by Andrew Hennessey

Oct 2008

VACANCY: Middle Class Intellectual Losers for psycho-spiritual distress vacancy [Intel Sketch],  in Western Zones Z1 and Z2, Earth Despair and Hosting Software Farm. Z1-USA and Z2-SCOTLAND. Applicants must be prepared to lose and supply a piece of nose as part of their self-esteem depreciation.

When I first came across the Gary Stollman story I couldn’t believe what I was reading because I know where this guy has been with his mind because I have been down that road too. I ultimately made different choices and took different unique options but I am in no doubt whatsoever that if there was a mail order catalog for incarnated human life on planet Earth then Gary and I would be on the same page with slightly different regional western varieties of the same product. There are in fact ELEVEN definitive and major events and processes and landmarks that are similar to my own life although the details, outcomes and responses are unique to our own individual souls.












All of these eleven factors mentioned have been in some way major factors within my own life to the point where I am wondering if there is more of a limited list of human possibilities on this soul farm than I had first thought. Whoever wrote the human life force mining software and livestock life plan that is generally applied on both sides of the Atlantic ocean to humans in a particular social niche like Gary and I has the somewhat obvious repetition of a piece of missing nose in the equation too. There are other constants obvious too.\b\eden5.htm [my story to compare]

Gary Stollman is someone  currently diagnosed with psychotic and schizophrenic issues and is also computer literate in various programming languages and architectures.

His main problem in life though, in my opinion, is the rationality of his mind and his human sincerity and investment in human society and its regional zones and socio political issues. In his human weakness which is also a great spiritual strength he is unable to accept the aberrant, cold, callous, evil and cynical and predatory alien reality that is targeting his soul. He sees only in human terms the theatrical props of dystopic social charades and not the soul processing strategies of the Repto-Grey farmers. The alternative is currently horrid.

Why does the schizophrenic diagnosis stick ? perhaps in the general Reptilian will to  conspire to conceal telepathy and the deliberate maintenance of the retarded conditions in which the soul prisoners are being kept on this Annunaki soul farm. This can involve mental hacking; memory blanking and the subversive use of forced amnesia and other diversions and disassociative dialog or rhetoric.

These things can be enacted by Reptilian and Greys with the psychologically destabilising use of unique sensory information that the victim can only rationally think is private in some non-telepathic world. There is however a vast parallel world of hitek and astral information instantly available to upload for any of the farmers to use just swimming around or close to our sleepy slow processing human heads.

Gary’s other problems may include belatedly facing up to the fact that us humans, us tabula rasa blank slate humans are born a bit on the slow side .. and that many people are happily concealing the easy acquisition of new skills and data at encyclopaedic levels from millennial old memories.

Gary at this point fails to see the nation state stockyard charade is merely another Repto-Grey farming strategy and that also his mind can be periodically implanted and blanked. Many people who know of his personal private data and make allusions to it are not actually part of a government conspiracy against him but are part of a sentient alien telepathic farming matrix. These beings can go to the parallel etheric dimensions around us and obtain and retain all sorts of encyclopaedic information about us and the objects of our desires, research and aspirations at a glance. If that were not enough, the real technology deployed by aliens amongst the human farmstock can be seen on the NASA satellite images of

If not all humans that look human are Human – what is Human and what is not human.

I would suggest that Humans like myself are blank slate slow processing fairly retarded inmates being either; Angelically defended, or hosted or life essence milked from e.g. outrage and vindication electromagnetic life juices exuded from a highly motivated body. Various threatening and outrageously unjust and surreal theatre tends to get our juices flowing but it is a huge mistake to engage these events on their own terms. If there is no spiritual aloofness and detachment there can only be pain and disease for us.

Non-humans I would class as Reptilian species, Greys type and a lot of the inmates some of who remember their days as starship pilots in the Orion wars etc

In my own family group for example – my choice of incarnation I remember being designed and selected before I was born into the world. My own choice of family had me confused, undermined, desocialised, stigmatised and denied the reality of telepathy by often cruel and traumatising parents. I had my agenda this time out.

