reason Kennedy was so blatantly and brutally murdered before the American public was their contempt for Kennedy's heterosexuality.