I can remember for example seeing my own mother somehow telepathically taken over like the time I got a really nice new shirt to wear at college and she offered to wash it for me – and it needed a cool wash – but when I went to check on the washing machine – my mother was sitting in a rocking chair quickly rocking back and forward smiling to herself and manically knitting  whilst my new shirt was being near boiled in a ninety degrees wash …. She was auditioning for the lady on the rocker in the film Psycho … Her claim to fame was Reptilian Royal Blood a fact backed up by her blood type and her Doctor.

I could see that my family from time to time had some real Jekyll and Hyde moments and I would have to rationally ask just what had gotten in to them .. as if some strange hive of aliens had thrust or caused to walk in some new, but evil, alien being.

Gary Stollman claims many extraordinary things about the behaviour and actions of his own parents and many of the people he has met in life. The reality though is that his responses to the outrageous insults to his rational mind and sense of society have been at too anti-social a level to keep him out of being periodically entrapped.

An insane and brutal assault and affront is not going to help his peace of mind during the assessment phase of the psychiatric intake.

In a world where telepathy could be vindictively concealed to preserve natural advantages over humanity and where Reptilians and Greys are using all sorts of outrageous theatrical affronts to the social and aesthetic sensitivities for the purposes of farming – and with no-one owning up to how disadvantaged humans actually are – there is going to be some outfall …

 ‘Naturally, I didn't get this idea overnight.  Actually it took quite a few years for me to realize exactly what was going on. By that time, I had been through so much brutal assault on my senses, I didn't quite know what to make of it all… ‘ 

 There could be all sorts of Grey and Reptilian abductions taking place at a physical and spiritual level on all those around.

 ‘During the summer that followed, I continued to receive calls of a strange nature from many people, including my parents.  I knew something was REALLY wrong when my dad called me up one night, and began asking me questions about some hotel we had all supposedly stayed at with "huge" marble staircases.  Since none of us had ever been at such a place, I didn't know what the HELL he was talking about!  When he realized that I was totally confused and worried,

he acted like because I didn't "remember", he was going to be shot or something to that effect!’

 Planet Earth though if it is a Repto-Grey social charade for mining souls, then even a lowly Repto-Grey telephone operator in the course of generally mining and browsing the human population can instantaneously get in on the act ..

 ‘Calls like that continued for weeks, including some really wierd ones from the operator, where she repeatedly questioned me about people whom I did not even know.  The nature of the calls convinced me that my phone was tapped, and being monitored by the phone company or "someone!"’

 The problem is that IF this place is a Repto-Grey charade and these beings have no handicaps – and already have millennial old encyclopaedic knowledge of the course with eidetic memories and can recall course work verbatim .. what can they possibly do all day when they are Not scanning your thoughts …

 ‘Some of the kids in my classes were acting real funny, and I do mean ACTING!  It was as if they were playing parts out of a movie, the way they were carrying on during class.

Something just wasn't right.  It seemed like they had been assigned various "roles", and their actions in the class made me believe that they had been put there for some specific purpose.’

 The worst problem is being triggered into self-destruct by being suggested to. Repto telepaths can also be James Bond in a millisecond without ever having seen your real Intel records.

 ‘During the time I was there, I was so distraught by what was going on in the place, I called the FBI office in Cinncinati and told them that the hospital was a sham.  They asked to speak to one of the people there, and I put the social worker on the phone, who gave a false name to the FBI agent’

 There is something about being human and being broken down and missing vital pieces of our makeup that can get us down … and certainly losing a bit of our nose can have that effect on us .. it can make us a bit lesser than what we are alleging ourselves to be in the self-image stakes.

 ‘I lost a piece of my nose, and my face had been smashed pretty badly, but fortunately I had a real good plastic surgeon.  Then my mom (not sure to this day if it was my REAL mom or not at the time) did something that convinced me that the aliens wanted me on a platter.’  

There were many times in my life where I could see the difference between Mrs Jeckyll and Mrs Hyde – so I think I know what Gary could be talking about – perhaps some sort of Reptilian multi-personal hive ?

 ‘My FAKE father met me at the airport, and this time I knew I was going to be framed up bad.  My REAL mom and my FAKE mom were being interchanged continuously throughout the time I was there, which consisted mainly of my being forced into signing myself into two more mental hospitals for the duration of my stay. 

 Sometimes the only place we can accept the real truth are the unacceptable places of this dark telepathic farm world …

 ‘So I wound up being thrown back into the mental hospital again, this time by my mom.  This time in there, I discovered that people were indeed reading my mind directly as I had suspected.

Despite the fact that I felt very much alone, I put myself back in school, and tried to finish up the classes I had to drop because of the accident.  I did all right for a few months, but then things began to happen in my classes again at FSU.  I tried to ignore them like previously, but this time I had nobody supportive to fall back on.  Slowly I began to break down again from the stress, and wound up getting throw back again into the mental hospital around the middle of December’

 Strange how vindication conveniently arrives for Gary whilst he perhaps thinks of himself totally remote and safe from his terminal – even whilst this strange girl had to be remote viewing him and being right on his shoulder as he was typing whilst viewing all his life data from both droid matrix units and or natural ability to scan his mind.

 ‘I got into a conversation with a girl on Plato, which has inter-terminal communications capability, who told  me that seven of HER friends had been replaced!  I was shocked and terrified.  I had thought that only those people in direct contact with me were being affected, but it turned out that complete strangers were being replaced as well.  I was determined to put a stop to it.’

 The big problem is though that in this charade even though we lose our cars and our minds can be easily confused and hijacked and derailed at the most unhappy moments during vital psychommetry at least to the point where even we have to agree and acknowledge in our fair-minded and rational way that as we cannot rationally explain what had been done to us and perpetrated upon us that we have therefore to concede our social insanity and commit ourselves to even more punishment in the name of being fair to our local alien gooks …

 ‘I wound up losing my car at the Houston Intercontinental Airport, and some "security guards" picked me up and drove me over to a hospital, after getting a warrant from a court to place me in there for observation. They were unlike any security guards I had ever met before. After they dropped me off at the hospital, I was so fed up with the bullshit that I simply walked out of the place, as I was left in the main waiting area. I went to a motel where a Eastern-type "manager" tried to sign MY name to the check-in card. This whole thing involves a lot of Eastern types, who are really demons overseeing the devilish stuff of my enemies, who are true devil-worshippers. At least this is the gist of what I have learned while this has all been going on.’

 The Devils and Demons analogy is a very fair seeing on the central two players in the farming matrix on this planet. The sophisticated and educated Devils, the Reptilians aided and abetted by the rather more janitorial and chaotic legion of Demonic Greys.

 The classic evil dialog that follows is the stuff that makes good people really sick and it isn’t just confined to Gary’s life.

 ‘Anyways, I checked into the motel, then ran away in terror when the "manager" told me he had to have a key to the room so he could come in during the night. I was in a state of mind by then, that I didn't know whether up was down or vice-versa. And so, I wandered around Houston for the rest of the night until the morning.’

 The Reptilian doppelganger trick is one that I have personally seen – so if Gary says EXACT DOUBLE in his programming language sort of way then he is telling it like it is … This is a power play trick to disempower and paralyse him ..

 ‘He then handed the keys to an orderly, took off his uniform, under which was a set of street clothes, and walked out. A man wearing a doctor's smock was standing there next to the bench, nervous as hell. Suddenly, from down the long corridor, two big, husky black orderlies came, escorting an EXACT DOUBLE of the man standing next to me. They came up, and the "second doctor" took the place of the "first doctor", who was "escorted" out by the two men with his head hung down low, as if he were being taken away to be killed or something similar. The "new doctor" stood there, and I, having nothing else brilliant to think of, said, "YOU'RE not my doctor!!" The double replied, "YES, I'm your doctor, Gary!"’

 The Greys though like to play at being over emphatic with their threatening concepts to the point of getting really very surreal … so if they have telepathically [I used that word again] noticed that Gary noticed their walky talkies once .. then that’s all Gary is going to get … walky talkies … it all adds to the disease and disorientation on the stress farm.

 ‘This sort of thing would become commonplace in the days to come. I would drive somewhere, and a guy in a suit would pull up next to me, and get out of the car carrying a walkie-talkie. Everytime I would go to a pay phone, and call a friend's house or my parents, someone would drive up with sunglasses on, and get out carrying a walkie-talkie, and just stand there eyeing me.

I could tell you about the CIA agent who called me late one night on Plato, and told me to run for my life, to get off computers and never get on them again, screaming that the CIA didn't trust people on computers. I am not lying about any of this! I was in a total paradox and it was lunatic city here.’